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Apocalyptic media lacks morality
The modern day soothsayers-Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins-have already cashed in on the perpetual interest in Armageddon with their best-selling books dubbed "The Left Behind Series." These books are long-winded and mediocre at best, filling 10 400-page books with what The Bible managed to cover in 10 pages. With flat characters and unbelievable melodrama, it is obvious that these books were churned out with rabbit speed to separate as many people from their money as possible.

Bishop leaves diocese in ruins
That the now former Bishop Thomas O'Brien ran from the scene of an accident and left Jim Reed lying on Glendale Avenue should come as no surprise. As an institution, the Catholic Church has been running from its own internal problems for years-anything to avoid admitting guilt or taking responsibility. O'Brien's latest apparent lapse in judgment only exemplifies that policy.

Editorial: America needs to look forward, not backward
There is nothing attractive about slavery. A group of people owning another group of people is nothing to be proud of or to consider civilized. The white people of this country for a long time held people with darker skin in chains, and abused them as if they weren't people at all.

This is not part of our country's history that any U.S. citizen should take pride in. What we must remember though, is that it was corrected. Slavery was abolished and people were set free, as they were intended to be.

A Safe Haven
Katie Connor faces her past every day. She works at the Tumbleweed Tempe Youth Resource Center as a full-time youth care worker.

She takes care of homeless people between the ages of 10 and 21 who stop in the center for some food, a place to rest or a free telephone. Some of the youth lack basic living skills, but Connor, 23, who was homeless until about eight months ago, understands.

'Rat Powered' ASU film festival shows unique movies in Calif.
What I encountered at the Seventh Annual ASU Art Museum Short Film and Video Festival was an amazing group of artistic videos, a few close-knit creative geniuses, and one kick-ass idea for a film festival.

Book Review: Drugs, porn looked at in 'Reefer Madness'
Eric Schlosser's Reefer Madness takes a deep plunge into the three largest divisions of America's underground economy: marijuana, illegal labor employment, and the vast pornography industry.

Reality TV Roundup: Kooks learn surfing lingo
The surfer lingo we got to learn in the latest episode of "Boarding House: Northshore" was pretty valuable in case we should ever, for example, break down on Waikiki Beach and need to catch a wave.

On the Web: Tempe on Mars?
Cool music, awesome special effects and cool graphics. And I had just arrived at the intro. Who would have thought that a web site for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration could be so cool?

M Hoops: Smith ready for draft
Thursday's NBA Draft could go down as one of the most significant in history. No one has ever had as much hype as projected top pick LeBron James, plus international players could make up nearly half of the draft - a potential sign of the direction the NBA is heading.

Also in the mix is former ASU forward Tommy Smith. Smith hasn't gotten nearly the notoriety of others, but if selected, Smith will be the first Sun Devil since Eddie House in 2000 to be drafted.

Young track team matures
The ASU track team wasn't at its best during the NCAA Championships last weekend as the women finished in 29th while the men didn't even place.

Head coach Greg Kraft wanted to see his team perform better, but he still felt positive about gaining experience at the national level.

Opinion: Who cares about stats? Just look at the jerseys
Intimidation is the new craze in the sporting world. The psychological warfare has expanded into the apparel side of athletics. Take a look at the growing trend in every sport from adult leagues to the pros.

Our own ASU football team has a new, sleek appearance for next fall, including "saber" stripes that go down the side of the jerseys and onto the pants. The word "saber" alone is intimidating and the new gear backs up the phrase.

Mall Rants: Can LeBron hang?
Everyone in the NBA knows exactly what the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to do with their first pick of Thursday's draft, right?

Any argument that the sorry excuse for a professional basketball franchise might overlook LeBron James and select Syracuse's Carmelo Anthony has been put to rest after James' impressive workout with the team last week.

Sports Roundup: ASU hires Orr as new athletic trainer
Edward Orr was hired last week by the ASU athletic department to become the new head athletic trainer for the upcoming sports season. Orr comes to ASU from Bowling Green State University where he served as head athletic trainer last year.

Legislature approves $400M for universities
ASU President Michael Crow said a "big-time" bill approved Thursday by the state Legislature will allow ASU to launch "focused and fast-tracked efforts" to complete research and bio-design facilities by 2006.

The University, in conjunction with NAU, UA and the Arizona Board of Regents, has been fighting since September to convince the budget-strapped Legislature to invest $440 million in research infrastructure facilities.

ASU builds residence halls, renovates MU
As part of ASU's $.5 billion Capital Development Plan (CDP), Adaptive CM Contracting developers are constructing McAllister Academic Village in an attempt to expand residential living availability for freshman enrollment next year that is expected to be more than 6,500 students and may even surpass 6,900. According to ASU President Michael Crow, overall enrollment jumped 4,000 students this year.

Business college finds proxy for Dean Penley
The W. P. Carey School of Business ushered in the post-Larry Penley era last week, selecting Phil Regier as interim dean.

Regier, currently the W. P. Carey School's associate dean for undergraduate programs, will serve a one-year term beginning July 1. He will replace former Dean Larry Penley, who left last month to become the president of Colorado State University.

Police Beat: Attacking a cop with a chain is not good
A 39-year-old Tempe man was arrested on the 1800 block of East Apache Road for allegedly trying to strike an officer with a metal chain. The man reportedly fled from the officer while the officer was attempting to investigate a possible assault. After the man was detained, police reportedly found bags of methamphetamine in his pockets.

And more...

Obstacle Course: Current construction on campus
The following is a list of projects that are currently underway around campus. More information and projects can be found at

Review: Comic book hero is more than just muscle
Every once in a while, a movie will come along that changes the way the public watches film. Prior generations had Citizen Kane, others had The Godfather.

The Hulk is not one of these movies.

'Alex and Emma' lack chemistry
Alex & Emma - sounds a little like When Harry Met Sally, right? Well, maybe not, but they both had Rob Reiner behind them and that brought me hope. When Harry Met Sally is one of the only movies I can watch and laugh and cry every time.

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