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CNN aided Hussein regime
Eason Jordan of CNN bared his soul in a New York Times column, exposing the horrors he had encountered while reporting on Iraq. CNN did not print these sentiments to keep its reporting privileges in Iraq.

Chaos in Arizona Legislature leads to true democracy
The Arizona state Legislature is a mess. Besides conflicting Democratic and Republican ideologies, there are personal agendas in play, petty bickering and more than a little failure to compromise. It's beautiful.

Hats off to Vojvodic for showing the human side of war
It is from students like Igor Vojvodic that we get a more real idea of what war is like, rather than from a CNN briefing room. War means so many different things to so many different people.

Editorial: Why rent Brickyard, forget Tempe Center?
Looks like our University officials are humming "The Jeffersons'" theme song, "Movin' on up to that de-lux apartment in the sky," as they ponder the notion of renting a chunk of space in the Brickyard on Mill Avenue.

Mall Rants: Gap closing
ASU students rant about what should replace the Gap.

Video Game Review: 'Def Jam Vendetta'
In a wrestling game market mainly dominated by the WWE (or F, if you're old school), Electronic Arts released Def Jam Vendetta under its EA Sports Big label earlier this month. This game brings together some of the biggest names in rap to basically kick the living crap out of you.

'Simpsons' repeats plots but keeps the laughs coming
With any show that has lasted as long as The Simpsons, there are bound to be plot retreads. In this case, it's Homer's interaction with the gay community.

CD Review: Psychedelic Breakfast's 'Bona Fide'
With apologies to the Phish and String Cheese Incident fans out there, I found Psychedelic Breakfast's Bona Fide an interesting mix of talents, despite the fact it was l-o-n-g with a side of boring.

CD Review: Nexxis' 'The Connecting Link'
Not to sound clever, but I think that I have deciphered the title of Phoenix-based rapper Nexxis' new CD. He is the "connecting link" between Nelly and Outkast!

'Laramie Project' reveals humanity's problem: hate
"The Laramie Project" is a look at the life of residents of a sparsely populated town of Laramie, Wyoming in the aftermath of 21-year-old Matthew Shepard's murder on October 6, 1998.

Shepard was found bound to a fence in the secluded hills and private property outside Laramie in the early morning of October 7. Two men about his same age brutally beat him and then left him to die in an act of hate that spurred the nation's anger.

Baseball: Sun Devils in second as Pac-10 shuffles
The No. 6 ASU baseball team broke away from a log jam of teams in the middle of the conference with a sweep of California. ASU moved into second place in the Pac-10 standings, just one game behind Stanford.

Hump Day Hoopla: Baseball Hall of Fame full of 'Bull'
In the end, baseball has again found a way to suffer another black eye, and while this shiner is a minor one sure to be swept onto the growing hill under the Cooperstown rug, it is the fans that will suffer the scar.

M Tennis: ASU ready for NAU
The ASU men's tennis team has made a turnaround in its season as it heads into a break from conference play for a midweek dual against NAU. The Sun Devils are feeling good about their season in general.

Hoops: NBA hopeful Smith impresses at pre-draft camp
Rob Evans has long believed that senior forward Tommy Smith has the growing potential to make it as an NBA player. Evans' notion was put to the test this past weekend, and Smith may have proven his coach right.

Devil Dish: MLB should forgive Bautista's outburst
Danny Bautista was obviously offended at getting beaned by a crooked-cap chump like Shawn Chacon. And his frustration with the lack of production at the plate - he's batting a whopping .206 - was obvious.

Brief: Freshman softball phenom honored
For the second time this season, ASU freshman hurler Desiree Serrano is the Pac-10 Pitcher of the Week for April 7-14. It is the second honor for Serrano this year and the 39th all-time weekly honor for the Sun Devils.

Opposition leaders begin talks on future of Iraq
Under a billowing tent near the birthplace of the patriarch Abraham, U.S. officials on Tuesday began the struggle to plant the seeds of Western-style democracy in post-war Iraq.

Hand-picked by the Bush administration in hopes of shaping a friendly Iraqi government, the collection of ethnic and religious groups agreed to seek a "federal system" with leaders not imposed from outside.

U.S. captures Abul Abbas, leader of 1985 ship hijacking
U.S. Special Forces captured Palestinian terrorist Abul Abbas, who was convicted in the 1985 hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship and murder of an invalid American, Leon Klinghoffer, the Marines said Tuesday.

U.S. hopes Saddam was killed in strike on Baghdad restaurant
The unmistakable odor of death rises from the huge crater in Baghdad's Al Mansour district, where U.S. officials hope Saddam Hussein met his end.

More than a week after the attack that the Pentagon says targeted a restaurant Saddam had entered just minutes earlier, there still are bodies, or body parts, buried beneath the jumble of mud, rubble and scraps of clothing at the bottom of the 60-foot hole left by the bombing.

Powell denies United States has plans to fight Syria
A day after noisy saber-rattling at Syria by top administration officials, Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday the United States has no plans to go to war with Syria or any other country in an effort to overthrow their leaders and establish democracies.

Marines recount POW recovery
U.S. Marines were about to call off their search for seven American POWs, unable to find house No. 13 and edgy about the growing knots of civilians watching them from surrounding rooftops when one of the scouts heard a shout.

Police Beat: Woman pilfers shampoo, bottle of cologne
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 32-year-old Phoenix woman arrested Monday on the charge of shoplifting. The woman allegedly took two bottles of shampoo and a bottle of cologne.

Grad programs rank nationally
Two ASU graduate colleges recently made the U.S. News & World Report "America's Best Graduate School 2004" list.

The master of fine arts program in the Herberger College of Fine Arts ranked No. 13 overall, and the College of Education graduate program placed No. 16 overall.

When ranked among public schools only, the art department ranked 8th and the education program ranked 9th.

Kennedy may sue University
Chandler dentist Bradley Kennedy, 45, faced weapons misconduct charges for bringing firearms into the Ross-Blakley Law Library. He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct Thursday.

But Nicholas Hentoff, Kennedy's attorney, said ASU DPS officers had no reason to arrest his client, who had four loaded handguns and a folding pocketknife with him in the library.

ASU considers renting Brickyard space
When the Brickyard first appeared on Mill Avenue in 2001, there was much speculation as to who would move in. Now ASU is looking at the space to house the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

'Blue-eyed Bandit' to go to trial for armed robbery, burglary
The Tempe man who allegedly robbed several businesses near campus likely will go to trial in July. Luke Stultz, dubbed the "Blue-eyed Bandit," was charged with 12 counts of armed robbery and 12 counts of burglary.

ASASU tries to impeach Bowman
The Associated Students of ASU sprung impeachment charges on Activities Vice President Shanna Bowman for the third time on Tuesday, but failed to gain the necessary votes to remove her from office.

Members from seven of 11 colleges on campus said she violated the student government constitution because she was absent from too many executive committee meetings.

ASASU objects to code of conduct
The Associated Students of ASU voted to take issue with the vague wording of a recently approved student code of conduct.

Honors College Sen. Kyle Burns drafted a petition that opposed the code because of wording that states all students who participate in extracurricular activities must represent the University with "honor, dignity and integrity."

Clintonian politics
What the world needs now is Funk, Sweet Funk. At least, that's what George Clinton, the neon-dread-locked Godfather of Funk, would suggest.

The man behind the classic funk anthem, "Atomic Dog," the inspiration behind Snoop Dogg's "What's My Name?" doesn't hesitate to share his opinions about everything from the war in Iraq to the state of America's music industry during a phone interview with SPM.

Sparks will fly: Artsy bikes at First Fridays and Mill Ave.
At first glance, the scene borders on absurdity: A man zips down Mill Avenue on a pink lowrider bicycle that boasts a pair of tassels, white tires and the moniker "Pink N' Pretty." He pedals fast, eager to attract attention. When part of the frame nicks the asphalt, sparks spit out and, sure enough, people stop to look.

The stares are exactly what 22-year-old Ryan Murray, Pink N' Pretty's owner, and the Tom Cruisers expect every time they bike the Valley's streets. Chrome rims and shiny frames like those featured in the Sprite commercial aren't what make these bicycles stand out - luxury isn't the goal...yet.

The joke's on them: Sundevil Comedy Festival
It's Thursday and you're quietly eating lunch in the Memorial Union when a group of men dressed as women run by, yelling inaudible commands while chasing each other with rubber chickens. You look at your watch. It's 12:15 p.m. - time for Barren Mind Improv.

Sneaking through a sea of more than 100 comedy-hungry students in the MU basement, you realize that you're about 30 minutes too late to have any hopes of finding a seat. It's standing room only, and you're lucky to find that. The lights go down, the blaring music stops and 11 of ASU's most beloved comedians step on stage. The mayhem that is improvisational comedy begins, and for an hour you forget your worries.

'Showcase' showdown
Eight years ago when Phoenix New Times began shaping the idea for a musical event featuring local bands, they weren't sure how the Valley would respond. Last year, the annual "New Times Music Showcase" attracted twice the amount of people as it did its first year in 1995.

Moreover, according to Ryan Kibner of New Times, as the event continues to mature, New Times is attempting to meet the need of the public's growing interest. "The first year we had 7,000 people - last year the event attracted over 13,000 people," he says.

'Anger' Monotony: 'Anger Management' movie review
Dave Buznik is much like myself. He's a quiet guy, shy and not the least bit confrontational. He works as a secretary to some lazy man who holds an executive position and makes Buznik his bitch.

He deals with his girlfriend's well-endowed ex-boyfriend who hangs around all the time and within the first few opening scenes of Anger Management, Buznik, played by Adam Sandler, comes across as a total pushover. He can't even bring himself to kiss his girlfriend, Linda, in public.

Power to the people
Pierced, spike-wearing, camouflage-dressed teen-agers line the wall in front of the Cajun House in Scottsdale. As they wait underneath the venue's trademark saxophone-playing alligator, the excited young punksters swear, laugh, and flow in and out of the line where they wait to see the legendary punk band, The Subhumans.

As a Valley music venue and nightclub, the Cajun House is a prime location to view the local scene in action. With the "New Times Music Showcase" just a few days away, local bands prepare to rock Tempe with their native sounds. Despite the Showcase's positive media, some local musicians question New Times' commitment to the music scene and try to find a place for their music in it.

Taking the stage
She's been a Sun Devil for less than a year, and already theater freshman Laura Wilkinson is preparing for her first main stage production: Good 'N Plenty - a comedy set in the bicentennial.

Fresh out of Hamilton High School in Chandler, this up-and-coming ASU actress is determined to prove herself on stage, playing Cindy, the villain in Good 'N Plenty, as well as the Bulgarian foreign exchange student, Margie, who always quotes songs from the 1970s.

Viva la Vespa!
By its very nature, Phoenix is a city that thrives underground. It's big. It's young. It's hot. Unlike other metropolises like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, where neon signs and giant billboards sway the easily hooked to the latest trend, Phoenix isn't a place where things jump out at you. It's a city where some of the most exciting things are located behind steel doors off dusty side streets.

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