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Party poopers destroy college-town feel
Tempe is not a college town, even though it has a bigger university. The campus is condensed into a square mile, and many students commute long distances to get there every day. Now, to make things worse, the townies are waging war.

The homeowners (whom I will disparagingly refer to as "the party poopers") constitute a small majority. While many of them enjoy things like football games at Sun Devil Stadium, many still refuse to acknowledge that college students have a place in their neighborhoods.

World should resist censorship at all cost
Egypt has given the world many wonderful things, such as the pyramids, a nose-less sphinx and delicious Egyptian cream pie. Wait - that's Boston.

But now the Egyptian Director of Artistic Censorship, Madkur Thabet, doesn't want what the world has to give his people. You read right, he is paid to censor his country from art that he finds inappropriate.

Harvard raises unnecessary funds
Two hundred and twenty-two thousand, two hundred and twenty-two dollars and twenty-two cents. This is a lot of money.

This is also the average amount of money per student that Harvard Law School hopes to raise in what has become the largest fundraiser for any law school in history. To be more specific, the school's goal is $400 million. They have already reached $170.1 million.

Dangerous liaisons
Compared to just a decade ago, gay and bisexual men are less concerned about becoming infected with HIV because medications are so effective in fighting the virus, noted Dr. Kimberley Fox in the American Journal of Public Health. High-risk behaviors, especially anal sex without a condom, are becoming increasing popular among many men who have sex with men. Fox further reported that gay men are having more anal sex and more unprotected sex with more partners than ever before. This is true even for some men who have tested positive for HIV.

Opinion: Lee drives a frivolous 'Spike' into Viacom
I keep missing a good reason as to why Spike Lee has decided to attack the Viacom company, which owns Spike TV, formerly known as TNN. Lee said he was afraid he would be associated with the network.

Reality TV Roundup: Guarini, 'fro make a comeback
The idiots behind Reality TV (a couple of aliens wearing Mark Burnett masks and one very talented, Monkeypox-free monkey named Chip) have forced this review to touch on more than Justin Guarini's mini-twin.

On the Web: Mothra Stewart
Writing the epic novel "Mothra Stewart and the 50 Foot Emeril Lagasse Turn Tokyo into a Delightful Retreat" seemed like a great idea. Turns out, Mothra Stewart's already spreading her perfection around the web.

Spurs rally buries Nets, clinches title
With less than nine minutes to play, the Nets owned a nine-point lead Sunday night. Less than nine minutes stood between them and a Game 7, less than nine minutes until they could play for history - and the first championship of their 27 seasons in the NBA.

Then it all disappeared under a 19-0 Spurs' fourth-quarter blitz. The lead. The game. Their championship hopes.

Track leaves empty-handed
ASU sent 11 of its track athletes to the NCAA Championships last week in Sacramento, Calif., but none were able to come back to Tempe with a national title.

Distance runner Lisa Aguilera was probably ASU's best hope for a national champion, but she could only muster up a fifth-place finish in the 3,000 meter steeplechase.

ASU baseball has record-setting year
A week after bowing out of the NCAA playoffs to Cal State Fullerton, the bittersweet loss of a College World Series berth became sourer after the Titans won their first two CWS games.

Still, the ASU baseball team (54-14) has nothing to hang its head over after a year of great accomplishments.

Golf: Reavie's play shaky at first U.S. Open
Senior golfer Chez Reavie still has one more year left at ASU before he can turn pro, but a chance to play in this past weekend's U.S. Open gave him a taste of what to expect in the future.

Rounds of 75 and 78 at Olympia Fields outside of Chicago landed Reavie at 13-over par in his first ever U.S. Open - 10 shots away from making the cut. Reavie said he could have played better but still found parts of his game that he was pleased with.

Opinion: Suggs will sizzle in NFL debut
In the last three seasons, ASU football fans have been treated to perhaps the most dominant player in the school's history in defensive end Terrell Suggs. It can be debated if he is the greatest Sun Devil ever, but there is no debating his status as the school's first consensus All-American.

After being selected 10th in the 2003 NFL draft by the Baltimore Ravens, few doubt that his dominance will continue at the next level. Yet while most Sun Devil fans got their first look at Suggs in his first collegiate game against San Diego State in September of 2000, yours truly got an earlier (and much closer look) at the quick-footed, 250-pound prodigy.

Devil Dish: Boxing more than just freak show
Lost behind a horrid NBA Finals and baseball Interleague play marred by "corkgate" two weekends ago, two warriors stepped in the boxing ring on Saturday with one thing on the line: pride. Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward personified courage in a way that was visually moving, embracing each other before the final round in admiration of the other's will. The final 10 rounds of this 30-round trilogy were as beautiful and grotesque as the first 20. Unfortunately, only true fight fans watched Gatti's victory by decision in what was the sport's finest showcase.

Report threatens ASU funding
A bill granting Arizona universities $400 million to fund research facilities could be in jeopardy after the Goldwater Institute released a report contending higher education is not directly related to a state's economic growth.

Jon Sanders, a higher education policy analyst for the John Lock Foundation wrote the study, "Does Spending on Higher Education Drive Economic Growth? 20 Years of Evidence Reviewed."

Woman beaten, sexually assaulted
Billy WatsonPolice arrested a 21-year-old man on Saturday who allegedly sexually assaulted and detained an 18-year-old woman against her will for three days.

The suspect, William "Billy" Watson, shaved his head to change his appearance after police released a notice about his possible involvement in the crime. Watson was pulled over for a routine traffic stop and did not resist arrest.

New vaccine to fight bioterror
Most people put tomatoes on a hamburger or in spaghetti sauce. ASU plant biology professor Charles Arntzen is using them to fight terrorism.

Arntzen is renowned for developing vaccinations in plants, and his current project is to grow a vaccine for Plague, which some believe could be used in a biological attack against the United States.

Police use pepper spray on group of partiers
When 21-year-old Josh Anijar went to a party at Higley Ranch the night of May 31, he was expecting to have some beer with friends and listen to music. He didn't think he would have to call his lawyer or contact the American Civil Liberties Union the next day.

Anijar, who is majoring in political science and humanities at ASU, said he was victim of police brutality and was pepper sprayed three times by officers who were trying to break up a party.

Police Beat: Don't spit on the fire fighters
A 42-year-old Mesa man was arrested at the 1200 block of South Price Road for allegedly assaulting a fire fighter who was on duty in the area. The man is also reported to have spit on fire fighters in the area.

And others...

'Hollywood Homicide:' Are you there, Ford? It's me, Michael
Hollywood Homicide is great fun. The movie's plot is messy, its tone is wildly manic, and the overall effect comes off as kind of weird, maybe even slightly desperate. But the picture has some of the biggest laughs I've enjoyed in a comedy in a long time. And you are funnier and looser than I've seen you since maybe the ribald slapstick of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom way back in 1984.

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