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Malcolm X deserves more
This point was supposed to be made on May 19, and it should have been made a long time before that. The date was supposed to create a connection between readers and the man of whom I speak. This point could have also been made on Feb. 21.

Those dates stand as the bookends to the life of one of the most influential people of the 20th century yet not many people can identify this man from the dates alone. How about I give you one simple letter: X.

Editorial: New state law lacks maturity
We've had a lot of men and women fighting in the name of our country within the past few months - many of them young, under 30, with families and jobs or going to school. A couple of ASU students were included in that group - not even 21 years old - and leaving their families and homes to stand up for what they believe in and protect all of those who stayed here.

But Arizona doesn't seem to recognize this. Although our young citizens can leave the country and fight in an unfamiliar environment and follow the strict rules of a military setting, they are no longer allowed to spend their money on scratch-offs when they go into a gas station. They can't try their luck at the lottery or stop in a casino to play a slot machine.

A new revolution
The year is 2030. Abroad, American Special Forces equipped with uniforms produced from intelligent fibers as light as paper but strong enough to resist bullets, prowl for terrorists. The enhanced soldier uniforms endow the elite forces with super human strengths: they can run faster, jump higher, and physically endure more. Monitoring the battlefields from the air are thousands of surveying probes, so small they're invisible to the naked eye.

At home in the United States, electronically programmed particles, thousands of times smaller than a piece of hair, battle deep within the cavity of human bodies, fighting cancer and heart disease. Meanwhile, new fears of terrorism emerge.

Action in 'Italian Job' falls flat from boring script
I am waiting for an action movie that is about more than just action, but my patience is running thin. This new remake of the 1969 film of the same name is yet another action movie that is just about the action.

Brilliant 'Finding Nemo' may be Pixar's best creation yet
This movie has something that can't be found in many recent films: a sense of wonder. From a chase scene with deadly jellyfish to Nemo's journey through an aquarium filter, the film packs one hell of a wallop.

Reality TV Roundup: 'Fame' an obvious 'Idol' knockoff
The, er, long-awaited review of this sorry "American Idol" copycat has arrived. All in all, watching "Fame" is a disturbing experience. You'll swear the show is "American Idol" in an evil mirror universe.

Video Game Preview: 'Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits'
Let's face it; Square has pretty much dominated the Playstation 2 role-playing game market through recent years, but Sony expects to make a huge statement with the release of Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. The long awaited sequel will be a PS2-exclusive.

Tolkien, stripping schoolgirls take over MTV Movie Awards
MTV is going to the geeks, not that it's a bad thing. The 2003 MTV Movie Awards were almost a tribute to everything geeky. Fantasy and comic books ruled the night, and Lord of the Rings cleaned up.

ASU baseball plows through regional
The road to Omaha got a little shorter for the Sun Devil baseball team on Sunday as ASU defeated UNLV 16-1 at Tempe Diablo Stadium to win one of 16 NCAA regional tournaments.

If ASU can advance past next weekend's Super Regional, the team will be making its first College World Series appearance since 1998.

Baseball: Quietly pitching shines in regional win
The Sun Devils put a combined 45 runs on the board in just three games. Their defense was lead by one spectacular play after another from the infield artistry of sophomore shortstop Dustin Pedroia. But an overlooked piece of head coach Pat Murphy's puzzle came from the hands of a stellar pitching staff, lead by the tournament's two All-Region hurlers: Ben Thurmond and Beau Vaughan.

Throughout their match-ups against Central Connecticut State, New Mexico State and UNLV, Sun Devil starters gave up a combined one earned run on 14 hits in 15 1/3 innings. The remainder of the staff would give up one additional earned run in 11 2/3 innings of relief.

'SI' columnist meets with students
It is not uncommon to have a crowd of people gather in line for a chance to mingle with a famous sports player. However, a crowd of people gathering to see a sports writer is a different story.

That is the scene that took place Thursday in the jam-packed Hobbs Family Stadium Club inside the ICA Building at Sun Devil Stadium where approximately 150 people attended a speaking session by nationally-known Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly.

Spring sports wrap-up: ASU golfer wins NCAA title
ASU freshman Alejandro Canizares shot a 3-under par 69 in the final round of the NCAA Men's Golf Championships and erased a six-stroke deficit to win the individual title last week at Karsten Creek Course in Stillwater, Okla.

PLUS: Women's golf, softball, track and field, and tennis

Editorial: The good Cide of horseracing
Funny Cide's charge to the forefront of horse racing has been impressive and his story is an easy one to support. A group of high school friends pitched in some money on an ownership group and are suddenly the toast of the country with a horse that might land them the Visa USA Triple Crown bonus of $5 million.

A victory for Funny Cide at the Belmont might do something more than earn a bunch of regular Joes a paycheck. It might save horseracing.

Devil Dish: Summer boredom in Tempe
With the summer comes the end of the sports season. Even if the ASU baseball team makes it to the College World Series, everything will be over well before the end of June. And football doesn't get going almost until August.

ASU West dorms beat 3-alarm fire
The three remaining dorm buildings that were undamaged by a Monday afternoon fire at ASU West's new residence halls are scheduled to open for student occupation on Aug. 20 as planned.

Nearly 100 firefighters from Glendale, Phoenix and Peoria battled the three-alarm fire at the newly-built residence building, which was the very first for West campus. It is called Las Casas.

New state law stops young gamblers in their tracks
A new law that went into effect Sunday curtailed the fantasies 18 to 21-year-olds in Arizona who imagine striking it rich by hitting the lotto jackpot or breaking the bank at an Indian casino.

Christa Servens, spokeswoman for the Arizona Department of Gambling, said the law was passed to bring a uniform age to gambling venues. Racetracks, all 22 Indian casinos and the Arizona Lottery must comply with the new regulations.

Tempe man arrested for sexual assault
Tempe police arrested and charged a 28-year-old man with attempted sexual assault Thursday night at the Villages on Mill apartment complex near Mill Avenue and the US-60.

Israel Plaza Villegos allegedly grabbed a woman from behind in the laundry room in the complex. He attempted to kiss her buttocks as she was bending over to pick up a can of soda, and is also suspected to have placed his pelvis into the victim's buttocks.

New payment plan helps students with tuition hike
For a $75 enrollment fee, starving students can find temporary relief from increased tuition fees with a new tuition installment plan.

The plan divides a semester's worth of fees into three separate, monthly payments, which will be will be due on August 25, September 25 and October 25 for fall 2003. Each bill will be about one-third of a student's total tuition bill for the semester.

First lady teaches ASU importance of education
First Lady Laura Bush spoke to ASU students in the Carson Student Athletic Center about teaching, urging them to consider the profession. Bush said Teach for America could help correct the disparities in American education.

ASU creates new boarding method
Added airport security and other measures have made long waits routine at airports following Sept. 11, 2001. But in only a few months, a new airplane boarding technique developed at ASU could shorten waiting time at gates nationwide.

Last July, America West Airlines asked the ASU industrial engineering department to develop a more efficient means of boarding an airplane. Professor Rene Villalobos was asked to direct the operation.

'Wrong Turn' is right
I typically like scary movies. I saw The Ring and I liked it. Psycho didn't scare me and I've read more horror books than I can count. But nothing I saw or read could have prepared me for director Rob Schmidt's Wrong Turn.

CD Review: Boyd Tinsley's 'True Reflections'
Boyd Tinsley is known for his role in one of the best bands of the decade, Dave Matthews Band. His fast hands and unbelievable stage presence made him a very popular violinist.

He first tested his vocal skills in the song "True Reflections" on the live DMB CD, Listener Supported. To be honest, it's a song I tend to skip over.

CD Review: SouthFM's 'drama kids'
SouthFM's debut album, drama kids, takes aim at radio charts like buckshot: just hit the target, it doesn't matter where.

MCA Records must've been searching for mediocre vocalists, guitarists, bassists and drummers when it recently signed the five-member band. Required: A disenchanted youth and an uncanny ability to mimic popular radio formats.

CD Review: Cold's 'Year of the Spider'
If you don't want the entire world to hear that you are a fake, lying, "stupid girl," then make it a point to avoid dating Cold's singer and songwriter, Scooter Ward. The band's new CD, Year of the Spider, is an ode to breaking up - with more than 80 percent of the CD's songs filled with longing, bitterness, nostalgia and anger - all the pleasant emotions experienced when love doesn't always last forever.

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