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Art Annex studios may be displaced
If the proposed sale of the Mona Plummer Aquatic Center to the city of Tempe is completed later this month, the swim team won't be the only ASU program preparing to move to a new home.

The Art Annex, located just south of the swim complex, currently houses the studios of 13 students working on their Master of Fine Arts degrees.

Crow's donation statements clarified
ASU's Public Affairs office released a statement Tuesday clarifying remarks made by ASU President Michael Crow regarding donations to the College of Education and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

His comments led some of those who attended the meeting to believe that the College of Education and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences would receive $50 million donations.

RIAA 'Clean Slate' may stop suits
The recording industry announced Monday a way for people to avoid lawsuits by admitting they downloaded files illegally, and ASU administrators said students should seize the opportunity.

The Recording Industry Association of America agreed to stay out of lawsuits against anyone who joins its Clean Slate Program, but the program does not protect participants from being sued by other recording industry companies.

Visa laws, identity databases increase red tape for international students
Traveling here to study has become more difficult for ASU's international students, as changes to laws regarding foreign entry and exit have been made following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

ASU East: PTS lays out parking fee plans
ABOR required all universities to institute pay-for-parking at the beginning of 2003, but ASU East didn't start charging students until this semester so it could set up a parking and transit operation.

ASU East: Pilot pay printing program postponed
Although fliers posted around the ASU East Computing Commons are informing students that they will be charged for printing starting this fall, the debate is still on whether it will happen in the fall or spring.

The music industry slashes CD prices, but the party's over
The music industry's last-ditch effort to revive compact-disc sales with a massive price cut might have seemed downright visionary a few years ago, but now it smacks of desperation.

'Whoopi' lacks good script, decent supporting cast
I am confused. Whoopi Goldberg, on more than one occasion, has made me laugh. I've seen Sister Act multiple times and it never fails to crack me up. One would then think that with the right people she could make a great network sitcom, which is what her new show "Whoopi" should be, but isn't.

'Splendor' splendid, odd little film
Face it - life is boring. However, watching other people's lackluster lives is not. That's why we have reality TV. The film American Splendor encompasses those same homely B-sides of the American Dream we love to watch, except on a more intelligent level.

Sharon and Ellen enter Oprah territory
For every Oprah, Dr. Phil and Maury, there is a fistful of hopefuls who tried - and failed - to find an audience: Rob Nelson, Caroline Rhea, the guys of "The Other Half." Even John Walsh, who came to daytime last fall with a built-in audience from "America's Most Wanted," failed to click with viewers and barely got renewed for a second season. But hope springs eternal each TV season, and this fall is no different.

Cancer struggle led to a career high point for Warren Zevon
On Monday morning Warren Zevon's new album hit No. 1 on's sales list. It was clear then that he was dead. Zevon did indeed die Sunday at his Los Angeles home after a year-long struggle with inoperable lung cancer. He was 56.

Review: 'Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour'
Way before you thought you were Tiger Woods and Golden Tee was just a faint memory, Mario was teaching everyone about the game of golf. With the recently released Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, console golf games have become fun again.

Review: 'Madden NFL 2004'
When you get perfection, why mess with it? Da Vinci had to put the paintbrush down when he was done with the Mona Lisa. Shakespeare could only tweak Hamlet so much.

While it's hard to put a game in the same company as these legends, the John Madden video game series has the same meaning to sports video games as The Bard did to the written word.

Book's liberal criticism of right funny, on the money
Franken is at his best when talking about conservative columnist Ann Coulter, ex-CBS correspondent Bernie Goldberg and the big shots at Fox News. Coulter gets a special bit of vitriol from Franken for her blatant lying and vicious name-calling.

Editorial: Talented 'bad apples' ruin good teams
The saga that is taking place at Ohio State with Maurice Clarett should be an eye-opener. To ensure its future success, the ASU athletic department will need to make sure athletes like Clarett stay away from Tempe.

'Librarian' barbie screams stereotype
It's the guardian of stories, fighter of illiteracy, keeper of information, your very own research tool and friend: "The Librarian!" is coming to a toy store near you. Yet, librarians around the country are complaining.

Online elections will help get out the vote
As federal elections loom, security doubts are delaying paperless voting alternatives in Arizona and throughout the United States. This technology is the future of voting, and we must ask if it is efficient and safe.

Letters to the Editor: Gay marriage is people's decision
The letters in response to recent columns, including a reader who said that laws are not made for future or past generations. The people will get legalized gay marriages if they want them, but it is still left up to them.

Abbas forced to fold the Road Map to Peace
After a brief and relatively useless tenure, the Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas threw in the towel on Saturday. With enemies left, right and center, his resignation should come as no surprise.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A comic strip by Joseph Bowen.

Bill the Onion
A comic strip by Mike Murphy.

Conan's zany late-night circus heads for prime time
Conan O'Brien's 10th anniversary prime-time special is approaching. It will celebrate the show's progression from a small-time production with a cult following to one of the high points of late-night television.

On the Web: Butt ugliness
I was not aware that ugliness was such a rare thing to behold that I should have to go on the Internet to find it. The mold in my refrigerator is ugly. Some politicians are ugly. Mullets are ugly, for Pete's sake.

Flirty fashions: Miniskirts unbelievably mini
It's time for President Crow to whip out that ruler because girls' hemlines are rising as high as Arizona's temperatures.

Despite their existence since the 1960s, miniskirts have been revolutionized once again, and ASU students are taking notice.

Hump Day Hoopla: 9/11 showed fans what matters
Two years ago today, one columnist wrote about how a foreign sense of excitement to the ASU football team ignited a then-rare 38-7 blowout of San Diego State. Since Sept. 11, 2001, everything has changed.

Hoops: Low happy to be with former teammates at ASU
Two states and a time zone away, freshman Chris Low feels at home with the Sun Devils. Aiding in his decision to come to ASU were his two former teammates already on the team: Ike Diogu and Allen Morill.

Devil Dish: NFL no place for crybabies like Williams
Marcus Williams told ESPN he is afraid that suing Bill Romanowski might jeopardize his NFL career worse than his orbital socket injury. Williams should settle with Romo and the Raiders, not with a judge and jury.

Football: An up-Hill battle for ASU tailback
Considering the high expectations and controversy that have surrounded ASU's Hakim Hill since he arrived as one of the the 2001 recruiting class' gems, calling his career a "rollercoaster" would be an understatement.

Strength coach buffs up for women's competition
At 10 a.m. on ASU football's turf practice field, pedestrians can walk by and see a woman flipping a 440-pound tire across the field. That would be Liane Blyn, an assistant sports performance coach at ASU.

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