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The horrors of war told by a Yugoslavian native
The war in Iraq is unethical. Yugoslavia didn't fight other nations, but it had a war between its borders, and in the end, people who lived together for hundreds of years got into a war and became bitter enemies.

Obesity epidemic looms within cornfields' sweet syrup
The reason Americans are fat is because they eat too much and are not active enough. However, certain things like high-fructose corn syrup can exacerbate obesity because corn syrup tends to increase portion sizes.

War just a prelude to real fight for political liberation
From the start, when critics rightfully aligned themselves against the idea of a poorly timed war, seldom did Americans utter anything about losing. With victory looming, the question of what comes next must be asked.

Letters to the Editor: Column favors Saddam's politics
The letters in response to recent columns, including a letter from a reader writing that Eric Spratling's recent column about protesters not supporting American troops is really advocating Iraqi-style politics.

Editorial: Rebuilding of Iraq should proceed sans America
"Baghdad Has Fallen." The implication was that there had been an American victory in a once tyrannous city. But now it is time for the Iraqi people to stop celebrating and start thinking about their country's future.

Reality TV Roundup: 'Survivor' has old-school bug dinner
The latest immunity challenge harkened back to the original series: eating four courses of "survival" food, including grasshoppers and grubs. Matthew's immunity sent Deena and her sneaky attitude off the show.

IMAX's 'Ghosts of the Abyss' snazzes up same old Titanic
The new IMAX film Ghosts of the Abyss from blockbuster filmmaker James Cameron is about a real expedition down to the wreck of the Titanic. It's not a bad film, but its entertainment value has been seriously undermined by the fact that this only seems to be a vanity project for James Cameron.

Opinion: Reality TV's exposed skin, scare tactics idiotic
How low can Reality TV get? Two shows, among many others, indicate that television producers think their viewing audience has the collective intelligence of an inbred housefly that just had a couple of brewskies.

Scottsdale cuts may increase bus wait times in Tempe
Cuts in Scottsdale's transit budget may force service reductions that increase wait times at Tempe bus stops, according to Tempe transit officials. Some of Tempe's most popular routes could have doubled waits.

Postcards from Spain: Nightlife is world's best
Carnival is an annual week-long celebration with fiestas and parades. Spain has a reputation for having better nightlife than any other country and Carnival is just one piece of evidence that shows why.

Club Sports: W lacrosse eyeing Division I playoff berth
Two years ago, the ASU women's lacrosse team didn't have enough players to field a complete team. Now they are just one win away from a spot in the league championship tournament in their first season of Division I play.

CD Review: American Hi-Fi's 'Art of Losing'
To discuss American Hi-Fi's new release, entitled The Art of Losing, is to discuss every other pop-punk band in circulation today. Everything from their guitar riffs to lyrics has been pilfered directly from other bands.

Baseball: Cal waits for ASU
With an opportunistic attitude, California will be looking to claw its way into the top spot in the Pac-10 with current leader Stanford facing non-conference foes.

The Golden Bears (20-15, 6-3 Pac-10) have won each of their first-three conference series and lie just one game behind the Cardinal heading into this weekend's action against ASU at Berkeley, Calif.

Softball: ASU looks to defend home turf vs. Stanford, Cal
After taking on the top two teams in the nation last weekend in UCLA and Washington, the Sun Devils had no wins to show for it. This weekend ASU faces another three-game series against highly ranked opponents.

Wrestling: Larkin, Ortiz enjoy undefeated year
Eric Larkin is the best wrestler in the country. That is now a certainty that was solidified April 3 when the four-time All-American and 2003 149-pound NCAA Champion was deemed national wrestler of the year.

Gymnastics: NCAA regionals await Sun Devils
The ASU gymnastics team plans to keep a level head as it gets prepares for the NCAA regional championships. The Sun Devils are seeded No. 1, and have a legitimate shot at making the NCAA championships.

Gymnastics: ASU stresses unity
They whooped and hollered with enough energy to be a meet, but it was only a light practice. The ASU gymnastics team is talented, but their team unity has allowed them to accomplish everything they have this season.

Diving: Puhakka, Bradshaw cap off 'best' season
After a Pac-10 diver of the year award, a NCAA coach of the year award, a Pac-10 newcomer of the year award and an NCAA championship, all Joona Puhakka and Mark Bradshaw can talk about is the team itself.

M Tennis: Sun Devils set for trip to the Bay Area
The ASU men's tennis team is preparing to face Stanford and California, two of the Pac-10's toughest squads. But both matches will be even more of a challenge because two of ASU's top players are injured.

Brief: ASU golf hosts Thunderbird Invitational
ASU will host an 18-team field for the 31st annual Thunderbird Invitational at Karsten golf course today, lasting through Saturday.

Track and Field: All eyes on big names at Sun Angel meet
Ten of the biggest names from the biggest schools in the country will gather in Tempe on Saturday for the 24th annual Sun Angel Classic track and field meet, one of the biggest college track meets of the season.

Devil Dish: No question, hockey reigns supreme
What is wrong with the sports desk? You might have been asking yourself this question all year but for a different reason than I am. Most of the sports staff hates hockey and detests the Stanley Cup playoffs.

W Tennis: Taxing schedule continues for Sun Devils
With three duals before the Pac-10 championships, the ASU women's tennis team take on the Golden Bears today and play the Cardinal at noon on Saturday. Both matches will count toward Pac-10 standings.

U.S., allies take 2 more cities; chaos reigns in Baghdad
Two more Iraqi strongholds - the northern oil cities of Kirkuk and Mosul - fell Thursday as U.S. and allied forces pursued the remnants of Saddam Hussein's army and closed in on his ancestral hometown.

25,000 turn out at Twin Towers site to support U.S. troops
Thousands of demonstrators, mostly male and mostly union hard hats, waved flags and chanted slogans in support of U.S. troops at the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan yesterday, in a rally scheduled before Wednesday's dramatic developments in Baghdad.

Mob brutally hacks 2 Iraqi Shiite clerics to death
A mob stormed one of Shiite Islam's holiest shrines in Iraq on Thursday and hacked to death two clerics, one of whom had returned to his country only last week with U.S. help to promote reconciliation.

U.S. faces long, costly challenges of restoring Iraq
The American-led invasion of Iraq has been a success for President Bush, but his long-term campaign to transform the country is just beginning.

While American troops occupy Baghdad and Saddam Hussein's regime is history - if not Saddam himself - the United States now faces the long and costly challenges of rebuilding a country.

Police find car burglar's blood
Bloodstains may help officials find the person or people who burglarized seven vehicles in an ASU parking lot last week.

Investigators found blood in two of the vehicles broken into last weekend in Parking Lot 63.

Moon Devils bound for 'Great Moonbuggy Race'
Ladies and gentlemen, start your moonbuggies. The ASU Moon Devils will join students from 19 states in NASA's 10th annual "Great Moonbuggy Race," weaving their buggies around a simulated lunar surface.

Student dies after field trip
An ASU West student, Shequila James-Hardeman, was killed in a single-car accident while returning from a sociology field trip to Mexico on Tuesday. Two other students and a professor suffered injuries.

According to the DPS report, the accident occurred Tuesday night while the car was heading west on Interstate 10. The driver swerved the 1997 Oldsmobile sedan out of the left lane to avoid a stopped car.

Library gunman gets 30 days
Library gunman gets 30 daysThe Chandler dentist who allegedly brought several guns into the Ross-Blakley Law Library in January pleaded guilty to lesser charges Thursday.

Bradley William Kennedy, 45, was initially charged with reporting false information to a police officer, interfering with the peaceful conduct of an educational institution and violating his concealed weapon permit.

Tempe receives federal money to deal with local poverty
After soliciting public opinion in May, the Tempe City Council will lay out plans on how to spend nearly $3 million in federal funds. The bulk of the money is likely to be spent on preparing land for affordable housing.

Comics: F-Minus
A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

Comics: W.M.U.
A comic strip by Joseph Bowen.

Clintonian politics
What the world needs now is Funk, Sweet Funk. At least, that's what George Clinton, the neon-dread-locked Godfather of Funk, would suggest.

The man behind the classic funk anthem, "Atomic Dog," the inspiration behind Snoop Dogg's "What's My Name?" doesn't hesitate to share his opinions about everything from the war in Iraq to the state of America's music industry during a phone interview with SPM.

Sparks will fly: Artsy bikes at First Fridays and Mill Ave.
At first glance, the scene borders on absurdity: A man zips down Mill Avenue on a pink lowrider bicycle that boasts a pair of tassels, white tires and the moniker "Pink N' Pretty." He pedals fast, eager to attract attention. When part of the frame nicks the asphalt, sparks spit out and, sure enough, people stop to look.

The stares are exactly what 22-year-old Ryan Murray, Pink N' Pretty's owner, and the Tom Cruisers expect every time they bike the Valley's streets. Chrome rims and shiny frames like those featured in the Sprite commercial aren't what make these bicycles stand out - luxury isn't the goal...yet.

The joke's on them: Sundevil Comedy Festival
It's Thursday and you're quietly eating lunch in the Memorial Union when a group of men dressed as women run by, yelling inaudible commands while chasing each other with rubber chickens. You look at your watch. It's 12:15 p.m. - time for Barren Mind Improv.

Sneaking through a sea of more than 100 comedy-hungry students in the MU basement, you realize that you're about 30 minutes too late to have any hopes of finding a seat. It's standing room only, and you're lucky to find that. The lights go down, the blaring music stops and 11 of ASU's most beloved comedians step on stage. The mayhem that is improvisational comedy begins, and for an hour you forget your worries.

'Showcase' showdown
Eight years ago when Phoenix New Times began shaping the idea for a musical event featuring local bands, they weren't sure how the Valley would respond. Last year, the annual "New Times Music Showcase" attracted twice the amount of people as it did its first year in 1995.

Moreover, according to Ryan Kibner of New Times, as the event continues to mature, New Times is attempting to meet the need of the public's growing interest. "The first year we had 7,000 people - last year the event attracted over 13,000 people," he says.

'Anger' Monotony: 'Anger Management' movie review
Dave Buznik is much like myself. He's a quiet guy, shy and not the least bit confrontational. He works as a secretary to some lazy man who holds an executive position and makes Buznik his bitch.

He deals with his girlfriend's well-endowed ex-boyfriend who hangs around all the time and within the first few opening scenes of Anger Management, Buznik, played by Adam Sandler, comes across as a total pushover. He can't even bring himself to kiss his girlfriend, Linda, in public.

Power to the people
Pierced, spike-wearing, camouflage-dressed teen-agers line the wall in front of the Cajun House in Scottsdale. As they wait underneath the venue's trademark saxophone-playing alligator, the excited young punksters swear, laugh, and flow in and out of the line where they wait to see the legendary punk band, The Subhumans.

As a Valley music venue and nightclub, the Cajun House is a prime location to view the local scene in action. With the "New Times Music Showcase" just a few days away, local bands prepare to rock Tempe with their native sounds. Despite the Showcase's positive media, some local musicians question New Times' commitment to the music scene and try to find a place for their music in it.

Taking the stage
She's been a Sun Devil for less than a year, and already theater freshman Laura Wilkinson is preparing for her first main stage production: Good 'N Plenty - a comedy set in the bicentennial.

Fresh out of Hamilton High School in Chandler, this up-and-coming ASU actress is determined to prove herself on stage, playing Cindy, the villain in Good 'N Plenty, as well as the Bulgarian foreign exchange student, Margie, who always quotes songs from the 1970s.

Viva la Vespa!
By its very nature, Phoenix is a city that thrives underground. It's big. It's young. It's hot. Unlike other metropolises like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, where neon signs and giant billboards sway the easily hooked to the latest trend, Phoenix isn't a place where things jump out at you. It's a city where some of the most exciting things are located behind steel doors off dusty side streets.

Comics: Rockinfunzone
A comic strip by Nathan Ross.

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