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Interim Catholic leader blesses campus
Choirs sang and people prayed as the interim leader of Phoenix's Catholic diocese, Archbishop Michael Sheehan, blessed the crowd at a Mass held in the Newman Center near campus Sunday.

Police bust Labor Day partiers
Tempe police issued written warnings to 30 residences for holding noisy parties over Labor Day weekend. A four-officer patrol responded to 72 loud party complaints on Friday and Saturday, though the department's party patrol did not issue any second response fines or notices.

40 years later: ASU's first carillon to ring again
Currently on campus, a 15-bell carillon plays the Westminster Chimes on each quarter hour. It also plays ASU's Alma Mater and fight song daily at 5 p.m. Its music travels across campus from speakers located on the roof of Mathews Hall. But it's only a loaner from carillon manufacturer Maas-Rowe Carillons until ASU's larger carillon returns home.

1,700 try to see Mars
An astronomy faculty member called ASU police when the unusually large crowd showed up for the event, said physics and astronomy graduate student Kevin Healy, one of the principle organizers of the Mars Watch event.

Interim dean takes reins of Carey school
Philip Regier is the interim dean of the W. P. Carey School of Business, but he doesn't want to just keep the seat warm for someone else.

Regier, appointed in July, was named to temporarily replace Dean Larry Penley, who led the business school for 12 years. Penley now serves as president of Colorado State University.

Fox rebuffs Mel Gibson's controversial 'Passion'
Mel Gibson can't even get his pals at 20th Century Fox Studios to distribute his graphic and bloody movie about the last hours of Jesus Christ's life. Gibson's film company, Icon Productions, has been searching for a distributor to release The Passion, which Jewish leaders say is anti-Semitic for its portrayal of Jews during the time of Christ's Crucifixion.

Tori Amos and Ben Folds team for 'Lottapianos Tour'
Tori Amos and Ben Folds have joined forces on the "Lottapianos Tour," currently winding its way across the United States. Unlike the annual Billy Joel and Elton John "Face to Face" tour, Amos and Folds won't be performing together. It's really just an Amos tour with Folds opening, a fact that Folds readily admits.

A cautionary adios to "Dos"
Moving Dos to Eighth Street eliminates day-drinking. Students will be forced to buy their midday booze at Kinder or the Chuck Box or some other near-campus location that lacks the chill atmosphere Dos provided.

Run, Clark, Run!
The upcoming presidential election is just over a year away. And as far as anyone can tell, no one cares. According to a poll released this weekend, less than one-third of Americans can name a single Democratic presidential candidate. There are nine of them.

Arizonans should look to history of gay marriage
Does this country pay attention to trends at all? Rarely. Because if any shred of attention were paid in American history classes, we would realize that gay marriage is bound to be legalized eventually in the United States.

Editorial: Wake the neighbors ...Tempe's a college town
Most ASU students may not know this, but a shadowy four-officer "party patrol" has begun patrolling the Tempe streets and issuing warnings to excessively loud house-partiers, essentially saying, "Cut out that racket, or the party's over."

Cereality offers alternative fast-food option
The ASU community has been munching on sugar-coated cereal and slurping up milk like children at a brand-new cereal bar and café inside the Memorial Union.

Wobbly play haunts volleyball team
Filled with high expectations, a deflated group of Sun Devils finished with a 1-2 record and ended up with more questions than answers. The new athletic play that coach Brad Saindon has implemented appeared to catch teams off-guard initially, but the inability to return the float serve and poor passing and blocking appeared to be some of ASU's evident faults.

Walter stands out in final football scrimmage
Even though the No. 20/21 ASU football team was one of the few ranked Division I programs missing in action this weekend, the coaching staff used the extra time to prepare the team for any curveballs a 12-game schedule might throw its way.

Soccer starts season red-hot in Hawaii
The 2003 season couldn't have started off any better for head soccer coach Ray Leone and company as the No. 14 Sun Devils enjoyed a weekend full of warm beaches and hearty blowouts.

Pac-10 Preview: Tough season may await Stanford
After an impressive 9-3 record in 2001, Stanford went just 2-9 last season with the team's only wins coming against San Jose State and UA. Most "experts" aren't expecting second-year coach Buddy Teevens to do any better in 2003 as the Cardinal have been picked to finish ninth in the Pac-10.

Devil Dish: Bring back the Hip Hop Coalition
As I watched the ASU volleyball team struggle through a loss to San Diego on Saturday night, I couldn't help but notice that something was missing. Timeouts and breaks between games were suddenly hip-hop-less and the team really seemed to be down about it.

Opinion: Early thoughts on Pac-10 football
As bad as the new Oregon uniforms appeared to be when the team unveiled them in the off-season, they looked at least 10 times worse on TV when the Ducks beat Mississippi State 42-34 on Saturday.

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