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E-worm attacks ASU computers
In the past couple of weeks, ASU found a worm in its Apples. And its PCs, too.

A virus known as SOBIG.F has infected computers all over the country, flooding Web sites and clogging up the Internet.

Former ASU baseball player arrested in bank robberies
Craig Pritchert played baseball for ASU in the early 1980s. Police arrested Pritchert Tuesday in Cape Town, South Africa, in connection with a series of bank robberies in the western United States.

Students remember ASU math patriarch
Those who spoke about Joaquin Bustoz said he was more than a teacher. An overflow crowd gathered to remember the professor at a memorial service Thursday.

Bustoz died Aug. 13 of complications from injuries sustained in a car accident as he returned from dropping his grandson off at summer camp July 6.

Police Beat: Man rolls his own as police arrive
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a man arrested on the charge of posession of marijuana after also reportedly rolling a joint with Swisher Sheets rolling paper as the police arrived.

ASASU officers try to live up to campaign promises
After just two months in office, Brandon Goad and Kevin Bondelli look like they could use some rest. Both say they worked hard through the summer, preparing to make good on campaign promises.

Students cope with gas shortage
Gas stations were packed with frustrated motorists last week when news of a broken gas supply line caused Valley residents to flock to the pumps. Most of the frenzy has subsided, but gas delivery is still slowed.

Biz school uses $50M gift to build Chairs, not space
Interim Dean Philip Regier of the W.P. Carey School of Business submitted a plan last week to Michael Crow and Milton Glick outlining a strategy to use a $50-million gift toward "people and programs."

Health center warns students to be cautious about germs
Health is probably not the first thing on students' minds as the school year begins, but ASU health experts said students should be more concerned. Residence hall students may face additional health issues.

'Liquid' assets: like father, like son with surfing films
Dana Brown's new surfing documentary Step Into Liquid may be many things - "insanely gorgeous," "visually spectacular" and "exhilarating," if you believe the critics - but the one thing it is not, its director insists, is The Endless Summer 3.

Toby Keith, Dixie Chicks feud good for country music
In one corner stands Toby Keith: the all-man, loud-mouth king of macho country-western. In the other stand the Dixie Chicks: the feminist, liberal, tattooed trio of bad-girl princesses in a genre that loves tough women but not left-wing politics.

TV Roundup: Bob Newhart to appear on 'ER'
Yet another new face on NBC's "ER": Comedy great Bob Newhart will do a three-episode arc as a patient losing his sight. He debuts Oct. 30.

Review: Game Boy Player
The problem with GBA was that the screen was way too dark to even see some of the better games like the Castlevania series or Metroid Fusion. GBA SP helped some, but these games need to be played on the big screen. I'm talking on the television. Enter the Game Boy Player.

Editorial: 'State Press' is the Fourth Estate at Arizona State
Welcome or welcome back to The State Press. You'll see us in the newsstands in the morning. That means if you have to roll out of bed for a 7:40 a.m. class, we'll be there for you.

Reese's and Op-Ed Pieces: A Note from the Opinion Editor
And so begins another semester with The State Press opinion page, where many of you turn after you've checked for the Subway coupons. I'm Katie Petersen, your fearless opinion editor.

Finally, a diet Slurpee
After nearly two decades of research, scientists have finally broken the slush barrier. They have figured out how to make a Slurpee out of diet soda.

New $20 bills making crime pay a bit less
In a nation obsessed with makeovers, it was only a matter of time - nearly two centuries - before the Treasury Department took on Andrew Jackson.

'Web Devil' features new design
We dumped our cookie-cutter look to go with something with a little more functionality and style that is not seen on most college newspaper Web sites hosted by CollegePublisher.

Volleyball team expects to surprise its opponents
For the past 14 years, the Sun Devil volleyball team was under the watchful eye of head coach Patti Snyder-Park. After her retirement to spend more time with her family, the burden rests with Brad Saindon.

Top basketball recruit picks Mizzou over ASU
The ASU men's basketball team its first potential recruit of the summer when Jason Horton orally committed to Missouri. Horton was pegged by many recruiting services as one of the top point guards in the country.

Keller named backup QB
One of the key questions that the ASU football team needed answered during its eight-day stay at Camp Tontozona last week was determining which player would back up star junior quarterback Andrew Walter.

Running game, defense shine
CAMP TONTOZONA - Stifling defense and a solid running game are not characteristics that the ASU football team has been known for, but fans attending the team's annual scrimmage in Camp Tontozona on Saturday witnessed just that.

Pac-10 Preview: Huskies looking past coaching turmoil
An off-season fiasco involving the controversial dismissal of Rick Neuheisel as head coach of the Washington football program has left a torrent of unanswered questions surrounding the team.

Camp T was refreshing, but players happy to leave
It's the middle of August and you're stuck in the Valley hot and sweaty without any gas. Who wouldn't mind nine days in the Ponderosas of northern Arizona? The players were the first to say it was time to go.

Devil Dish: Kobe won't help Lakers' cause this season
The Devil Dish is a chance for writers at The State Press to voice their opinions on any issue regarding sports or anything. So on that note, I'll quickly fill you in on my bold predictions for the upcoming year.

Cross country hoping for further improvement
Success for the ASU men's and women's cross country teams used to be finishing near the middle of the pack at the Pac-10 Championships, but once Walt Drenth took over the program, expectations slowly changed.

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