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ASU's 'Diplomat in Residence' recruits for Foreign Service
Some students may never have considered a career in international affairs, but through a new program, they may have the chance. Ambassador Sharon Wilkinson is the first Diplomat in Residence at ASU.

Police Beat: God intended thee to be naked
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a man arrested on charges of indecent exposure after reportedly walking naked down the street. He reportedly said he was "naked as God intended."

More lofts to be built near campus
A development company announced plans Monday to purchase land just west of Mill Avenue and build a new 200-unit loft complex there, but the living spaces probably won't be affordable for students.

Sex assaults down, thefts up in 2002
Incidences of theft, burglary, arson and assault on campus increased between 2001 and 2002, according to the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Report released last week.

Though the majority of crime categories on campus experienced increases in their rates of occurrence, numbers of forcible and non-forcible sex offenses declined. Forcible sex offenses were down 42 percent from the 12 reported in 2001.

Survey eyes fees for MU, SRC upgrades
A possible expansion and renovation of the Memorial Union and the Student Recreation Center may increase the cost of attending ASU, depending on the results of a survey conducted by the Associated Students of ASU.

If renovation is planned, fees could cost students up to $100 a semester for the MU, $75 a semester for the SRC, or a comprehensive fee of $195 a semester for both. The fees would be added to any future tuition increases.

Jewish students to celebrate holiday
Jewish student organization Hillel will mark the end of a holiday season of repentance with a Yom Kippur service in ASU's Memorial Union on Sunday and Monday.

In addition to visiting family members, the season involves having sweets like kugels, rugelach and honey cake around the house. Several varieties of treats are set out in the main room at the Hillel Jewish Student Center.

Jack Black's humor tenaciously funny in 'School of Rock'
Jack Black has a lot of fun dominating every second of The School of Rock, and the audience does, too. His goofball antics continually light up the screen, a liberating performance from a star in waiting.

Preview: Need for Speed: Underground
The Need for Speed series of games has built a reputation on stretching the boundaries of the racing genre. With over 20 installments in the past 2 decades, NFS has toured in porches, romped in rallies, and even run from the law on a few off occasions. The next installment, Need for Speed: Underground, will take the player to the increasingly hyped Illegal Street Circuit to race against rice burners and pilfer pink slips.

Preview: Jak II
Jak II is an example of fine platform gaming. Though not perfect, it does plenty of things very well, and with excellent gameplay and refined graphics this is defiantly one to look out for this fall. Graphic are silky smooth, with a nice framerate, great level designs and inventive character models that make for some sweet eye candy.

'K Street': a surreality show that takes politics seriously
The circle is now unbroken. The snake bites its own tail. Reality is now TV is now reality. Politics is now entertainment is now politics.

On the West Coast, a movie star (once again) is running for high office. From New York (where HBO offices are located), we have the new series "K Street."

Award-winning film beautiful, disgusting, amazing
If going to the movies to escape reality is your primary objective, treat Thirteen as if it were the bubonic plague. But if you're up for a heavy dose of the realistic, then sit down and feel the weight of the world through the eyes of a 13-year-old on her way to self-destruction.

Review: 'Downhill Domination'
In the last few months of riding, I have gotten into a couple of accidents. I won't get into details, but in retrospect, they were pretty funny. I've been looking a bike video game that gives the spirit of no frills bike riding but still makes me cringe when I get in an accident. That's what made Downhill Domination so interesting to me. There aren't any half-pipes, strippers or anything else that previous BMX games have suffered from. It is pure downhill bike racing.

Don't I Know You? Party Thrıller
If stealing attention is a crime, Ryan Britt is the smoothest criminal of them all. Britt, a Mesa Community College student transferring to ASU in January, spends his weekends crashing parties with Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits in hand. With great stealth and dexterity, he makes his way to the CD player and pops in his CD. And, in the amount of time it took for Jacko's hair to catch on fire in a Pepsi commercial, Britt has made his own dance floor and gathered his own crowd to watch him moonwalk, spin around, hump the floor and grab his crotch. OWWWWWW! Sometimes he'll stick around to shake hands or talk about his techniques, but other times he moonwalks outta there before you can even say, "Sham-on."

Strait up rock 'n' roll
When Los Straitjackets step onstage wearing Mexican wrestling masks and matching medallions, one might begin to worry what exactly is going to happen. Then the band grabs their guitars, plugs them into the amps and starts blasting out instrumental surf and rock 'n' roll jams.

Although the masks don't exactly correlate with the music that Los Straitjackets play, they do help personify the idea of fun that the band is trying to convey.

Family Therapy
In the early 1990s, Heidi Ramirez was a college student not unlike you or me. Amidst studying, partying and enjoying the California sun, she met a special guy. Not only was he a clean-cut, decent man, he was also a professional soccer player. They dated exclusively until she graduated and moved back home to Ohio.

Over the next 10 years Ramirez married, had three children, bought a new house and landed a general manager position for Hilton Hotels. Just when she thought she had it all, she became pregnant with a fourth child. Her youngest, Isaac, was born in 2001-a healthy, beautiful baby boy.

Half-baked Comic
Talking to funny man Harland Williams is like talking to a 10-year-old boy with a sugar high. And interviewing him, well, that's an even harder task.

"I'd love to get Fabio and Kenny G together, cover them in mayonnaise and roll them down a hill. Thank you," Williams says out of nowhere.

Dinner and a movie
Every once in a while, an opportunity comes that gives SPM the chance to inform our loyal readers about something they may find useful in the singles world.

Enter Farrelli's Cinema Supper Club: an experience that gives new meaning to the term "dinner and a movie." Combining a movie theatre environment with a fine dining restaurant, Farrelli's offers an innovative twist on the usual dating fare.

Freedom facelift
Club Freedom has never been the most upscale place. Sure, every good deejay who passes through Phoenix ends up spinning there, but aside from Friday nights at Freedom, the club didn't have much going for it.

Today, however, the story is entirely different.

'Under the Tuscan Sun:' Love and Marriage
Under the Tuscan Sun is a beautiful film about starting over and finding strength in yourself and love in a life you never imagined.

Defending a Town
Unless you knew Matthew Shepard or saw his picture in the news, you don't know what he looks like. You never see his face or hear his voice in "The Laramie Project," even though he is the focal point of the ASU Department of Theatre's production. There is not a slim shadow of his image or even a soft whisper of his words. Despite all of this, you might cry for him during the show - you might cry more than once.

Murphy's Law: A drum apart
Every person has his or her different ways of relieving stress. In the movies (and a lot of times in real life, too, I guess) people will pop open a bottle of liquor and cry away their problems. Other people beat their wives or children, and others do the healthier things, like exercising, reading or talking it out with their friends.

Review: 'F-Zero GX'
Once bitter enemies, now apparent friends, Nintendo and Sega have teamed up to reinvigorate the F-Zero series with F-Zero GX, and they definitely succeeded.

Hate groups poisonous ingredients in 'the Melting Pot'
Unfortunately, there are still radical, nonsensical Aryan groups in our country like the National Alliance. Supposedly it's a part of the American melting pot, too, but it's definitely not one of the favored ingredients.

'Queer Eye' for a guy's guy
I've always tried to be a guy in the strictest Dave Barry sense of the word. A real guy would never, ever get a pedicure. I got one Saturday afternoon. A spa pedicure. Now I'm officially a metrosexual.

Airline tag system provides a false sense of security
Collecting air passengers' personal information is not the end, but rather a means, for the Department of Homeland Security to sink its claws deeper into the privacy of American citizens and expand its influence beyond.

Editorial: Mulling over the multiplicity in a multiversity
Michael Crow's vision for ASU is a multi-versity, but what does that mean? There are plenty of "multiple" things here at ASU. Multiple students! There are so many students, in fact, that finding a parking space is difficult.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Bill the Onion
A comic strip by Mike Murphy.

The Rhythm of the Night
It's 12:30 a.m. on Mill Avenue, and a short brunette is about to lose her virginity. It will happen just off the beaten path, not too far away from hustle and bustle that is Mill Avenue on a Saturday night. And if Mill-goers listen closely, they just might be able to hear it all go down.

Amber Hanna, a virgin drum circle participant, has come from Paradise Valley to get involved in her first drum circle. She, along with veteran friend Amanda Aurand, waits around anxiously as the crowd begins to build around the tall iron statue behind My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.

On the Web: Flash Flash Revolution
Left. Right. Left. Left up. Right down. Or should it be right up and left down? Crap. Both feet. Hold it. Crap. Left... Somebody has taken the time to develop an adaptation of Dance Dance Revolution you can play online.

Carpet, workstations added to library despite budget cuts
Students may more safely walk and more easily access online catalogs inside Hayden Library this semester due to the addition of new carpet and workstations. To pay for the improvements, 18 jobs were left unfilled.

Fashion flop: White trash meets uptown chic
From the Corn Belt to Hollywood and now ASU, the trucker hat trend keeps on truckin.'

The mesh hat popularized by such Hollywood hipsters as Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake went mainstream several months ago. Now, this white trash meets uptown chic look is popular than ever at ASU.

Motivational team's message comes from experience
ASU graduate and motivational speaker Jonathan Couvdos, along with professional disc jockey Steve Simonis, has been teaching kids to "flip it'" since the pair formed the Positive Focus Program three years ago.

The Positive Focus Program is a nonprofit organization that aims to arm junior and high school students with positive mindsets in order to be productive in the school community. Couvdos, who said he struggled with negative pressures around him as a teenager, originally created the program while he was still a college student at ASU.

Diamondbacks fans say 'Grace' one last time
Arizona was a preseason World Series favorite. But last week the team was eliminated from the postseason. Mark Grace, who announced his retirement at the conclusion of the season, kept swinging like fans expect.

Opinion: Reasons why ASU might escape a USC whoopin'
All signs point to No. 10 USC putting a whoopin' on the ASU football team. But ASU also won't have the same political distractions USC will. I'd be freaking out if next week a washed-up action star might be governor.

Devil Dish: Holyfield, Toney fight promises bloody delight
If you like watching two heavyweights pound the snot out of each other, you're in luck. In a likely slugfest, heavyweights James Toney and Evander Holyfield will meet for a shot at payday with Roy Jones Jr.

Football: Bring on the recruits
This Saturday's tilt against USC will mean more to the ASU football team than simply facing one of the top squads in the nation. The Sun Devils will host 15 possible recruits on campus to decide if they want to play at ASU.

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