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Police Beat: Extreme blood alcohol in Manzanita
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a student reportedly injured after striking his head on a fire equipment box in Manzanita Hall. A police investigation revealed he had a BAC of .286.

Low funding leaves classrooms in despair
Vice President and Provost Milton Glick said Monday that the University's budget for building renovations this year is around $1 million, but that the amount is not even half of what is needed.

The number of classrooms has shrunk over the past decade, while the number of courses offered has increased, according to an Academic Senate report based on a faculty survey. The report also said that, "One respondent was moved to refer to teaching conditions at ASU as a 'slum.'"

Tempe expects 30,000 to attend homecoming
A meeting between ASU and Tempe cleared up confusion and defined expectations for what is expected to be the University's largest homecoming ever. Tempe is estimating 30,000 people will attend.

ASU study: Schools sell out to brands
A new ASU study says schoolhouse commercialism - marketers pushing schools to push brand names - may be here to stay.

The Commercialism in Education Research Unit released a report on Monday that said elementary and high schools facing a lack of state resources are looking to big corporations for funding.

Report: Junk food targeted at kids
Businesses are targeting school children as their market for junk food, according to an ASU research report.

And bad eating habits established in childhood can last until college and beyond, ASU health officials said. The Commercialism in Education Research Unit at ASU conducted a national study examining the marketing and promotion of junk food such as candy and soda to public school students.

Worm wipes out virus detection software, but not at ASU
A new computer virus is attacking PCs and terminating various security and anti-virus products through enticing e-mails that claim to give you a free Microsoft update, but ASU uses software to disable the attachment.

ASU honors Fultons for $5M gift to College of Education
University faculty and administration hosted a breakfast at Old Main on Tuesday for Ira A. Fulton and his wife Mary Lou to recognize the $5 million gift the couple gave to the College of Education in August.

ASU East: Students hit with SRC fees from Main campus
Students at East enrolled in only one credit hour at Main are still being charged to use the Student Recreation Complex. The East campus did not exist when the fees were approved to pay for the SRC's construction.

ASU East: Crow breaks ground for new campus union
Construction on the brand-new student union is underway. It will have a food court, student lounge space with a large television, dining seating with built-in computer stations, a bookstore and a convenience store.

University on the hunt for $43.8M Army contract
ASU is competing with three other universities for a $43.8 million U.S. Army contract to research and develop flexible display technology, and provide soldiers with computer displays they can wear on their wrists.

Review: 'F-Zero GX'
Once bitter enemies, now apparent friends, Nintendo and Sega have teamed up to reinvigorate the F-Zero series with F-Zero GX, and they definitely succeeded.

Nintendo cuts Gamecube price to $99
Nintendo announced today a $50 price cut for the Gamecube. According to Nintendo, the new hardware price spearheads an aggressive holiday campaign.

String Cheese Incident takes on Ticketmaster
Ticketmaster, the concert-ticketing giant accused last month of antitrust violations, has countersued the String Cheese Incident, contending that the Colorado jam band's practice of selling seats directly to fans interferes with Ticketmaster's contracts with venues.

Emmy awards feature usual voting patterns, poor comedy
You would expect Sunday night's 55th Annual Emmy Awards to be funnier than usual because of its 11 hilarious co-hosts. But that's as fruitless an expectation as hoping that the awards would be given to the shows that deserve them.

Editorial: Stop hacking, play Solitaire and go to bars
We are offering some suggestions for mischievous computer-hacking doofuses. It might be cool to use your knowledge to think of pickup lines. "Hey babe, let me hack into your system with my worm. It's SOBIG.F."

Leavitt's EPA selection foggy
Mike Leavitt's willingness to compromise at the environment's expense makes him an appealing choice for the president's team, but a poor candidate to be the most powerful protector of our nation's natural world.

Freedom riders seek fast lane to immigrants' recognition
The Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride stems from a growing outcry over limited rights for a growing underclass: legal and illegal working immigrants. Kudos to the riders. The cause can no longer be ignored.

Bongo's preservation efforts not impossible goal for U.S.
At the same time that the leader of a small African nation was making great strides in conservation, the leader of one of the wealthiest nations in the world was taking treacherous steps backward from conservation.

Letters to the Editor: Yee turned duty to treason
The letters in response to recent columns, including one from a reader writing to say a recent opinion piece didn't address chaplain Yusef Yee's accused support of detainees in Guantanamo who represent al-Qaida.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A comic strip by Joseph Bowen.

Bill the Onion
A comic strip by Mike Murphy.

Fashion flop: White trash meets uptown chic
From the Corn Belt to Hollywood and now ASU, the trucker hat trend keeps on truckin.'

The mesh hat popularized by such Hollywood hipsters as Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake went mainstream several months ago. Now, this white trash meets uptown chic look is popular than ever at ASU.

Beyond Broadway: 'Carmen Funebre' moving, 'disturbing'
"Scary...scary...scary," testified a child's voice from the audience. And it was true. Though most of the more than 700 other witnesses of Teatr Biuro Podrozy's performance of "Carmen Funebre" (Funeral Song) at ASU Saturday night were less vocal during the experience, they were no less moved by it.

Motivational team's message comes from experience
ASU graduate and motivational speaker Jonathan Couvdos, along with professional disc jockey Steve Simonis, has been teaching kids to "flip it'" since the pair formed the Positive Focus Program three years ago.

The Positive Focus Program is a nonprofit organization that aims to arm junior and high school students with positive mindsets in order to be productive in the school community. Couvdos, who said he struggled with negative pressures around him as a teenager, originally created the program while he was still a college student at ASU.

On the Web: LiveJournal
A Web site melding e-mail, guestbooks and instant messaging together, LiveJournal has been an online repository for the thoughts of millions since March of 1999. If you don't have one yourself, you might just know a user.

Football: OSU's Jackson brings rushing threat
For the second straight week, the Sun Devil football team's defense will have to face an All-American candidate in the backfield. This week, ASU will have to stop Oregon State's explosive tailback, Steven Jackson.

Devil Dish: Clarett can't hide from mistakes, inexperience
Ohio State's Maurice Clarett threw away a promising college football career and is suing the NFL, hoping a court order will make him eligible for the 2004 draft. A court would usually laugh at a lawsuit like this.

Hump Day Hoopla: New-age uniforms are for losers
Monochromatic football uniforms are inviting warrants from the fashion police. The Oregon Ducks' highlighter-yellow uniforms may be uglier than their marching band's threads, and now ASU has caught this fashion bug.

Ironwoman LePeilbet carries load for Sun Devil soccer
You can always rely on ASU parking to be a headache. Nestled within the gates of the ASU athletics practice facilities, the Sun Devil soccer team always can rely on Amy LePeilbet to be on the field of the soccer stadium.

Football: Receivers looking to rebound against Beavers
Last season, the ASU football team became notorious for shredding opposing secondaries. After losing to Iowa 21-2 and not completing a pass over 16 yards, it appears that ASU's receiving corps has been shredded.

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