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One war down, but how many are still to come?
I'm assuming it's no longer un-American to ask critical questions again. Were the stated motives of the war accomplished? Our No.1 objective was to smash the regime. Next was to find weapons of mass destruction.

ASU's future in the crapper
While in the MU last week I had to use the restroom, and headed upstairs to find a cleaner one. It seemed logical at the time. But upon entering I noticed something disturbing: bathroom stalls without those pesky doors.

Pushing U.S. cell phone codes on Iraq all about Benjamins
Your cell phone fails to work in other countries because cells operate on different codes. It seems that liberating Iraq has opened up a sizable opportunity for whichever code corners the market on their cell phones.

Letters to the Editor: U.S. 'anti-people oriented'
The letters in response to recent news and columns, including a letter from an exchange student saying that the United States' anarchists should move to another country with a countrywide health care system.

Editorial: We've come a long way from the 'The'
The. A seemingly inconsequential word, but it was at the center of my first big decision as editor in chief when we made the gigantic leap from the State Press to The State Press.

Clubs help students speak publicly, prepare for careers
Founded in 1924, Toastmasters aims to help members improve their public speaking, leadership and communication skills. Thousands of Toastmasters chapters are scattered across the world and boasts one of the highest success rates for public speaking improvement.

Duffman delivers best line, brings laughs on 'Simpsons'
The Simpsons beg Duffman to get his job back so they can reclaim Santa's Little Helper from his original owner. A huge Duffman fan, I was pleased. The plot was overcomplicated, but there were lots of laughs.

ASU buddies enhance lives of handicapped, also benefit
When Stacy Millburg attends a party, she is greeted by big bear hugs and beaming smiles. Likewise, when Miriam Zerio walks opens a door, she finds applause and love on the other side.

Such experiences are frequent occurrences in the lives of Millburg, Zerio, and the 30 other dedicated members of ASU's Best Buddies club.

Video Game Review: 'Primal'
Trying to cash in on third-person horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Sony released Primal in late March to scare up some competition. The game is very involved, but it suffers from long, drawn-out video sequences and pointless action.

Jenna named sole survivor
I'm most annoyed with Butch. The week after I start to root for him, he decides to be Firewood Man, inadvertently burn down the shelter and not take blame for it. Butch is starting to disappoint me.

ASU water ski team looks for success at all-star competition
Few people associate Arizona with water skiing, but ASU's nationally acclaimed water ski team easily glides over that perception.

Ever since coach Dave Phillips formed the team in the fall of 1994, the team has consistently ranked among the most elite teams in the nation, which includes the University of Louisiana-Monroe and University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

Opinion: Cardinals, Bidwell sue ASU, lose in movie
Last week, the Cardinals filed a lawsuit against the ASU athletic department claiming that ASU had caused the Cardinals major losses in revenue and sponsorship rights in Sun Devil Stadium. In a pathetic attempt to raise money for their failing franchise, the Cardinals have asked for $21 million in damages.

Concert Review: 'Come Together and Worship'
Imagine all people of all races from all the world's nations bowing down and worshiping God in the throne room of heaven.

This is what artists from the "Come Together and Worship" concert at Wells Fargo Arena on Friday night envisioned.

Nintendo shows off new games, 'F-Zero' to be a hit
Nintendo stopped by the Web Devil offices Monday to show off some of the games being shown at the Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles this week. Let me tell you, the games look hot. These games listed below are the ones to watch for.

Kimberly says goodbye after being voted off 'Idol 2'
With only one week left until the second American Idol is revealed, one of the three finalists was booted off on Wednesday's hour-long results show.

NSF awards ASU students
The National Science Foundation has honored 24 of ASU's present and former students for their outstanding work. Seven of those recognized have been given Graduate Fellowship Awards for the pursuit of research- based doctorate degrees in science.

Offering approximately 900 fellowships annually, the National Science Foundation funds a large portion of the most advanced research occurring today in mathematics, engineering and science.

'Matrix' sequel impresses with special effects, bad acting
The Matrix: Reloaded is not a great film, but it is good. If you can overlook the first third of this movie, you?ll find the last 95 minutes a rousing roller-coaster ride.

Ruben crowned next American Idol in heavily stretched finale
It seemed that the producers of this show were really stretching to find extra material so the episode could last for two hours, but Ruben Studdard, who deserved the win, became the second American Idol. All I can say is: Thank God it's over.

Population, light rail could transform future of Tempe
Over the next 30 years, light rail could bring additional business and development that may transform Tempe. The public may help make planning decisions that could have widespread effects in the future.

'SI' names Devils top minorities
ASU men's basketball coach Rob Evans and athletic director Gene Smith, both African Americans, were listed among Sports Illustrated's top-101 most influential minorities in sports.

Smith made No. 57 on the list. Evans made the list at No. 89 and is one of just four men's basketball coaches to be ranked.

Devil Dish: Saying goodbye to an amazing semester
This semester has been a tremendous five months for the ASU sports scene. Men's hoops reached the Big Dance, baseball was No. 1 at one point and many other ASU squads have gotten national recognition.

Baseball: Second-place Devils face tough schedule ahead
With 10 games left in the regular season, No. 4 ASU still has plenty of work to do. The Sun Devils are a game-and-a-half out of first place in the conference thanks to Stanford's three-game sweep over USC.

Softball: ASU gets split vs. California, beats Stanford
What a difference a day can make. In less than 24 hours, the ASU softball team suffered one of its worst defeats of the season before enjoying one of its slimmest victories while facing host California.

Track teams sweep UA, NAU
Despite a shortage of athletes, both the ASU men's and women's track teams swept the University of Arizona and NAU Saturday. Distance runner Lisa Aguilera set a school mark in the 3,000-meter steeplechase.

Tennis: Sun Devils set for NCAA regional play
The ASU women's tennis team will continue postseason play with a home-court advantage as it hosts an NCAA regional at the Whiteman Tennis Center. The men's team begins the NCAA regionals at Stanford.

All 'State Press' Sports Team: Spring 2003
A list of ASU's top sports figures this semester, including freshman men's basketball player Ike Diogu. The go-to guy down low, he was hands down the best freshman in the Pac-10 and the best player on the Devils.

ASU routs Central Connecticut
After three consecutive years of bowing out in the first round of the collegiate baseball playoffs, ASU made a statement Friday night that it wants to stay around for a long time this year.

The No. 1 Sun Devils brought their offensive prowess to Tempe Diablo Stadium and wasted no time scoring at will in a 14-2 thumping of fourth-seeded Central Connecticut State.

Devils advance to Super Regionals
In a 16-1 loss to ASU, the UNLV Rebels learned a valuable lesson it won't be able to use until next year: stay far, far away from the losers' bracket.

Playing three games in two days after losing to New Mexico State 14-12 in 11 innings Friday, the Rebels spent 10 of their pitching arms just to make it into the final day of the tournament. It made the task of defeating top-seeded ASU even more challenging.

Police Beat: Woman punches four holes in bedroom door
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including an 18-year-old Tempe woman arrested on the charge of criminal damage. The woman allegedly punched four large holes into a bedroom door.

President, VP prepare to assume post
Lewis and Clark, Batman and Robin, Gilligan and the Skipper. While Brandon Goad and Kevin Bondelli might not garner the same fame as other duos, they both said they hope to leave a positive legacy at ASU.

BHC helps kids show off talents
Elementary school students from Phoenix showcased their talents last Friday after a semester of preparation in Talent Match.

Talent Match is a program through which Barrett Honors College students teach a talent to 30 St. Agnes Elementary School students once a week over the course of the semester.

Supercomputer to analyze genes
ASU is building a supercomputer on campus designed to analyze genetic research for several diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

IBM will provide ASU with 512 dual-processor computers, which will be linked to act as a single supercomputer, allowing them to use the power of 1,000 desktop computers on a single task.

ASU offers 'cool' summer classes to help beat the heat
Serial killers. Sex, love and romance. Popular Music and The Beatles. These are just some of the 'cool' classes ASU will be offering to students who want to escape from the summer's scorching heat.

Doctoral student plans to start grad student government
Brian Collier, a 30-year-old history doctoral student, will be the first to lead a graduate and professional student government, which he said is not at the "mercy" of the undergraduate government.

Concert Review: 'Come Together and Worship' well worth price
Imagine all people of all races from all the world’s nations bowing down and worshiping God in the throne room of heaven.

This is what artists from the “Come Together and Worship” concert at Wells Fargo Arena on Friday night envisioned.

Tornadoes rake Kansas and Missouri, kill up to 21
A relentless series of storms ripped through the Kansas City area for nearly three hours Sunday afternoon, spawning tornadoes that killed at least one person and caused widespread damage.

Student stabbed, burned, pulled from dorm blaze
A severely burned student rescued from a Western Kentucky University dormitory early Sunday also had superficial puncture wounds, and the fire appeared to have been deliberately set, the state fire marshal's office said.

Thousands mourn Laci Peterson during memorial
The memorial service for Laci Peterson on Sunday was a scene befitting a movie star, a legend. A white-gowned choir of 150 sang with a full orchestra. Huge video screens with her dimpled smile hung from the ceiling. Three thousand people waited hours in line to get inside, some came with blankets before dawn.

'After Sunsets' delves into alcoholism, human bonds
"After Sunsets," written and directed by ASU students, is the story of three characters' struggle with a friend's drinking problem. They try to hold their relationships together, despite the friend's destructive lifestyle.

Comics: F-Minus
A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

Comics: W.M.U.
A comic strip by Joseph Bowen.

Girls on film
Liana Mcwhorter is a daughter, a girlfriend, an artist, a student, and ultimately a human being. However, Mcwhorter regrettably says there is one significant facet of her identity that sometimes overrides all others - Mcwhorter is a lesbian.

By creating black and white photographs based on female sexuality, like women locked in holy matrimony Mcwhorter says in her current art she attempts to share slices of her lifestyle with the an audience that in many cases, is still scared of diversity. "I'm pulling things out of myself instead of the world around me," she says. Mcwhorter's socially charged photography will be displayed at Starbucks, which has raised a few eyebrows and conflict for Mcwhorter, until mid-May.

CD Review: Thicke's 'A Beautiful World'
With an unsettling Yanni-meets-AJ-Mclean-from-the-Backstreet-Boys look and wannabe hits like "Make a Baby" and "The Stupid Things," this guy is going nowhere and fast. It puzzles me to think who would have signed him in the first place. More than likely it was someone under the influence of a mentally debilitating stimulant.

CD Review: 'The Fire This Time' compilation
Dedicated to the memory of, amongst others, the "1.5 million Iraqis killed by the U.S.-led bombing and sanctions in the years 1990-2001," this two CD set attempts to merge a history lesson with trance music, an unlikely, and unattained combination.

CD Review: Darryl Worley's 'Have You Forgotten?'
After listening to Darryl Worley's country album Have You Forgotten?, two things immediately popped into my mind. Either this album was funded by the Bush administration making it a product of their pro-war propaganda campaign, or Darryl Worley is just another money-hungry capitalist whore exploiting a terrible scenario [in this case war] to make a buck.

Professional grade
Steve Thomas can tell you anything you want to know about the recording industry. For eight years, he has owned, operated, and expanded the music venue inside Undici Undici, a club/coffee shop in Mesa that books national and local acts, but is renowned for its open mike night.

In conjunction with his own video production company, Outside the Box, Thomas also provides a video recording service for Undici Undici's amateur and professional patrons.

Musical cure
Most of us don't need a reason to drink good beer and listen to great music, but Rich Crescenti is giving us the chance to do both for a good cause.

Crescenti, a supporter of local music and breast cancer research is putting on Music For A Cure, May 10 at Bandersnatch Brew Pub in Tempe, which includes a silent auction, donations, prizes, more than 15 local bands and of course, beer.

X-tremely lame: 'X2' review
It's a little amazing how many comic book-based movies Hollywood keeps churning out, considering how many of them suck.

But everybody knows that quality doesn't get movies made in Tinseltown - box office trends do. As long as audiences keep shelling out for these pictures, studios will continue to make them. Even if they are as lame as X2, the sequel to the 2000 hit, The X-Men.

Cup o' Joe: Telling the human experience
Many may disagree, but it is my strong belief that stories of real people make for the strongest works of journalism.

What are real people as opposed to unreal people?

They are among us; they are not isolated or sheltered by public relations executives and gatekeepers. Real people live lives devoid of Hollywood endings and trivial concerns over botox appointments, nor do they choose activism as simply a hobby.

Tools of the trade
Ladies, it is a sad, sad day for gender equality. It looks like the fellas may finally have us beat [off] at something. When is the last time you manipulated your genitalia into the Lock Ness Monster, a windsurfer, or a hamburger? A taco, maybe, or a bearded clam, but how entertaining is that? Puppetry of the Penis is putting us all to shame.

Simon Morley, who is large in the margin and his comedy sensation, Puppetry of the Penis, is possibly the last great frontier in the fascinating world of male genitalia.

On the road, again
At a steakhouse in Van Horn, Texas, Patti Meister pauses to consider her past. Carefully and silently, she begins counting the nuptials, ticking them off on her fingers, one by one, as if she were a child practicing her addition. This is no easy task for a 58-year-old woman with an extraordinarily colorful past.

The moment resembles something out of a dark comedy, with the restaurant's Southwestern motif of pink and green pastels accentuating the punch line. Yet underneath the bizarre hilarity lies a feeling of desperation.

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