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Presidential tactics feel like déjà vu
I'm sure by now most of us of have heard the comparisons between our President George W. Bush and the timeless figure of evil and fascism, Adolph Hitler. While arguments outlining the realities of Bush's Hitler-like, fascist control hover around the pages of alternative Web sites around the world, counterpoints deeming such comparisons as absurd wrap the folds of mainstream American publications.

Bringing down Bush leads to peace
President Bush has a tough choice to make in the coming months: Win an election or commit political suicide. The world can only hope Bush has the courage to do the latter.

Editorial: The FCC slips up
The Federal Communications Commission has lost its mind. If it ever had one.

The FCC has a history of getting crazy acts overturned - especially when involving the Internet. At least three children protection acts have been overturned in the last 10 years.

Adding to education
The plus/minus grading "war" has been going on at ASU for nearly 10 years.

In April 1992, the Academic Senate approved a plus/minus grading system that increased and decreased base grades by .33. Professors could assign pluses and minuses for all grades except A-plus, D-minus, E-plus and E-minus. Lattie Coor, who was president of the University at the time, postponed making a decision because the University did not have the technology to make the change.

Reality TV Roundup: 'Last Comic' rules reality shows
Skip "American Junior" altogether and watch a show worth the airtime allotted to it. "Last Comic Standing" is a pleasant surprise, and had me in stitches laughing throughout the two hours of back-to-back episodes.

Hillary Clinton's new book is Pollyanna about presidency
This book makes an effort to appear to be a more ordinary autobiography. But Hillary can't hide her motivations for writing it: defending Bill, and improving her own image in the process.

Video Game Review: 'NBA Street Vol. 2'
Okay, so I've been meaning to review this game now for the past few weeks.

Every time I start writing, I feel that I have to go back and play EA Sports BIG's NBA Street Vol. 2 so I can be reminded how good this game is.

Baseball: Road to Omaha ends
The ASU baseball team's path to Omaha hit a roadblock on Sunday, and it came in the form of a giant elephant.

The No. 3 Cal State Fullerton Titans tallied six runs in the first two innings and took the third and decisive game 7-1 over ASU in the best-of-three super regional at Goodwin Field. The Titans advance to next week's College World Series in Omaha, Neb.

Opinion: Best teams won't be playing in Omaha
The general idea of the College World Series is to match the top eight baseball teams in the country against each other.

Somebody needs to tell the NCAA that the current method of bracketing will never allow that to happen.

Opinion: It's the same old story for Neuheisel
For athletes, coaches should be a voice of reason. However, this voice has been muffled over the past year by some college coaches that athletes have grown to trust.

Most recently, University of Washington football coach Rick Neuheisel has been investigated by the NCAA for his participation in a neighborhood college basketball pool that reportedly netted him $20,000 during the 2002 NCAA Tournament.

Track: Aguilera ready for NCAA's
For ASU distance runner Lisa Aguilera, the awards keep piling up so fast that she can barely keep track of them.

Aguilera was recently announced as the 2003 Pac-10 Medal of Honor winner, bestowed to one male and one female athlete from each Pac-10 school.

Devil Dish: Not buying it, Sosa
Sorry Sammy, but I'm not buying your story. Last Tuesday, Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa was ejected from a game for using a corked bat. Sosa said the illegal bat was for putting on a show during batting practice, and that he used it during Tuesday's game on accident.

Sports Roundup: ASU golfer qualifies for U.S. Open
Despite soggy, un-Arizona like conditions at Woodmont Country Club in Maryland, ASU golfer Chez Reavie still qualified for this week's U.S. Open, which starts Thursday.

Reavie was the first round leader after posting a 63, but slipped down to 16th place during the second and final day of sectional qualifying after shooting a 74. His total score of 137 tied him for 16th, just good enough to qualify for the tournament, which will be held at Olympia Fields outside of Chicago.

BHC gets face lift
Mark JacobsASU administrators have taken their first major step in reshaping the Barrett Honors College with the announcement that Mark Jacobs will be the new dean come August. Jacobs will replace Ted Humphrey, who has been dean since the Honors College's inception in 1988.

Move-in plans not affected by fire
A fire that consumed one of ASU West's new residence halls on June 2 will not stop students from moving onto the campus in the fall.

The two north halls will open as scheduled on Aug. 20. Each hall has approximately 100 beds, and since only 115 students have applied for housing on the West campus for the fall 2003 semester, campus officials are not concerned about finding alternative housing for students.

Transient vandalizes church
While most people prepare for a wedding by buying flowers and decorating a chapel, on Friday afternoon, volunteers at Old St. Mary's Church at the All Saints Catholic Newman Center swept away broken glass and painted over graffiti-stained walls.

Amarante Ramirez, a 24-year old transient, is suspected of vandalizing the century-old church, which is a Tempe and national historic landmark.

It's business as usual
W.P. Carey School of Business dean Larry Penley is taking his business know-how to Colorado State University, with his sights set on becoming the new university president.

But to know Penley is to understand that his satisfaction comes from the betterment of the students at the school, of the university and of his family.

Police Beat: Driving with a .132
A 22-year-old man was arrested on charges of DUI at 1375 E. University Drive after police saw him driving his car around in a private lot. The man had been arrested for DUI just an hour before. The first time he was apprehended, he had a blood alcohol level of .132 and of .129 the second time.

Summer Construction Notice
Get all the updates of the construction project going on around campus.

'2Fast2Furious:' Too fun to miss
I never saw The Fast and the Furious, but by most accounts it was one loud, long, plotless chase scene, aimed at audiences who weren't looking for anything more from a movie than fast cars.

The sequel, the cleverly titled 2Fast2Furious, amounts to pretty much the same thing. Yet, improbably, the movie is entertaining beyond its myriad chases. It is well paced, exudes a light charm and has a surprising amount of humor.

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