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ASU East: Storm causes more than $1M in damage
An Aug. 22 storm at ASU East caused an estimated $1 million in damage to Williams Gateway Airport and $15,000 in various roof and landscaping damages along Sossaman Road at the campus. Airport officials reported wind speeds as high as 92 mph. Walter Fix, director of operations at the airport, said the winds were severe.

ASU East: New dean plans to work with Crow
ASU East divided the roles of dean and vice provost for academic affairs over the summer, and new Dean Glenn Irvin said he is ready to help guide the campus in the direction that University President Michael Crow has planned for it.

Some ASU departments may be moved
A report by a University design team that worked in secret for almost nine months suggests moving some ASU departments from the Main campus to satellite campuses and adding new degree programs.

ASU Vice Provost Kathy Church said the report was just the beginning of a five- to 10-year project, and the University would begin making plans after comments from students and faculty.

Napolitano names two new regents to ABOR
Governor Janet Napolitano appointed two new members to the Arizona Board of Regents on Tuesday. Lorraine Frank and Ernie Calderon will take office in January 2004, replacing Kay McKay and Don Ulrich, who have completed their eight-year terms.

Scientists test molecule's resistance
ASU researchers have developed a method of measuring the electrical resistance of a single molecule, a discovery that could lead to advances in the field of microelectronics. The development, announced in Friday's issue of "Science" magazine, comes at a time when current silicon-based electrical circuits have been pushed nearly to the physical limit.

College Avenue to be 'classic college street'
ASU is in the early stages of a possible deal with the city of Tempe to sell its aquatic complex on College Avenue to make room for a student housing and retail development project.

If the Mona Plummer Aquatic Center is sold to the city, ASU will look into building a new indoor complex for the swim team.

Book's liberal criticism of right funny, on the money
Franken is at his best when talking about conservative columnist Ann Coulter, ex-CBS correspondent Bernie Goldberg and the big shots at Fox News. Coulter gets a special bit of vitriol from Franken for her blatant lying and vicious name-calling.

Review: 'Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour'
Way before you thought you were Tiger Woods and Golden Tee was just a faint memory, Mario was teaching everyone about the game of golf. With the recently released Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, console golf games have become fun again.

Fox rebuffs Mel Gibson's controversial 'Passion'
Mel Gibson can't even get his pals at 20th Century Fox Studios to distribute his graphic and bloody movie about the last hours of Jesus Christ's life. Gibson's film company, Icon Productions, has been searching for a distributor to release The Passion, which Jewish leaders say is anti-Semitic for its portrayal of Jews during the time of Christ's Crucifixion.

Tori Amos and Ben Folds team for 'Lottapianos Tour'
Tori Amos and Ben Folds have joined forces on the "Lottapianos Tour," currently winding its way across the United States. Unlike the annual Billy Joel and Elton John "Face to Face" tour, Amos and Folds won't be performing together. It's really just an Amos tour with Folds opening, a fact that Folds readily admits.

Future light rail makes good 'cents' for ASU students
The Valley Metro light rail is coming to a street near you in 2006.  But why should you care?  Because it's a step in the right direction for a valley growing by almost one million people a decade and for a university that can't provide adequate parking for its rapidly growing student population.

A compromise for Californians
Power versus the environment: When an option like that is presented as mutually exclusive, you can bet people won't be thrilled. But Californians are on the brink of that very sort of either/or decision that may result in a 30 percent rise in electricity costs next month.

Editorial: A presidential promise left behind
A few months back, the first lady showed up on campus to endorse a wonderful program called Teach for America. But on Tuesday, her husband and Congress hacked $100 million from Americorps, the government volunteer organization of which Teach for America happens to be a big part.

Recording industry targets colleges
Incoming students beware: A scourge far mightier than chlamydia and alcohol poisoning is heading to a campus near you. Its fire-breathing ferocity has already left college administrators trembling and grateful for being spared, and they are now slaves to the beast that is the music industry.

Letters to the Editor
Students express their opinions on the Marswatch, student/faculty relations, and music classes for non-majors.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

Bill the Onion
A comic strip by Mike Murphy.

A comic strip by Joseph Bowen.

On the Web: The Smoking Gun aims for Ah-nold
Arnold Schwarzenegger is The Smoking Gun's latest target, since he is running for California governor. According to documents published on the site, a young and spry bodybuilding Ah-nold was getting a lot of tail long before he married Maria Shriver.

Cereality offers alternative fast-food option
The ASU community has been munching on sugar-coated cereal and slurping up milk like children at a brand-new cereal bar and café inside the Memorial Union.

Football: Lightfoot looking to break out
Sun Devil junior wideout Daryl Lightfoot's name may be the ideal thing to call an athlete who head coach Dirk Koetter describes as "an electric player."

Yet while ASU fans have recognized him for his quick feet, Lightfoot's time as a Sun Devil has seen him play with a heavy heart. After a tumultuous sophomore year filled with highs and lows, Lightfoot is aiming to make 2003 his time to shine.

Pac-10 Preview: USC still looking strong without Palmer
Despite losing the Pac-10's all-time leader in passing and total yards in Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer, the bar has still been set high for the USC Trojans in 2003. After finishing 2002 with just two losses, USC has been picked by the Pac-10 media to win the conference this year.

Hump Day Hoopla: Fearless NFL predictions
With the NFL opening up tomorrow, all of the prognosticators have made their picks and handed out the preseason hardware. What does it all mean? Absolutely nothing. The NFL is the most unpredictable, chaotic mess in all of professional sports. There is probably better luck chucking darts blindfolded at a group of NFL logos if someone wanted to pick the Super Bowl champ at the beginning of the season, so read with caution.

Devil Dish: Vlad the Impaler
Recent newsroom debate has focused on the best player in Major League Baseball with all of the usual suspects listed. Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols have all had their hats tossed in. Missing from this prestigious list is the TRUE dominant force, Vladimir Guerrero.

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