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Sack's to shut doors at ASU's whim
For 12 years, family-owned restaurant WM Sack's has operated a location in the Tempe Town Center, but plans for expansion could have the business packing up and moving out at ASU's word.

Cary Morrow, Sack's co-owner, said his business has been on a month-to-month lease with the University since 1995.

Police Beat: Charming the trouser snake
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a man arrested after victims reportedly saw the man masturbating. When arrested, the man's penis was reportedly hanging out of his pants.

Heightened security now standard at ASU events
Fans at the home opener at Sun Devil Stadium likely spent more time standing in line at the gate than they would have two years ago as security personnel searched their bags and patted down their pockets.

Hepatitis C cases rising at ASU
ASU health officials said cases of chronic Hepatitis C among students are rising every year. They estimated that more than 100 ASU students could carry the disease.

An infection of the liver, Hepatitis C affects approximately 4 million people in the United States.

English prof to read from third novel
ASU English professor and author Ron Carlson will be reading a chapter from his first novel in 22 years Wednesday at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe.

"The Speed of Light," his seventh book and third novel, is set in early adolescence, but the subject matter is more mature. Although the main characters are 12 years old, Carlson's ideal minimum age for readers of his book is 15.

Carillon society to sell silk rug
A local antiques and Oriental rug retailer donated a silk Tabriz rug worth $28,500 to ASU's Student Carillon Society, which is raising money to help restore the school's carillon. The rug is 10 years old and never used.

'Splendor' splendid, odd little film
Face it - life is boring. However, watching other people's lackluster lives is not. That's why we have reality TV. The film American Splendor encompasses those same homely B-sides of the American Dream we love to watch, except on a more intelligent level.

Cancer struggle led to a career high point for Warren Zevon
On Monday morning Warren Zevon's new album hit No. 1 on's sales list. It was clear then that he was dead. Zevon did indeed die Sunday at his Los Angeles home after a year-long struggle with inoperable lung cancer. He was 56.

Sharon and Ellen enter Oprah territory
For every Oprah, Dr. Phil and Maury, there is a fistful of hopefuls who tried - and failed - to find an audience: Rob Nelson, Caroline Rhea, the guys of "The Other Half." Even John Walsh, who came to daytime last fall with a built-in audience from "America's Most Wanted," failed to click with viewers and barely got renewed for a second season. But hope springs eternal each TV season, and this fall is no different.

A frat boy's life
If you've ever been to a party, or a bar, or a hookah bar, you've probably met Max Kafka or someone like him. He's a dark-haired, blue-eyed, Irish-Jewish frat boy who has taken flirtation and conversation and turned them into an art of sorts. SPM, who is already spoken for, met Kafka on a recent Friday night at Casey Moore's. SPM was flattered and intrigued and decided to find out a little bit more about this fellow just in case any of our friends might be interested one day.

Beating buzz words
The last Thursday of every month is a day much looked forward to at the small gallery on the corner of 5th and Van Buren avenues. It's a day when artists from around the Valley come together to showcase their talents and attempt to, "Beat The Buzzer."

A musical co-op
The Americopa Mantle concert series started as a fundraiser to help local band Pinewood Derby record a CD, but it has now evolved into an indie-music community with a Woodstocky feel.

The director effect
Start with 150 people, add a dash of Tempe summer heat and stir for 10 days with a camera. That's how ASU communications senior Zachary Yoshioka spent this past July. His new film, Synthetic Truth, premiered last Friday at Tempe Cinemas.

Gettin' Freaky
It's not Halloween yet, but on Saturday, it might seem as if Oct. 31 is coming early this year. But Stephanie Carrico of the Paper Heart Gallery in Phoenix has decided to host the Bound Heart Fetish Ball on Saturday with the help of The Next Generation (TNG) an Arizona-based fetish and kink group.

A fashionable wish
Like most Valley fashion designers, Bill Berry is strapped for cash. The 22-year-old Scottsdale native still lives at home and mends his cartoon-inspired creations to the sounds of Duran Duran, dreaming of the day Phoenix will rival New York and Los Angeles in the fashion industry.

Italian jobs
A trip to Europe can stay in a person's memory for an entire lifetime, but lucky for a group of ASU art students during a recent trip to Italy, they were able to express through various art mediums what others can only keep in their mind.

Opinion: Drawing a line
College students already have enough to worry about. Between studying, working and avoiding pizza-coupon peddlers, we've got plenty to deal with without having to think about whether or not we're going to get evicted.

Review: 'Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour'
Way before you thought you were Tiger Woods and Golden Tee was just a faint memory, Mario was teaching everyone about the game of golf. With the recently released Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, console golf games have become fun again.

Book's liberal criticism of right funny, on the money
Franken is at his best when talking about conservative columnist Ann Coulter, ex-CBS correspondent Bernie Goldberg and the big shots at Fox News. Coulter gets a special bit of vitriol from Franken for her blatant lying and vicious name-calling.

Holes in our history lessons let Pol Pot fall through
The events in Cambodia are among the most tragic in modern history. So why, prior to actually traveling to Cambodia this summer, had I never even heard of Pol Pot? I studied history in college. I should have known.

Ecstasy study not 'X'-actly true
A year ago, the glow stick, techno music and adult pacifier industries were rocked by a startling new finding: the drug ecstasy can mess you up real bad. But the laboratory baboons didn't enjoy getting their roll on.

Sit down, give Sparky a break
Sparky runs, does flips, delivers hot dogs and then, after all of that, they make him do push-ups on an unsteady surface in front of 60,000 people! Who cares if he's not doing a military-regulation pushup?

Editorial: Homecoming plans say 'Show me the money'
The lack of funds has pushed ASU to drastic measures to boost alumni support. This year, ASU will spend over $100,000 on homecoming celebrations in hopes of bringing home a greater number of alumni.

The Wright idea
Say the name Tim Wright anywhere near campus and eyebrows will raise. People's ears will perk up to hear what story is going to be told: to see if that story is similar to their own. "If you walk into a public building in Tempe and ask, virtually everybody there knows him," says Jeff Sullivan, a Rentals Tempe tenant.

Conan's zany late-night circus heads for prime time
Conan O'Brien's 10th anniversary prime-time special is approaching. It will celebrate the show's progression from a small-time production with a cult following to one of the high points of late-night television.

On the Web: Butt ugliness
I was not aware that ugliness was such a rare thing to behold that I should have to go on the Internet to find it. The mold in my refrigerator is ugly. Some politicians are ugly. Mullets are ugly, for Pete's sake.

Flirty fashions: Miniskirts unbelievably mini
It's time for President Crow to whip out that ruler because girls' hemlines are rising as high as Arizona's temperatures.

Despite their existence since the 1960s, miniskirts have been revolutionized once again, and ASU students are taking notice.

Pac-10 notebook: Pac-10 teams win 5, lose 5
The Pac-10 players who stood out in the third week of the college football season. Washington senior quarterback Cody Pickett led the Huskies to a 38-13 home-opener victory over Indiana on Saturday.

Devil Dish: Only the strong survive in football
Utah State head coach Mick Dennehy addressed the current situation between the haves and have-nots in the current Bowl Championship Series structure. The difference is big, but this is football, not education.

Football: Sun Devils fight through cramping
After breaking down game film, ASU head coach Dirk Koetter realized that an unusually high number of players experienced severe cramping during the team's 34-14 win over NAU Saturday, particularly the defensive backs.

Opinion: Plummer won't fix Broncos' leaks
Jake Plummer is an exciting, yet inconsistent, NFL quarterback, and that's exactly what the Denver Broncos don't need. While a Cardinal, Plummer was notorious for inconsistent play.

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