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Tempe plans to expand downtown
Recent expansion along Mill Avenue has completely transformed downtown Tempe from what it was just 10 years ago. But city officials are still looking for more.

Both Tempe and ASU officials are now looking to redevelop College Avenue north of campus both residentially and commercially to further develop downtown Tempe.

Fraternity relocation forces Tempeans to leave their homes
The lease for Josh Kristopherson's apartment ends in December, but his home will be bulldozed in October.

The recent bachelor of interdisciplinary studies graduate had no clue last week that the University plans to build a new residence hall on the land near Sunset Drive and Apache Boulevard - the area where his apartment complex is currently located.

ASU campus police consolidate into one force
Officials in the ASU police department said they hope the consolidation of forces from ASU Main, East and West will provide students and members of the University with more efficient service.

Police Beat: Aggravated assault investigation
Tempe police are investigating an aggravated assault incident involving a 26-year-old woman who was shot at seven times on Sunday, July 6, near Arizona Mills Mall, U.S. 60 freeway between Priest Drive and Mill Avenue.

Obstacle Course: Construction updates and closures
Since there are less people on campus during the summer, construction projects constantly spring up within the Universities boundaries. For our visitors, students, staff and faculty, this can make it difficult to maneuver around the grounds. The following is a list of projects that are currently underway.

Cool off in unfamiliar places
Tell Jamba Juice and Cold Stone to take a hike. While looking to cool down from the sticky monsoon heat, get away from the familiar and try different cold treats from these sweet places around campus.

Book Review: 'Moneyball' redefines baseball strategy
In the book Moneyball, author Michael Lewis examines how the A's, one of the poorest teams in baseball, have been able to field one of the strongest teams in the Major Leagues. For a period of over a year and a half, Lewis chronicles general manager Billy Beane and his Oakland A's as they attempt to win the pennant.

'How to Deal' injects overdose of teen problems
Life happens sometimes. It can be tough. We have to make choices. Sometimes life gets turned upside down, so you deal and move on. Most people will be able to relate to this film, although it is obvious that the desired audience is teens. This film speaks their language.

'Johnny English:' Mediocrity at its best
The new movie Johnny English stars the British comedian Rowan Atkinson, he of "Mr. Bean" and "Black Adder" fame. Those shows appeared on the BBC and if you're not taken with BBC comedies or with British humor to begin with, then you probably won't find much to like about Johnny English.

Concert Review: Summer heat can't stop Warped Tour fans
The annual Warped Tour came to Phoenix Tuesday, a day of record high temperatures in parts of the Valley. This, however, was not enough to stop the thousands of punk and alternative rock fans from swarming the Peoria Sports Complex to enjoy a wide variety of bands.

CD Review: Rx Bandits draw new listeners, disappoint fans
The Resignation is the perfect album for independent rock fans that have not formerly appreciated reggae and ska sounds. It is easily the most raucous and angry Rx Bandits album, and is not boggled down in the endless ticking of offbeat guitar strokes.

'Restaurant' tries to serve up gourmet reality TV
We sat through the many incarnations of "Survivor" and we didn't really know about "Boarding House: Northshore," but tolerated it in the hope that the reality fad would end. But now we know Mark Burnett is out to get us.

Review: 'Wario Ware Inc: Mega Microgame$'
Wario Ware features well over 200 different games that only last no more than five seconds to play (see top). They range from stopping Wario from spinning on a turntable to catching a stick when dropped. Seems simple enough. No real strategy required. That's how they suck you in.

'Pirates' hits one out of the theme park
If memory serves, "Pirates of the Caribbean" is one of those rides people go on when lines at more popular rides are too long. But Pirates, the movie, gets the last laugh on its theme park brethren. It is a fast-moving, wickedly funny and vividly mounted distraction that brings to mind adventure romps like The Mummy, The Princess Bride and Disney's The Mask of Zorro, with Antonio Banderas, a midsummer tonic in 1998.

Where have all the Love Bugs gone?
College students, hippies and Mexican cabbies have something in common. Not that they haven't always shared certain similarities: long hair, low wages and the overwhelming urge to dodge "the Man".

But now they share a common grief in the passing of the Love Bug as the Volkswagon Beetle was officially retired recently. Sure, VW has the "New Beetle" to push on the world but the car looks sleek, sexy and air-conditioned. All are qualities that the original Love Bug didn't have and is part of the reason people loved the cars.

Gay marriages deserve national equality
An Arizona law banning gay marriage is unconstitutional. At least that's what Harold Standhardt and Tod Keltner are claiming in a lawsuit filed on the heels of a Supreme Court decision that struck down Texas' archaic sodomy law. The two men are suing both the state and the Maricopa County Superior Court clerk for turning down their application for a marriage license.

Editorial: South campus makeover comes as a relief
The area just south of campus near the Adelphi Commons and other fraternity housing is what we here at The State Press call "shady."

For those of you who don't know the term, it refers to areas or people who make others feel uncomfortable and unsafe. "Shady" would be used to describe something you would see out of a detective movie: a guy with shifty eyes, a dark night, a building with broken windows and police sirens in the background.

Athletics vs. Academics
To say student-athletes at ASU receive academic special treatment is probably far fetched. But trying to balance out being a full-time student and high-profile athlete definitely makes the life of a student-athlete different than the rest of ASU's student body.

On the Web: Potent bratwursts
In honor, or maybe dishonor, of Randall Simon's attack of a woman dressed as a sausage, this week's "On the Web" will disseminate the strength of America's sausages, and the bravery of its bratwursts.

'Web Devil' features new design
We dumped our cookie-cutter look to go with something with a little more functionality and style that is not seen on most college newspaper Web sites hosted by CollegePublisher.

Devil Dish: Ben Curtis' dumb luck
Dude, you just won the Claret Jug. That would be Ben Curtis, the 26-year-old golfer from Ohio, not Steve, the Dell spokesman who shares the same name. Curtis shot a 2-under-par 69 on Sunday to win the British Open in Sandwich, England.

Angounou has second surgery
Serge AngounouHalfway through his summer, ASU basketball forward Serge Angounou wanted to be banging under the boards and fighting for loose balls. However, last Tuesday, he was under the knife instead.

An engaging moment for Brun
When former ASU softball player Kara Brun made her return to Farrington Stadium two weeks ago, she expected an emotional night. She just didn't bank that her life would be changed forever.

Brun had already been having an eventful summer traveling around the country since the beginning of June and playing exhibition games as part of the National Pro Fastpitch All-Stars. Surprisingly, the most eventful date on the tour came when she returned home to Tempe on July 10.

Opinion: Kobe's case missing excitement
The State Press comes out just once a week during the summer, so every point that I might have made about Kobe Bryant and the sexual assault charges filed against him have already been said.

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