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Police Beat: The distinct odor of a drunken man
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a man arrested on DUI charges. The man reportedly emitted a distinct odor of intoxicating beverages when pulled over for failure to remain in one lane.

City to keep holiday parties quiet
If you're hanging out in Tempe for the long weekend, know that the Tempe party patrol will be listening.

The Tempe police party patrol will be especially active Friday and Saturday nights for the next three months, including this weekend.

Sorority to emphasize diversity
A new multicultural sorority plans to found an ASU chapter after recruitment this semester. Its founders say members will volunteer their time to spread multiculturalism throughout ASU.

Professor morale hinges on salaries
Salary, large class size and the ASU administration's emphasis on raising money through biosciences and engineering are affecting morale among some ASU faculty.

The few major raises that have occurred "were highly individualized rather than for all those who are meritorious."

ASU students petition for ban on tuition hikes
Three days after four UA students filed a lawsuit that seeks a refund of the latest tuition increase, some ASU students are jumping on the bandwagon. Carrie Mycek, a humanities graduate student, has started a petition to tell the Arizona Board of Regents that the tuition increase is unjust.

Opinion: Tempe's controlling of parties could protect patrons
ASU is a party school (in case you haven't heard this a million times already). People drink and they get crazy. It's what we do as college students, and we do it pretty well, I might add. Which is all cool. Partying is part of the lifestyle here on campus, and I can't say that I mind it. But the reality of it is that many people do. Including neighbors and police and the city of Tempe.

CD Review: Kings of Leon's 'Youth & Young Manhood'
Kings of Leon perfectly exhibit their individual personalities on their new LP, Youth & Young Manhood; long hair, tight jeans, leather jackets and vintage T-shirts. The four Followill brothers somehow found a way to funnel this attitude into their guitars and drum work, creating a unique sound that could blow The Strokes away, if it wasn't for the overproduction of the album.

Steve Burns leaves 'Blue's Clues' to rock'n'roll
The time is only 7:30 p.m., but Steve Burns is already taking off his Endothermal Anti-Particulate Space Frock. Former host of the children's edutainment show Blue's Clues, in which he assisted an animated blue puppy in solving each week's mystery through a series of clues, Burns recently traded in his trademark green striped rugby shirt and khakis for indie rock and a space frock.

Out-of-control parties can make for life long regrets
ASU has a party school reputation, which is understandable given the sheer number of students in close quarters. Surround them with beer and music, and the atmosphere becomes exciting, unpredictable. As with any lively scene, though, it can be difficult for authorities and hosts to regulate when things get out of hand.

ASU displays traditional crafts from war-experienced women
Cotton may be the fabric of our lives, but for women across the world it is, and has been, an inexpensive means of therapy. When political and social issues tear a country apart and war leaves lives in ruins, traditionally men are the first to stand proud and fight back, leaving the women in their lives to pick up the pieces. And they do. They pick them up, sew, glue, and weave them together in hopes of healing the pain, telling their story, or merely making enough money to survive.

CD Review: Neil Young's 'Greendale'
Old man take a look at my life I'm a lot like you. Yeah Neil Young, you and I have a lot in common. I too was in a band with three dudes named Dave, Steve and Graham until I decided to ditch them and write a couple of decent songs about the civil rights movement, and then got old and perform a couple of times with Eddie Vedder, but mostly got old and wrote a bunch of whiney boring songs.

Book Review: Arthur Edwards' 'Stuck Outside of Phoenix'
Yes, the Arthur Edwards (but you probably know him as Buddy) from the notorious Tempe-based band of the '90s, the Refreshments, is writing a novel. The musician-turned-author has penned his first work of fiction, Stuck Outside of Phoenix, featuring 21 year-old Hote, a bass player who wants to get the hell out of Arizona and rock the world.

CD Review: Rancid's 'Indestructible'
"And I know/I'm indestructible," the first lyrics from Rancid's sixth LP, Indestructible, quickly set the tone for the rest of the album. After a rough year in which lead singer Tim Armstrong's girlfriend Brody Armstrong (of The Distlliers) left him in the middle of the album, Armstrong wears this loss on his sleeve through songs of determination and solidarity.

'Magdalene Sisters' shines light on dark topic of rape
No words are exchanged in the first 10 minutes of Peter Mullan's (Trainspotting, Braveheart) The Magdalene Sisters, yet the quick camera shots and wailing drum song are powerful enough to immediately capture audiences. The film follows the lives of three "fallen" women who are condemned to a Catholic asylum to atone their "sins."

My Favorite Lounge 'electro' music attracts eclectic group
Electrolush showcases the music that is known as "electroclash" or simply "electro" music. Electro music can be instrumental, similar to some techno styles, but more minimalist and with a heavier dose of keyboards and repetition of beats. To use an analogy, think '80s New Wave music if they actually had computer technology instead of faux effects.

New Mill Avenue shops bring a small-town feel to the area
Street performers, a porn shop, bookstores, mom and pops, corporate companies, a post office, and enough booze in a mile radius to put any ASU student on their ass - all on the same street. This is Mill Avenue.

Don't I know you: Your information station
Whether you're a spanking new freshman recruit or a crotchety sixth year senior, chances are you have had a conversation with Diana Romberg. You've probably asked about wireless Internet access or what the difference is between LAN and ISP. But have you ever really stopped and asked who this fountain of knowledge is?

Homestar site hands out advice and brings laughs
Matt and Mike Chapman spend most of their week hanging out, playing Nintendo, and watching movies like Office Space, The Big Lebowski, and Bottle Rocket. But on Sundays, the brothers from Atlanta get down to business.

Karaoke title may join the list of 'too innovative'
Gamers like to complain that publishers are content to crank out sloppy sequels and boring movie-to-game conversions. Of course, when innovative games do come along, they rarely leave a blip on the gaming consciousness. When is the last time you heard anyone talking about Rez, a Sega title for the PlayStation 2?

Gamebits: You must click quickly to qualify for 'Madden'
The only sanctioned tournament is under way for Madden NFL 2004. Qualifying rounds for the EA Sports Madden Challenge are played around the country.

Review: 'Donkey Kong Country'
Everybody gets nostalgic, and it seems that nostalgia is the only thing the Game Boy Advance release of Donkey Kong Country is good for.

Boos & Bravos: A toast to daydrinking at Dos Gringos
The good and the bad of the past week's events, including a BRAVO for Labor Day. Instead of trying to use your fake in Tempe this weekend, head to Mexico and drink a Corona in honor of ol' Grove.

Frosh should bargain when abandoning dorm beds
Most freshmen have simple dreams of STD urban legends and broken elevators dancing in their heads as they settle into their new, cramped environments, but others will have to wait to realize this wonderland.

Stop the 'Sobig' insanity
Considering that I am the webmaster for the Web Devil, I figured I should be the one to address this issue of endless viruses in e-mails and how to stop them. QUIT OPENING THE STUPID ATTACHMENT!

Here's an investment tip for the ASU Foundation: Plan ahead
Two weeks ago, I wrote ASU a big fat check for $6,058. I joined many other non-resident, non-scholarship students in cutting a check that was $500 larger than any semester check I have had to write in the past.

A comic strip by Tony Carillo.

A comic strip by Joseph Bowen.

Bill the Onion
A comic strip by Mike Murphy.

Cereality offers alternative fast-food option
The ASU community has been munching on sugar-coated cereal and slurping up milk like children at a brand-new cereal bar and café inside the Memorial Union.

Pac-10 Preview: Cal's Tedford has tough task ahead
Jeff Tedford took over as head coach for the California football team in 2002 and inherited a program that was on probation and hadn't had a winning season in nine years. Tedford may find 2003 even tougher.

Tough teams await ASU volleyball at Sun Devil Classic
When a rookie coach takes over a program, he usually brings in a bunch of cupcakes for the opening set of matches to build a sense of confidence with fans and in the players. That won't be the case for Brad Saindon.

Soccer to open in Aloha State
The Sun Devils will open the 2003 season in Honolulu to take on Hawaii this Friday - the first of two matches that will be played over Labor Day weekend - with ASU opening with Bowling Green on Saturday evening.

Devil Dish: OSU's Clarett doesn't deserve suspension
Who cares if Ohio State's Maurice Clarett tweaked an insurance claim? I can't say I wouldn't do the same if my car were stolen. Suspending Clarett from multiple games for such a reason is absolutely ridiculous.

Football readies for last scrimmage
Tonight, ASU will get a crash course on its game-day routine as the coaching staff will put it through a simulated game at Sun Devil Stadium.

The scrimmage will not be full contact but instead what head coach Dirk Koetter calls a "thud tempo," with the purpose to practice game-like situations.

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