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Police Beat: Do not pass go, take me directly to jail
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a woman arrested officers reportedly saw her exit her apartment with a 12-ounce can of Bud Light. A minor, she reportedly said, "Just take me to jail."

No stopping growth in ASU enrollment
Despite this year's record-setting tuition hike, ASU fall enrollment figures climbed at all three campuses. And administrators and students said they expect even more growth.

More than 48,900 students now attend classes at ASU's Main Campus, according to the Office of Institutional Analysis. There was a 3.7 percent increase in overall enrollment since last year.

Academic senate weighs in on Design Team report
Discussion of the University Design Team report consumed the majority of the ASU Academic Senate's first meeting of the semester. Crow also discussed preserving ASU's environment as it expands and nationalizes.

Student clubs wait for ASASU funding
Almost a month into the fall semester, ASU's student organizations are still without funding, and student government officials blame the reorganization approved by students last year.

Officials said last year's decision to split ASASU into three separate governments, one for undergraduates - one for graduates and a programming and activities board - delayed the development of an official appropriations process.

Audience now part of show at school of music concerts
Concerts given this fall by students in ASU's School of Music will be in a new musical fashion that emphasizes audience participation. The concerts vary in style, but all incorporate involvement from attendees.

String Cheese Incident takes on Ticketmaster
Ticketmaster, the concert-ticketing giant accused last month of antitrust violations, has countersued the String Cheese Incident, contending that the Colorado jam band's practice of selling seats directly to fans interferes with Ticketmaster's contracts with venues.

'Two and a Half Men' a don't-miss update of 'Odd Couple'
It's too early to predict which of the new fall shows will succeed. If there's any luck, "Two and a Half Men," starring Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer, will be one of them. It's "The Odd Couple" with a kid in the mix.

Emmy awards feature usual voting patterns, poor comedy
You would expect Sunday night's 55th Annual Emmy Awards to be funnier than usual because of its 11 hilarious co-hosts. But that's as fruitless an expectation as hoping that the awards would be given to the shows that deserve them.

Playing with fire
At about 9 p.m. on most evenings, you can find Steven Wang swinging his fire fingers in the air, creating six flames that resemble huge fireflies. When combined, these flames can create a massive-looking firebomb.

Off the Beat: Claw lovers anonymous
The claw goes by many names. Names like "Plush Palace" and "Plush Bus" flash across the tops of the machines in brilliant arcade lights. Some play carnival music and campy sound effects depending on whether you win or lose. They all have the same set of rules. You must position and lower the claw within the time limit or else it will lower itself.

Don't I know you: Rootin' for the home team
Seriously guys, this guy's last name is Root. It's as if he was practically ordained by the guys of irony into being a world-class sports fan. Phil Root has probably incited more waves and been featured on the Jumbo-Tron more times than the whole college of education combined. If you've ever been to an ASU football, baseball, or basketball game you've probably seen Phil. He used to sport a multi-colored Mohawk, but recently cut it off because not only is he doing observation for his secondary education degree, but he is also assistant coaching for Chandler High School's junior varsity football team.

Dying for dinner theatre
Even though I would label myself as an avid patron of the theatre, my experiences, from seeing "The Lion King" on Broadway to watching a high school performance of "Kiss Me Kate," had never included an interactive experience. In fact, before attending "Murder at the Milford's," the only knowledge I had about interactive theatre came from an episode of "Saved by the Bell." So when I heard about "Murder at the Milford's" playing at Monti's, I was ready to strap on my Sherlock cap and astound everyone by solving the mystery of Lord Maynard Milford's (Michael Liddy) death.

'Cold Creek' blather
"Do you know what you're getting yourself into?" says Dale, as he looks forebodingly into the camera. If only I knew! I would have refused to do this movie review and begged my editors to send me out on another story far, far away from Cold Creek Manor.

CD Review: Bubba Sparxxx's 'Deliverance'
Bubba Sparxxx is doing his "hillbilly dance," and he really wants you to enjoy it. Really enjoy it. Nearly each track on Sparxxx's LP, Deliverance, includes some sort of southern melody mixed in with

the beat. "Jimmy Mathis" loops a harmonica melody while Sparxxx spits out rhymes, including the one about the hillbilly dance.

CD Review: Nicholas Payton's 'Sonic Trance'
On Nicholas Payton's seventh full-length album, Sonic Trance, the jazz trumpeter shifts from a more traditional style of jazz to a slightly techno/acid-jazz/free jazz form that plays off with surprising results.

Singing no praise
Lucky for you, the beautifully Bootylicious Beyonce Knowles gets to do the crooning in MTV's latest musical film, The Fighting Temptations. The soulful musical from director Johnathan Lynn (The Whole Nine Yards) and writer of The Wood starts when Darrin Fox (Cuba Gooding Jr.), an advertising executive with an honesty problem, is summoned back to his hometown in Georgia when a wealthy aunt dies with a large inheritance. In order to get the booty, smooth-talking Darrin must form a successful gospel choir out of a cocktail of churchgoers who can hardly carry a tune, and especially don't want to work together. It seems only a Destiny's Child could save his chances.

CD Review: My Morning Jacket's 'It Still Moves'
My Morning Jacket is the band that indie rock fans have been waiting for

years to hear. Combining Wilco-like qualities and Uncle Tupelo alt-country sounds, along with lead singer Jim James dead-on in-key vocals, this is one of the best LPs of the year.

Wiener love
Though she's openly been a lesbian for 20 years, Laurel Johnson can't stop loving wieners. "I always say my parent's plane crashed in the Black Forest of Germany, and I was pulled from the wreckage by a pack of wieners, and they raised me as their own," says local artist Laurel Johnson who owns three dachshunds.

Of course, that's not quite the truth. In reality, Johnson always had wiener dogs growing up in the Valley, and though she's since had bigger dogs-a Great Dane and a Doberman-she can't shake her love of wieners. With no intentions of being a mother any time soon, Johnson loves her dogs like family. Thanks to their comical shape and quirky personalities, they've become the stars of her latest drawings.

ASU Homegrown
The story of the Modified Pulse is a familiar one to us on this campus. The four members of the local band all go to ASU, and like many students here, had moved from different parts of the state and wound up becoming friends.

Opinion: Supporting passions
Everyone has a passion. Some of you may not know it yet, but it's true. Everyone has that one thing that they love to do and would rather do than anything else...even if they suck at it or don't have any support.

Bush an intergalactic idiot
Last week, George W. Bush renewed the exemption that keeps Area 51 top secret. With this action, Bush made it absolutely clear that he plans to extend his "War on Terror" to a galaxy far, far away.

Hazing turns deadly at SUNY
The idea of hazing someone to death has got to be one of the most pointless activities anyone can do to another human being. A fraternity pledge at SUNY Plattsburgh died during an underground hazing ritual.

High-tech outerwear features air bags, electric shocks
Dainese, an Italian protective clothing maker, has developed a vest that functions as an air bag. A tiny computer mounted on the motorcycle is in constant communication with the vest and causes it to quickly inflate.

Editorial: Make meetings useful, fund student groups
Somewhere in the middle of all of ASASU's recent meetings, something fell through the cracks in the red tape: the appropriation of money to the various student clubs, councils and organizations at ASU.

A comic strip by Joseph Bowen.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

Bill the Onion
A comic strip by Mike Murphy.

Beyond Broadway: 'Carmen Funebre' moving, 'disturbing'
"Scary...scary...scary," testified a child's voice from the audience. And it was true. Though most of the more than 700 other witnesses of Teatr Biuro Podrozy's performance of "Carmen Funebre" (Funeral Song) at ASU Saturday night were less vocal during the experience, they were no less moved by it.

Motivational team's message comes from experience
ASU graduate and motivational speaker Jonathan Couvdos, along with professional disc jockey Steve Simonis, has been teaching kids to "flip it'" since the pair formed the Positive Focus Program three years ago.

The Positive Focus Program is a nonprofit organization that aims to arm junior and high school students with positive mindsets in order to be productive in the school community. Couvdos, who said he struggled with negative pressures around him as a teenager, originally created the program while he was still a college student at ASU.

On the Web: LiveJournal
A Web site melding e-mail, guestbooks and instant messaging together, LiveJournal has been an online repository for the thoughts of millions since March of 1999. If you don't have one yourself, you might just know a user.

Opinion: ASU's showing at Iowa definitely offensive
At least the ASU football team's new all-white uniforms looked sharp in Saturday's game against Iowa because not much else did. The fact that the offense is struggling this season is bad news for the Sun Devils' fans.

ASU tailback position still a question mark
One of the problems the ASU football team faced when it began this season was finding a starting tailback. After three games, head coach Dirk Koetter said that mystery has yet to be solved.

As was the case during Camp Tontozona, Koetter has five players to choose from: senior Mike Williams, sophomores Hakim Hill and Cornell Canidate, and redshirt freshmen Randy Hill and Loren Wade.

Devil Dish: Brought to you by...
The Glendale Arena is due to open in less than three months, and no big-name company has stepped up to the plate to rename it with checkbook in hand. My hopes are that its name remains Glendale Arena.

Water skier wins world title
While most ASU students spent their weekend drinking or cramming for tests, one student came home a world champion. Jimmy Siemers won the men's title Sunday at the 2003 Water Ski World Championships.

ASU cross country has solid opening race
Sophomore Amy Hastings followed up her successful summer campaign Friday by becoming the first woman to win a cross country event for the ASU women since Lisa Aguilera won the NCAA West Regional in 2000.

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