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Plus/Minus grading system approved
President Michael Crow, "after lengthy discussions and careful review," approved on July 17 a new grading system that will incorporate A-plus (4.33), A-minus (3.67), B-plus (3.33), B-minus (2.67) and C-plus (2.33) into the current grade scale. The addition of an A-plus is a modification to the Senate's suggested grading model, which allowed for plus/minus grades from grades A to C-plus.

Company posers steal identities through e-mail
Internet scam artists and identity thieves are casting their lures, "phishing" to cause you trouble.

"Phishers" also known as "carders," send out elaborate e-mails with corporate logos and links to a Web site pretending to be big companies like eBay, America Online or Wells Fargo. The "spoofed" e-mails encourage consumers to give up information by telling them they need to update personal information.

Police Beat: Don't offer the cop that kind of job
A 25-year-old Phoenix woman was arrested near the 900 block of East Eighth Street. She allegedly offered to perform oral sex on an undercover police officer for $20.

And more...

Tempe regains its artistic atmosphere
Final Friday has been a tradition for Wet Paint Art Supply for about two years, but last Friday launched the first Final Friday Artwalk. Six galleries and cafés displayed the works of local artists for patrons to admire or critique. Visitors could slip in and out of each store admiring pottery, computer generated art and photography while sipping on free wine or munching on crackers and brie.

'Spy Kids 3D: Game Over' lacks suspense, drama
Although the first two Spy Kids movies were major blockbuster successes, the third and final chapter to the Spy Kids trilogy, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over falls way short of the first two and is entertaining, at best.

'Seabiscuit' needs a lesson in fiction
Seabiscuit, the new film based on Laura Hillenbrand's 2001 bestseller, has not mastered this first rule of fiction. Maybe it is because the movie is based on a non-fiction account and not a novel that the characters seem so thin and perfunctory. Or maybe it is the scholarly voice-over narration by the historian David McCullough, which makes Seabiscuit often seem less like a movie and more like the PBS documentary that already covered this same material. Whatever the case, the filmmakers insist on telling us, in simple black and white, everything we should think and feel about the story and characters, while deliberately excluding any interesting gray areas.

CD Review: Eve 6's lyrics, humor not just 'in your head'
Eve 6 has done it again. They've produced a hard-hitting and polished album, It's All in Your Head, just released this month. This album has a sound that is more edgy and raw than the previous CD.

CD Review: Jane's Addiction strays from path to greatness
While there might not be much rust accrued on the band's equipment, absent from this decent rock CD are steel drums, long art-rock pieces and barking dogs. It simply won't captivate the masses or the fans like Jane's Addiction's previous, far more experimental discs did.

Cable, networks blur the line
A lot of fuss has been made here, there and everywhere about the best and the worst of reality TV and so-called "talent" shows in the same vein.

Editorial: Crow's good intentions cross democracy's line
One year from now, new things will show up on our grade sheets. Small +'s and -'s will attach themselves to our letters, A, B and C. And how did this happen?

ASU Bookworms
Amid the papers, examinations, and lesson plans, educators in offices throughout ASU have been finding time to put their knowledge to a test of their own: sitting down and putting their thoughts into words. More than 20 books written by ASU faculty have been slated to hit bookstores between 2002 and 2003. The State Press recently had a chance to talk with a few of their authors.

On the Web: Mullets and more
Searching the Internet for more than an hour, it becomes clear that lots of people are wasting a lot of time. But what a boring world it would be without it. Which is why the folks at pop culture and mullet sites rock.

'Web Devil' features new design
We dumped our cookie-cutter look to go with something with a little more functionality and style that is not seen on most college newspaper Web sites hosted by CollegePublisher.

Devil Dish: Preseason rankings
Chances are that ASU will be picked to finish at the top of the Pac-10 and that the team may even be ranked in the preseason top-25. But I grimace anytime I hear about preseason football rankings involving ASU.

Diogu makes Team USA
For six days, ASU forward Ike Diogu competed in Orlando against some of the top players in the United States for a chance to represent his country as a part of Team USA Basketball.

Come August, he'll be able to show the world that he is one of the top players in all of college hoops.

Volleyball: Saindon settling in just fine
Not too many people pass on a chance to be at the Olympics, but that's exactly what new ASU volleyball coach Brad Saindon did to return to his alma mater.

After six years of coaching for both the U.S. and Australian national teams, Saindon was named the new head coach of the ASU women's volleyball team following the 2002 season. Saindon takes over the reins previously held by long-time head coach Patti Snyder-Park, who left in 2002 after 14 seasons.

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