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Grad students offer view of Red Planet
Students won't see this again for 280 years: a close-up view of Mars, due to the planet's rare proximity to Earth this year. ASU students can view it from telescopes on the Physical Sciences H-wing observation deck.

Dos Gringos may move from University Drive
Dos Gringos Trailer Park restaurant and bar may be moving from its spot on University Drive, according to a manager with the popular Tempe watering hole. ASU students have frequented the bar since it opened.

UA students sue ABOR over tuition
Four UA students filed a lawsuit Monday against the Arizona Board of Regents and the State of Arizona, claiming the newest tuition increase violates the state's constitution.

In the suit, John Kromko, Rachel Wilson, Adrian Duran and Sam Brown claim to have been forced to take out loans to stay in school after the tuition increase.

Tuition used to pay insurance hike
ASU administrators say they're using tuition money to pay for a rate increase on employee health insurance because the state isn't providing the extra funds.

CIGNA Healthcare of Arizona Inc., the health care provider for all state agencies, including ASU, raised its rates by 13 percent due to rising medical costs.

Police Beat: Woman beats up on live-in boyfriend
The incidents reported by Tempe police, including a 30-year-old woman was arrested on charges of domestic violence assault. The woman reportedly punched, slapped and kicked her live-in boyfriend.

Janitors discover chemical leak
A chemical leak in the Cancer Research Building last night spooked three ASU janitors who discovered it while cleaning a second-floor lab.

A new perspective from Radiohead's Thom Yorke
If there's one thing Radiohead has proven indisputably in its decade-long career, it's that the British quintet loves a challenge. Two summers ago, it helped break in Hutchinson Field in Grant Park as a major concert venue for Chicago with an incandescent performance. The band and its state-of-the-art sound system and light show were a perfect complement for the city's spectacular skyline and Buckingham Fountain on a sultry August night, and the show was deemed an unqualified success by fans, critics, promoters and City Hall.

'Playmakers,' premiering tonight on ESPN
Incredibly stark and uncompromising, ESPN's first scripted sports series mangles the hand that feeds it "Sunday Night Football." This is so even though it's completely unauthorized and unendorsed by the NFL. "Playmakers" depicts a fictional pro tram - the Cougars - from an unspecified league and city. But its physically and mentally scarred athletes resonate with a seeming realism that might leave some fans limp and some NFL owners openly angry.

Thousands of would-be 'Idols' sent packing after tryout
NEW YORK - Camp Idol became Heartbreak Hotel for thousands of wanna-be Kelly Clarksons faster than they could blow a high note Monday.

Review: 'Donkey Kong Country'
Everybody gets nostalgic, and it seems that nostalgia is the only thing the Game Boy Advance release of Donkey Kong Country is good for.

Gamers compete to represent U.S. at World Cyber Games
About two dozen mostly twenty-something men sat in a tent at the Irvine Spectrum mesmerized by a man playing computer games. All eyes were on the 19-inch monitor of a man called Fatal1ty, a celebrity who inspires them to ask for autographs. Fatal1ty, aka Johnathan Wendel, arguably the best-known professional computer gamer in the United States, joined 200 finalists in Irvine on Tuesday and Wednesday for a chance to represent the United States this fall at the World Cyber Games in Seoul, Korea.

'Liquid' assets: like father, like son with surfing films
Dana Brown's new surfing documentary Step Into Liquid may be many things - "insanely gorgeous," "visually spectacular" and "exhilarating," if you believe the critics - but the one thing it is not, its director insists, is The Endless Summer 3.

Toby Keith, Dixie Chicks feud good for country music
In one corner stands Toby Keith: the all-man, loud-mouth king of macho country-western. In the other stand the Dixie Chicks: the feminist, liberal, tattooed trio of bad-girl princesses in a genre that loves tough women but not left-wing politics.

Review: 'NCAA Football 2004'
I love college football. During the school year, it's the only reason to shake off the effects of a wicked hangover on a Saturday morning. Combine this love with an admiration for video games and you'll see why the release of NCAA 2004 by EA Sports got me geared up a few months early.

A farewell to 'Clown Town'
Everyone loves to hate on Mill Avenue. So I thought I'd be a cool kid and bash Mill. I wanted to erect a big top over it so people could see how much of a circus it really is. But I forgot - people love the circus.

Bus riders get the runaround
Valley Metro says the valley has 50 million boardings every year and a fleet of new buses. But we don't receive the service we pay for with sales taxes, lottery revenue and, of course, bus fares.

Reclaiming ASU's past smarter partier glory
ASU's fall in party-hard status is even more shocking than the amazing Chandler Little League team losing to a bunch of scrubs from Florida. After all, Florida can't even get its election system right.

Editorial: A toast, Dos Gringos-style, to UA
In the face of the $1000 jump in Arizona universities' tuition, four students at the UA have filed suit with the Board of Regents. We hope that their lawsuit succeeds, or shows the impact of the tuition increase.

Opinion: For once, Bonds will get my applause
Barry Bonds is easy to hate. There have been stories about how he won't sign autographs, or you have to fork over money to a man making $15 million a year. But for just one game, Barry Bonds won't suck.

Football Notebook: Caldwell suffers freak injury at Camp T
When the ASU football team concluded Camp Tontozona in Payson, Dirk Koetter said he was pleased that the team suffered no major injuries. He didn't say anything about the team being injury free, however.

Swimming and diving returns potent team
When you win a national championship in your first year of collegiate competition like ASU's Joona Puhakka did in the 1-meter springboard, you need to be a little greedy the next time around.

Pac-10 Preview: WSU hoping to replace Gesser, Trufant
It's easy to look at the Washington State University football team and assume the worst for 2003. New head coach Bill Doba says his team is feeling confident that they will compete again for the conference title.

Football: Sun Devil offense expects huge season
If the ASU football team's offense puts up big numbers this season, most people won't be surprised. The Sun Devil's have averaged 33 points per game in head coach Dirk Koetter's first two seasons.

Devil Dish: Plummer famous enough for fantasy football
I participated in The State Press fantasy football draft over the weekend. I don't follow football anymore, so I didn't know what I was doing and drafted players whose names I heard in the news recently.

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