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New law allows ASU to trade tech for stocks
Gov. Janet Napolitano signed a bill into law on Thursday that will allow Arizona universities to accept stock options in exchange for research and technology. Napolitano said the law would "unleash" state universities and allow them to make money off research already being done.

Construction closes part of Lot 59
Construction will begin this week on a new multi-level structure that will add 1,400 to 1,600 parking spaces to campus.

Students who made the trek out to the infamous Lot 59 at the beginning of this semester were greeted by a barbed-wire fence near Sun Angel Stadium and alternative parking located blocks away on the shore of the Tempe Town Lake.

Police Beat: Don't mess with this daddy's girls
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a man who reportedly grabbed two minors by their throats and squeezed. The victims were allegedly knocking on the man's door and scaring his daughters.

Lightning fire strikes Papago Park
A two-acre fire injured one person and burned trees and brush Thursday night when lightning struck a condensed area of palm trees in Papago Park. Firefighter Brian Mangis of the Phoenix Fire Department said they received the call around 7:30 p.m.

Students find new MU food, old hassles
Despite new options and a renovated dining plaza, eating at the MU may have become more of a hassle, say some students. Long lines have left some with empty stomachs.

Melissa Margoline, an undeclared freshman, said she waited 20 minutes to get food. She added that long lines make it easy for students to walk away with their food unpaid for.

Code would redistribute bike parking, add new paths
Tempe's bicycle parking may be reorganized by a new zoning code, which would also add bike and pedestrian pathways. Students and others can comment on the proposed changes at three meetings next week.

Indian musicians take center stage inside MU
ASU will be offered a touch of Indian culture. The Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth and the Association for India's Development are jointly presenting "An Evening of Santoor."

A frat boy's life
If you've ever been to a party, or a bar, or a hookah bar, you've probably met Max Kafka or someone like him. He's a dark-haired, blue-eyed, Irish-Jewish frat boy who has taken flirtation and conversation and turned them into an art of sorts. SPM, who is already spoken for, met Kafka on a recent Friday night at Casey Moore's. SPM was flattered and intrigued and decided to find out a little bit more about this fellow just in case any of our friends might be interested one day.

Beating buzz words
The last Thursday of every month is a day much looked forward to at the small gallery on the corner of 5th and Van Buren avenues. It's a day when artists from around the Valley come together to showcase their talents and attempt to, "Beat The Buzzer."

A musical co-op
The Americopa Mantle concert series started as a fundraiser to help local band Pinewood Derby record a CD, but it has now evolved into an indie-music community with a Woodstocky feel.

The director effect
Start with 150 people, add a dash of Tempe summer heat and stir for 10 days with a camera. That's how ASU communications senior Zachary Yoshioka spent this past July. His new film, Synthetic Truth, premiered last Friday at Tempe Cinemas.

Gettin' Freaky
It's not Halloween yet, but on Saturday, it might seem as if Oct. 31 is coming early this year. But Stephanie Carrico of the Paper Heart Gallery in Phoenix has decided to host the Bound Heart Fetish Ball on Saturday with the help of The Next Generation (TNG) an Arizona-based fetish and kink group.

A fashionable wish
Like most Valley fashion designers, Bill Berry is strapped for cash. The 22-year-old Scottsdale native still lives at home and mends his cartoon-inspired creations to the sounds of Duran Duran, dreaming of the day Phoenix will rival New York and Los Angeles in the fashion industry.

Italian jobs
A trip to Europe can stay in a person's memory for an entire lifetime, but lucky for a group of ASU art students during a recent trip to Italy, they were able to express through various art mediums what others can only keep in their mind.

Opinion: Drawing a line
College students already have enough to worry about. Between studying, working and avoiding pizza-coupon peddlers, we've got plenty to deal with without having to think about whether or not we're going to get evicted.

Review: 'Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour'
Way before you thought you were Tiger Woods and Golden Tee was just a faint memory, Mario was teaching everyone about the game of golf. With the recently released Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, console golf games have become fun again.

Book's liberal criticism of right funny, on the money
Franken is at his best when talking about conservative columnist Ann Coulter, ex-CBS correspondent Bernie Goldberg and the big shots at Fox News. Coulter gets a special bit of vitriol from Franken for her blatant lying and vicious name-calling.

Boos and Bravos: Cheers to Walter for not going pro yet
Rants and raves about the past week's events. A BRAVO goes out to Andrew Walter for not abandoning ASU to go pro just yet. He says he plans to use his two remaining years of eligibility.

Bush's nightmare: Informed electorate
The liberals at ASU and The State Press just don't get it. So what if George W. Bush used hyperbole, exaggeration and false intelligence reports to gain support for our invasion? We won, didn't we?

Price drops in CDs no surprise for music market
Yesterday, Universal Music Group announced massive cuts in its suggested retail price of CDs. This is proof that piracy will not destroy the record industry. At the previous prices, individuals felt compelled to steal rather than buy their tunes. UMG is gambling that its cut will begin encouraging people to return to retail stores and other legitimate sources for their musical entertainment. Fret no more, your voices have been heard. A boycott of most legitimate sources by so many music listeners has resulted in a reduction in price.

Poor city planning adds to Tempe's party-patrol woes
Last weekend, I was introduced to Tempe's four-officer "party patrol" for the first time. This group of Tempe police officers is an unfortunate necessity that grows out of poor master planning in Tempe.

Peace and quiet after dark is a nice idea but nearly impossible when you have a university as large as ASU in your backyard. With just 5,700 beds on campus, a large percentage of ASU's student population is forced to live off campus in the surrounding residential communities.

A comic strip by Joseph Bowen.

Bill the Onion
A comic strip by Mike Murphy.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

The Wright idea
Say the name Tim Wright anywhere near campus and eyebrows will raise. People's ears will perk up to hear what story is going to be told: to see if that story is similar to their own. "If you walk into a public building in Tempe and ask, virtually everybody there knows him," says Jeff Sullivan, a Rentals Tempe tenant.

On the Web: The Smoking Gun aims for Ah-nold
Arnold Schwarzenegger is The Smoking Gun's latest target, since he is running for California governor. According to documents published on the site, a young and spry bodybuilding Ah-nold was getting a lot of tail long before he married Maria Shriver.

Cereality offers alternative fast-food option
The ASU community has been munching on sugar-coated cereal and slurping up milk like children at a brand-new cereal bar and café inside the Memorial Union.

The Edge: Walter gives ASU advantage vs. NAU
NAU may have a gem in true freshman Jason Murrietta, who threw for 287 yards last week in his debut against St. Mary's. But ASU junior Andrew Walter is a legitimate Heisman trophy candidate.

Soccer travels to N.D. for first major test
The No. 13 Sun Devil soccer team began the season by embarrassing Hawaii and Bowling Green. But the team quickly turned its focus to the first real test of the year by taking on the Fighting Irish for the first time.

Volleyball heads to Reno
The ASU volleyball team is hoping to rebound at the SBC/Sands Regency Tournament in Reno, Nev. The two-day tournament will have ASU battling Tennessee, Gonzaga and host Nevada - all dangerous teams.

Pac-10 Preview: UA hopes to bounce back from poor '02
It doesn't take a lot of effort to count the Arizona Wildcats out of the Pac-10 race before the season has even started. The team tied for ninth last season, winning just one game within the conference.

Football: Lumberjacks expecting tough game
Homecoming has arrived early for many of the players on NAU's football team this weekend, but this one comes in the season opener. Perhaps the only advantage for the Lumberjacks is they have nothing to lose.

Finally, ASU ready to start football season
Playing a Divison I-AA opponent usually isn't the type of game that would inspire football players to smash their foreheads into their locker. But at this point, it doesn't matter to the ASU football team.

That's because it's opening night in Sun Devil Stadium. ASU is one of only four top-25 teams that has not played a game this season, so expect the Sun Devils to be as ready as they can be against NAU on Saturday night.

Devil Dish: Video games can't pick Cards for Super Bowl
ESPN anchor Dan Patrick announced that the Arizona Cardinals would top the NFL this season by virtue of the team's victory in a video football game. ESPN wants me to believe the Cards can make the Super Bowl?

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