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Police Beat: Unhand that breast
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a man who reportedly attempted to gain access to a locked storage room. He also allegedly removed a soda and piece of chicken from a porch refrigerator.

Gas shortage sends drivers to buses
More people are riding Tempe's Valley Metro buses, officials say. They attribute this month's increase to ASU students traveling to school and commuters trying to escape the gas shortage.

Amanda Nelson said more people have been riding the bus since Aug. 17, but the city won't have exact figures regarding the increase until the end of the month.

Low funds leave scholarships in limbo
Low endowment funding means some ASU students who were promised scholarship checks this year are still empty-handed. ASU administrators, including Michael Crow, met Tuesday to discuss the lack of funds.

Poll: Professors not available to students
ASU faculty and students are divided over the results of "The Princeton Review" college student survey that placed ASU fifth on a list ranking how available professors are to students.

ASU East: East students feel crunch of parking fees
ASU President Michael Crow's office has directed the east campus to begin collecting parking fees this year for the first time, resulting in confusion and some skepticism. But the news isn't all bad for students.

Small leak gets big response
It was just some spilled coolant. But it was enough to bring a hazardous materials team and paramedics to ASU late Monday.

Students join Hare Krishna temple for annual celebration
About 100 ASU students helped celebrate the Phoenix Hare Krishna temple's seventh-annual Janmastmi holiday last week, a special event for Hindus around the world that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna.

Gamebits: You must click quickly to qualify for 'Madden'
The only sanctioned tournament is under way for Madden NFL 2004. Qualifying rounds for the EA Sports Madden Challenge are played around the country.

Karaoke title may join the list of 'too innovative'
Gamers like to complain that publishers are content to crank out sloppy sequels and boring movie-to-game conversions. Of course, when innovative games do come along, they rarely leave a blip on the gaming consciousness. When is the last time you heard anyone talking about Rez, a Sega title for the PlayStation 2?

Review: 'Donkey Kong Country'
Everybody gets nostalgic, and it seems that nostalgia is the only thing the Game Boy Advance release of Donkey Kong Country is good for.

A new perspective from Radiohead's Thom Yorke
If there's one thing Radiohead has proven indisputably in its decade-long career, it's that the British quintet loves a challenge. Two summers ago, it helped break in Hutchinson Field in Grant Park as a major concert venue for Chicago with an incandescent performance. The band and its state-of-the-art sound system and light show were a perfect complement for the city's spectacular skyline and Buckingham Fountain on a sultry August night, and the show was deemed an unqualified success by fans, critics, promoters and City Hall.

Toby Keith, Dixie Chicks feud good for country music
In one corner stands Toby Keith: the all-man, loud-mouth king of macho country-western. In the other stand the Dixie Chicks: the feminist, liberal, tattooed trio of bad-girl princesses in a genre that loves tough women but not left-wing politics.

Editorial: 'Scarce' professors easy to find in your syllabus
"The Princeton Review" reported last week that ASU ranks fifth on the list of universities' professor scarcity, or how accessible teachers are outside of class. But we wonder how much validity a ranking like that really has.

Bush's road map for peace goes up in flames
The remains of President Bush's road map for peace in the Middle East were scraped up along with the remains of a Jerusalem bus and 21 Israeli citizens who were killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber.

A mayoral welcome
It hardly seems possible that 29 years have passed since I arrived in Tempe from Bloomfield, N.J., a wide-eyed and somewhat nave 17-year-old freshman entering ASU. And yet, here we are in 2003.

Holes in the CPS safety net no longer acceptable
Recently, I was reminded of an old episode of "The Simpsons," where Child Protective Services takes away Bart, Lisa and Maggie. While it was a hilarious episode, the real-life parallel wouldn't be nearly as funny.

Hump Day Hoopla: Never too early for Heisman talk
This year's Heisman contenders are slowly coming into focus. KSU running back Darren Sproles put 175 yards on the board. However, Sproles is near the bottom of the short list of players to watch.

Volleyball: Saindon brings global knowledge of game
There's a new sheriff in town for ASU volleyball, and he's bringing along a new outlook to the game. Head coach Brad Saindon has big shoes to fill following Patti Snyder-Park, head coach for 14 years.

Pac-10 Preview: Oregon trying to put poor '02 in past
The only thing that may be worse than the end of last season for the Oregon football team is their new neon-yellow uniforms. Despite high hopes and a billboard ad, the team won only one game after a 6-0 start.

Football: Defense confident despite shaky past season
When fans think of ASU football during the era of head coach Dirk Koetter, defense probably isn't the thing that pops into people's minds. However, Koetter and the rest of his staff hope that will change.

Devil Dish: Cardinal rules and regulations
I would like to welcome all of the new students to ASU who are not from the Phoenix area. There are a few rules to keep in mind if you plan to root for the Arizona Cardinals this football season.

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