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Police Beat: Just the fax, ma'am
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a Tempe man arrested on charges of assault and domestic violence after he punched his wife in the eye, knocked over a fax machine and threw a printer.

More than three months late, scholarship money arrives
The ASU Foundation has begun transferring endowment funds to ASU departments for scholarships, three and a half months later than the July 1 disbursement date. Steve Doig said he liked giving good news.

Swastika painted on Islamic center
Images associated with the neo-Nazi and skinhead movement were painted on the entrance of the Tempe Islamic Cultural Center Thursday, and Tempe police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Brew pub snatched up by new owners
A change in ownership of Tempe's Bandersnatch Brew Pub will shut down the bar's brewery and has several employees skeptical of the business' future. Beginning Monday, the pub will officially change hands and be temporarily closed for renovations.

Joe and Addie Mocca have sold the 28-year-old business to the owners of Scottsdale's Martini Ranch. The Moccas were worried that the city of Tempe would tear down the building.

Alumni staff thin as homecoming nears
The ASU Alumni Association has seven vacancies on its 30-member staff as the University approaches what is expected to be the biggest homecoming in ASU history.

The Alumni Association coordinates many events for homecoming, which is now just over one month away - on Oct. 27 to Nov. 1. All the positions, including that of the association's president, were vacated in the past nine months.

Local bassist bids adieu at band's album release
Tonight's the night for ASU student Brandon Smith to say goodbye to his band while he also celebrates the band's first-ever CD release party. The band's bass guitarist, Smith has decided to focus on school.

Playing with fire
At about 9 p.m. on most evenings, you can find Steven Wang swinging his fire fingers in the air, creating six flames that resemble huge fireflies. When combined, these flames can create a massive-looking firebomb.

Off the Beat: Claw lovers anonymous
The claw goes by many names. Names like "Plush Palace" and "Plush Bus" flash across the tops of the machines in brilliant arcade lights. Some play carnival music and campy sound effects depending on whether you win or lose. They all have the same set of rules. You must position and lower the claw within the time limit or else it will lower itself.

Don't I know you: Rootin' for the home team
Seriously guys, this guy's last name is Root. It's as if he was practically ordained by the guys of irony into being a world-class sports fan. Phil Root has probably incited more waves and been featured on the Jumbo-Tron more times than the whole college of education combined. If you've ever been to an ASU football, baseball, or basketball game you've probably seen Phil. He used to sport a multi-colored Mohawk, but recently cut it off because not only is he doing observation for his secondary education degree, but he is also assistant coaching for Chandler High School's junior varsity football team.

Dying for dinner theatre
Even though I would label myself as an avid patron of the theatre, my experiences, from seeing "The Lion King" on Broadway to watching a high school performance of "Kiss Me Kate," had never included an interactive experience. In fact, before attending "Murder at the Milford's," the only knowledge I had about interactive theatre came from an episode of "Saved by the Bell." So when I heard about "Murder at the Milford's" playing at Monti's, I was ready to strap on my Sherlock cap and astound everyone by solving the mystery of Lord Maynard Milford's (Michael Liddy) death.

'Cold Creek' blather
"Do you know what you're getting yourself into?" says Dale, as he looks forebodingly into the camera. If only I knew! I would have refused to do this movie review and begged my editors to send me out on another story far, far away from Cold Creek Manor.

CD Review: Bubba Sparxxx's 'Deliverance'
Bubba Sparxxx is doing his "hillbilly dance," and he really wants you to enjoy it. Really enjoy it. Nearly each track on Sparxxx's LP, Deliverance, includes some sort of southern melody mixed in with

the beat. "Jimmy Mathis" loops a harmonica melody while Sparxxx spits out rhymes, including the one about the hillbilly dance.

CD Review: Nicholas Payton's 'Sonic Trance'
On Nicholas Payton's seventh full-length album, Sonic Trance, the jazz trumpeter shifts from a more traditional style of jazz to a slightly techno/acid-jazz/free jazz form that plays off with surprising results.

Singing no praise
Lucky for you, the beautifully Bootylicious Beyonce Knowles gets to do the crooning in MTV's latest musical film, The Fighting Temptations. The soulful musical from director Johnathan Lynn (The Whole Nine Yards) and writer of The Wood starts when Darrin Fox (Cuba Gooding Jr.), an advertising executive with an honesty problem, is summoned back to his hometown in Georgia when a wealthy aunt dies with a large inheritance. In order to get the booty, smooth-talking Darrin must form a successful gospel choir out of a cocktail of churchgoers who can hardly carry a tune, and especially don't want to work together. It seems only a Destiny's Child could save his chances.

CD Review: My Morning Jacket's 'It Still Moves'
My Morning Jacket is the band that indie rock fans have been waiting for

years to hear. Combining Wilco-like qualities and Uncle Tupelo alt-country sounds, along with lead singer Jim James dead-on in-key vocals, this is one of the best LPs of the year.

Wiener love
Though she's openly been a lesbian for 20 years, Laurel Johnson can't stop loving wieners. "I always say my parent's plane crashed in the Black Forest of Germany, and I was pulled from the wreckage by a pack of wieners, and they raised me as their own," says local artist Laurel Johnson who owns three dachshunds.

Of course, that's not quite the truth. In reality, Johnson always had wiener dogs growing up in the Valley, and though she's since had bigger dogs-a Great Dane and a Doberman-she can't shake her love of wieners. With no intentions of being a mother any time soon, Johnson loves her dogs like family. Thanks to their comical shape and quirky personalities, they've become the stars of her latest drawings.

ASU Homegrown
The story of the Modified Pulse is a familiar one to us on this campus. The four members of the local band all go to ASU, and like many students here, had moved from different parts of the state and wound up becoming friends.

Opinion: Supporting passions
Everyone has a passion. Some of you may not know it yet, but it's true. Everyone has that one thing that they love to do and would rather do than anything else...even if they suck at it or don't have any support.

Review: 'Final Fantasy Tactics Advance'
There are very few things in the world that make me drool: the smell of smoky barbeque on a summer day, a perfect morsel of dark Godiva chocolate and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Review: 'Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire'
So straight up you all know that I am well versed in the ways of what used to be an animation sensation. However, just because I liked the cartoon at one point in my life doesn't mean I will be as kind when judging a video game spin off. Pokémon Pinball is pretty dang boring.

Conan's 10th anniversary special a treat for fans
The "Late Night With Conan O'Brien 10th Anniversary Special" culled some of the great highlights of the show. It's proof that O'Brien should get more credit than he's given. O'Brien is the king of late-night TV.

NHOI Comes to Tempe
Never Heard Of It is trying their best to make sure everyone does hear of them.

The Southern California based pop-punk rock band is opening for Bowling for Soup and Lucky Boys Confusion at the Marquee Theatre Tuesday.

Concert Review: The Format, unplugged
Temperatures soared as the audience boiled over the silken vocals and guitar strokes of The Format's Nate Reuss and Sam Means at Modified Arts Saturday. Probably breaking every building capacity code there is, the Modified brimmed with fans and sweat.  

Boos and Bravos: Get your buck back from ASA
BRAVO to asking for your buck back. The Arizona Students Association gets a buck per semester from those of us who pay tuition. The more than 100 students who asked for refunds won't accept the status quo.

Greeks should be grateful for future non-ghetto housing
The new Adelphi II Project will break ground this fall. Finally, housing will be available that is up-to-code and appealing to parents, students, faculty and basically all organisms endowed with the gift of sight.

Intolerance blemishes extremist's Sept. 11 speech
The invitation of Daniel Pipes to speak on our campus on Sept. 11 by a fictional student club was a blow to how the day should be remembered. Exclusionary rhetoric is a dangerous abuse of academic freedom.

Senate vote on FCC will preserve free press
The last thing we need in this day and age is a single company owning a majority of what you see and hear. Consumers are much more likely to get a variety of quality shows if there are multiple stations available.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A comic strip by Joseph Bowen.

Bill the Onion
A coimc strip by Mike Murphy.

On the Web: Funky festivals
The annual Turkey Testicle Festival draws all sorts of colorful characters to the heartland to gobble down gonads cooked in various styles. Had I not visited, I never would have known about it.

Flirty fashions: Miniskirts unbelievably mini
It's time for President Crow to whip out that ruler because girls' hemlines are rising as high as Arizona's temperatures.

Despite their existence since the 1960s, miniskirts have been revolutionized once again, and ASU students are taking notice.

The Edge: Healthy ASU may sneak past battle-worn Iowa
Many have said ASU is overrated because they didn't blow out their first two teams. But ASU returns 16 starters from last year's Holiday Bowl team. Iowa won't have two key starters, and ASU will likely start healthy.

Devil Dish: Men deserve to play soccer in Tempe
Men's soccer deserves field time in Tempe, alongside the ASU women's soccer team. But Title IX stipulates men's and women's sports must be funded equally, and ASU has not yet balanced the men's budget.

Soccer: Sun Devils shoot for first home win
After a disappointing 1-1 tie to Vanderbilt in its home debut, the No. 18 Sun Devil soccer team will look for redemption in a game tonight against San Francisco, and on Sunday against Kentucky in the soccer stadium.

Sun Devils face new environment vs. Iowa
ASU head coach Dirk Koetter said Thursday that his football team has not found its identity yet. Now the Sun Devils must find it in a "whole different environment" as they travel to Iowa City to face No. 18 Iowa.

Football: Iowa wary of Pac-10 despite playing at home
The No. 18 Hawkeyes have a 12-game regular season winning streak and a seven-game home wining streak, but there is another streak that many Iowa fans won't talk about - three straight losses to Pac-10 teams.

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