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ASU studies AIDS conspiracy theories
ASU West students and a professor are investigating the prevalence of conspiracy theories in South Africa regarding the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

One such theory says AIDS does not exist at all, according to professor William Simmons. Gambians attribute AIDS to causes other than an overall weakening of the immune system.

Committee debates plus/minus details
Faculty members and a student representative discussed at a meeting on Friday whether a new plus/minus grading system would affect all current students.

Academic Senate President Tony Garcia said the system would affect all students in all parts of the University except the law school.

Researchers test insomnia treatment on cancer survivors
Researchers in ASU's College of Nursing have been testing a treatment for insomnia in an ongoing study involving women treated for breast cancer. The women taking part in the study will use behavioral therapy.

African-American students bond at annual barbecue
African-American students found community support, friends, food and fun at Sunday's Welcome African Americans to ASU barbeque held at Old Main. The event has been held annually for at least 17 years.

Singer-songwriter Warren Zevon dies of cancer
Warren Zevon, the singer-songwriter known for his sardonic L.A. noir humor and classic-rock radio staples including "Werewolves of London," "Lawyers, Guns and Money," and "Excitable Boy," died Sunday at his Los Angeles-area home. He was 56.

A frat boy's life
If you've ever been to a party, or a bar, or a hookah bar, you've probably met Max Kafka or someone like him. He's a dark-haired, blue-eyed, Irish-Jewish frat boy who has taken flirtation and conversation and turned them into an art of sorts. SPM, who is already spoken for, met Kafka on a recent Friday night at Casey Moore's. SPM was flattered and intrigued and decided to find out a little bit more about this fellow just in case any of our friends might be interested one day.

Beating buzz words
The last Thursday of every month is a day much looked forward to at the small gallery on the corner of 5th and Van Buren avenues. It's a day when artists from around the Valley come together to showcase their talents and attempt to, "Beat The Buzzer."

A musical co-op
The Americopa Mantle concert series started as a fundraiser to help local band Pinewood Derby record a CD, but it has now evolved into an indie-music community with a Woodstocky feel.

The director effect
Start with 150 people, add a dash of Tempe summer heat and stir for 10 days with a camera. That's how ASU communications senior Zachary Yoshioka spent this past July. His new film, Synthetic Truth, premiered last Friday at Tempe Cinemas.

Gettin' Freaky
It's not Halloween yet, but on Saturday, it might seem as if Oct. 31 is coming early this year. But Stephanie Carrico of the Paper Heart Gallery in Phoenix has decided to host the Bound Heart Fetish Ball on Saturday with the help of The Next Generation (TNG) an Arizona-based fetish and kink group.

A fashionable wish
Like most Valley fashion designers, Bill Berry is strapped for cash. The 22-year-old Scottsdale native still lives at home and mends his cartoon-inspired creations to the sounds of Duran Duran, dreaming of the day Phoenix will rival New York and Los Angeles in the fashion industry.

Italian jobs
A trip to Europe can stay in a person's memory for an entire lifetime, but lucky for a group of ASU art students during a recent trip to Italy, they were able to express through various art mediums what others can only keep in their mind.

Opinion: Drawing a line
College students already have enough to worry about. Between studying, working and avoiding pizza-coupon peddlers, we've got plenty to deal with without having to think about whether or not we're going to get evicted.

Review: 'Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour'
Way before you thought you were Tiger Woods and Golden Tee was just a faint memory, Mario was teaching everyone about the game of golf. With the recently released Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, console golf games have become fun again.

Book's liberal criticism of right funny, on the money
Franken is at his best when talking about conservative columnist Ann Coulter, ex-CBS correspondent Bernie Goldberg and the big shots at Fox News. Coulter gets a special bit of vitriol from Franken for her blatant lying and vicious name-calling.

'Exposure' to Tempe public art less than inspiring
The image is funny: a scruffy-looking man has opened his trench coat and is flashing himself at a sculpture of a nude woman in a provocative stance. The caption reads: Expose yourself to art.

Required credit hours can't cover cultural diversity
Diversity is a vital part of our cultural lives, but a minimal course requirement and requisite "diversity" activities planned by Residential Life are inadequate attempts to connect people and cultures.

Health risks in a can: soft drinks not so sweet
I've toxified my body with a mystery drink that contains the equivalent of anti-freeze coolant, oil solvent and commercial cleaning agents - and chances are, so have you. Soft drinks aren't as good as you might think.

Editorial: License suit to kill
Last week, the Arizona Life Coalition sued the state License Plate Commission, arguing that it was denied freedom of expression and due process after its "Choose Life" license plate proposal was turned down.

Tuition displaces some ASU students
While a tuition hike brought in $44.5 million to ASU's coffers - including an extra $14 million in financial aid - as many as 8,000 former ASU students won't be around to see the benefits.

Despite ASU meeting a list of students' priorities, the Maricopa Community College District planned for a flood of new students this fall, many of who can no longer afford the University's higher tuition costs.

The Wright idea
Say the name Tim Wright anywhere near campus and eyebrows will raise. People's ears will perk up to hear what story is going to be told: to see if that story is similar to their own. "If you walk into a public building in Tempe and ask, virtually everybody there knows him," says Jeff Sullivan, a Rentals Tempe tenant.

Flirty fashions: Miniskirts unbelievably mini
It's time for President Crow to whip out that ruler because girls' hemlines are rising as high as Arizona's temperatures.

Despite their existence since the 1960s, miniskirts have been revolutionized once again, and ASU students are taking notice.

Flirty fashions: Miniskirts unbelievably mini
It's time for President Crow to whip out that ruler because girls' hemlines are rising as high as Arizona's temperatures.

Despite their existence since the 1960s, miniskirts have been revolutionized once again, and ASU students are taking notice.

On the Web: Butt ugliness
I was not aware that ugliness was such a rare thing to behold that I should have to go on the Internet to find it. The mold in my refrigerator is ugly. Some politicians are ugly. Mullets are ugly, for Pete's sake.

Sluggish Sun Devils roll past 'Jacks
The ASU football won its season opener by 20 points. But head coach Dirk Koetter said after the game that if anyone saw his players in the locker room, it would have looked as if the Sun Devils had lost.

Football: Red zone becomes dead zone for NAU
By the end of Saturday night's game, NAU knew it had chances to score and make its 34-14 loss to ASU a closer contest. The 'Jacks had made it into the red zone five times, but only scored on two of those chances.

Football: Mo' Moey, mo' problems for NAU
While he might go by Henry Phillip Mutz when he's signing a check, ASU football fans will have a new name to follow on Saturdays. Moey Mutz caught three balls for 75 yards and two touchdowns over NAU Saturday.

Breakdown: Incomplete passes signal trouble
The crowd of 60,069 people at Sun Devil Stadium was previously unheard of for a hot September game against a pushover opponent. But Jason Murietta's passing troubles don't bode well for Pac-10 play.

Soccer splits pair of matches against Rutgers, N.D.
After a tough 3-1 loss to a strong Notre Dame team on Friday, the No. 13 Sun Devil soccer team needed to recoup quickly for Sunday's match against Rutgers. Brittany Cooper's game-winning goal gave ASU the win.

Volleyball loses two of three
It was a similar result in a different venue for ASU volleyball as the team went 1-2 in a weekend tournament in Reno, Nev. Last weekend, the Sun Devils had the same result while hosting the Sun Devil Classic.

Devil Dish: Time to stay on ASU's bandwagon for good
After the Sun Devils finished the '98 season 5-6, I decided to spend my season ticket money on food. Now that the 2003 season has arrived, Saturday night's 34-14 victory over NAU put me back on the bandwagon.

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