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Editorial: Code of conduct lacks honor, dignity, integrity
A code that regulated the off-campus behavior of ASU employees would soon be exposed as a constitutional travesty. But we students can have our rights taken away whenever they shine a negative light on campus.

Photo radar in bars could catch drunk people, boost budget
I have a way to administer citations and save more lives: tickets for drinking. When people go to the bar, they just want to have a good time, but that should not necessarily include drinking to the point of inebriation.

Leingang's 5 cents on making the ASASU presidency work
Currently, two candidates are battling in an attempt to gain the most coveted/ridiculed position on campus. Having served in this seat for the past year, I know a little what is necessary for a successful year.

Music industry fights a useless war against world's MP3s
While it is necessary for record companies to take on the challenge of stopping download-hungry computer users, they are fighting a battle they will never win as they hit up the rest of the world over MP3s.

Letters to the Editor: Get me the keys to my own Ecstasy lab
The letters in response to recent news and columns, including a letter from a reader who wrote that since ASU is giving Ralph Backhaus his job back despite his Ecstasy lab, making drugs begins to look like intriguing.

Mall Rants: War in Iraq
Students rant about their war in Iraq.

Hawaiian singer returns to Arizona, leis long-time fans
A native Hawaiian performer hoped to please crowds by bringing some of the tropical spirit to the Sonoran desert. But, more importantly, he hoped to knock down some of the most common stereotypes about Hawaii's culture.

Keali'i Reichel's concert featured updated traditional Hawaiian lyrical chants sung to a mixture of traditional music and modern pop during his near-capacity show in Gammage Auditorium at 7 p.m. Saturday.

CD Review: AFI's 'Sing the Sorrow'
A Fire Inside has hit the big time with their new album Sing the Sorrow, which was released by Columbia Records in early March.

Sing the Sorrow, the band's most recent album since its 2000 release of Art of Drowning, is meant for a patient audience because it requires a few listens to catch everything. But it is worth the wait.

'The Simpsons': Show gets back to basics, ups the ratings
Not only is "The Simpsons" having a ratings comeback, but it's apparently going back to basics. Tonight was another story-driven episode, with each storyline having a good amount of screen time.

Brief: Sony's 'Amplitude'
With more features, a better variety of music, and a new interface, Sony's new music game Amplitude is proving to be a worthy follow-up to 2001's Frequency.

Like Frequency, Amplitude has players build a song from the ground up by choosing different tracks like vocals, bass, guitars, sound effects, and more depending on the style of music.

'ASU Web Devil' site registration to start April 1
Beginning April 1, 2003, the ASU Web Devil will require registration for viewing content beyond the home page. Registration is free and open to all.

Devil Dish: National League will come out on top in 2003
The weather's getting warmer, the girls are wearing less and the Boys of Summer are back in action. Major League Baseball's season started last night and the champion will come from the National League, guaranteed.

Baseball: ASU takes road pair
In a roller coaster ride of a finish, the No. 2 Sun Devils pulled out the series finale, 7-5, over the Trojans to win their first series from USC at Dedeaux Field since 1993. ASU used late clutch hitting to stay on top.

Softball: ASU escapes perfect in Pac-10 vs. OSU, OU
Sweeping OSU and OU may have looked like a tall task. However, ASU (26-9) escaped with a perfect 3-0 record in Pac-10 play, marking the first time that the Devils have left the opening weekend undefeated.

Football: Top recruit changes mind, may go to Oklahoma
Top-ranked junior college cornerback Chijioke Onyenegecha, who supposedly signed a letter of intent in February, was thought to be so good that he'd leave the program early. Now, he may not come at all.

Gymnastics: Sun Devils finish third at Pac-10 championships
The ASU gymnastics team held its own among the big California schools as the Sun Devils finished third Saturday at the annual Pac-10 Conference Championships in Los Angeles, their highest rank since 1999.

Tennis: Squads see mixed results vs. Trojans, Bruins
Facing two of California's top schools in conference matches this past weekend, the ASU men's tennis team had their way with USC, but weren't as lucky against UCLA. The women got two beatings from both.

Track team finds home success
The ASU women's track and field team may have finally lived up to its preseason billing as the ladies won nine events during Saturday's Arizona State Invitational at Sun Angel Stadium.

The ASU men came away with four titles, including a win by the powerful 1600-meter relay team, which ran a time of 3:06.87. The team of Steve Fitch, Jason Barton, Lewis Banda and Seth Amoo has been clocked as the fifth fastest in the nation this season.

Swimming and Diving: Puhakka wins NCAA crown
Success came often this season for ASU freshman Joona Puhakka, and it seemed inevitable that the Finnish star would find success. Puhakka clinched the national title on the first day of the NCAA championships.

Iraqi soldiers fire on refugees, engage British in shootout
Iraqi troops fired machine guns and artillery shells at several hundred refugees fleeing Basra on Sunday, triggering a shootout with British soldiers that pinned down terrified refugees in the crossfire.

Mothers in black Islamic garments clutched crying babies to their chests. Young men tightly held the hands of their grandmothers. And an old, sun-weathered man with a cane briefly looked to the heavens and yelled, "Allah. God help me."

Civilian drives truck into line of soldiers in Kuwait
A civilian worker in a stolen truck plowed through a throng of soldiers in line Sunday morning at a PX, swerving to hit the GIs before he was shot twice in the chest.

Fourteen soldiers suffered bumps and bruises and returned to duty. One with a knee injury was being flown to Germany for treatment, military authorities said.

Coalition forces strike multiple targets, capture Iraqi general
Allied bombs pummeled Baghdad defenses Sunday as coalition forces seized a suspected terrorist camp in Northern Iraq and captured an Iraqi general in the besieged southern city of Basra.

U.S. and British warplanes struck fuel depots, a train believed to be carrying Iraqi tanks and a presidential palace used by Saddam Hussein. And top U.S. officials again raised the prospect that Saddam may be dead or disabled, the possible victim of a U.S. strike on the war's first day.

Police Beat: Man gets $31,092 from 58 bogus eBay auctions
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 27-year-old Tempe man arrested for allegedly creating 10 accounts, seven in someone else's name, and posting 58 fraudulent auctions for $31,092.

Terrell Suggs injured in fight
Terrell Suggs injured in fightFormer ASU football All-American Terrell Suggs suffered an injury in a reported fight Saturday after someone allegedly hit him in the head with a piece of rebar.

The incident started at about noon Saturday in the parking lot of Phoenix Municipal Stadium when Suggs and his cousin were leaving the "Rock the Rim" basketball tournament.

A question of honor
Getting drunk on a Friday night. Being a vocal protester at an anti-war rally. These actions could be grounds for punishment soon under a new code of conduct policy, and its vague wording is raising a few eyebrows.

ASU extracurricular activities conditions for participation
ASU extracurricular activities provide valuable opportunities for students to enhance their educational experience at ASU. The privilege to participate in these activities is conditioned on the important responsibility to represent the University with honor, dignity and integrity.

Comics: F-Minus
A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

Comics: W.M.U.
A comic strip by Joseph Bowen.

Almost hardcore
The earth is angry. Something has violated her inner core and she is having a bitchfest. Birds fall out of the sky and cause traffic accidents, there are horrific lightning storms, and people with pacemakers are dropping dead all over the place.

So, NASA designs a phallic-shaped vessel to penetrate the earth's surface deeper and deeper into the red-hot magma. When the vessel's crew finally reach the center, they are sweaty and exhausted. But they are still able to fire four nuclear bombs into the liquid metal core. The Earth reacts with a shudder of seismic activity across her entire surface. Her anger dissipates and she is satisfied at last.

Murphy's Law:Sail Inn takes me away
Hello all - no, Joe has not become a blond woman over spring break. I am the woman behind the man in this publication, the assistant as it were. And I am invading Cup o' Joe this week. Why? Well, in case you haven't noticed, our cover story this week involves Tempe's beloved hippie hangout - Sail Inn. I love this place.

Making its Marq
When the owners of Tempe's Red River Music Hall decided to sell, the choice seemed like a smart one. The concert hall is located at the north end of Mill Avenue, a prime scene for local youth to spend an evening with the sounds that rock their young minds. But country and jazz, the genres most frequently heard at the venue, generally relate to a more mature audience.

That, however, is the past. Nobody In Particular Presents, a Denver-based promotions company, bought Red River and has renamed it the Marquee Theatre. NIPP also owns locations in three other states, which facilitates the process of trying to find venues willing and able to carry bands the company wants to promote.

'Toned down
Imagine being a local Tempe band, playing gigs around town when suddenly, after only 20 shows, you are discovered by an RCA executive and signed to a label subsidiary. You're thrown on tour, playing packed shows in New York City and getting airplay on radio stations nationwide.

But today, you're "rocking out" at Chicago Fest in downtown Scottsdale to a crowd that barely fills a fourth of the blue folding chairs set up in front of the dingy stage. What went wrong? For Gloritone, this scenario isn't some cruel nightmare. It's reality.

Setting Sail
In the beginning, The Hut rested on Third Street and Mill Avenue and was like many downtown Tempe scenes of its time. It was a cozy and humble locally-owned bar, where neighbors spent afternoons knocking back six-packs of Keystone with full confidence that the bartender knew their name and their drink.

However, in 1976, the city of Tempe initialed its first redevelopment scheme and consequently bought out much of a contingency of local bars' land along Mill Avenue, causing The Hut to relocate to a spot out of the path of progress.

Rock the vote
Any time comedian Chris Rock steps on stage, it's no surprise when he begins spewing politically incorrect statements, racial slurs and obscenities. In fact, it's expected.

In his new movie, Head of State, Rock delivers yet another no-holds-barred performance, playing a Washington, D.C., neighborhood alderman who's on the verge of losing his job.

Local motion
Working for an AM radio station is like writing for a magazine that's published upside-down and backward in a newspaper: If you want to shed your obscurity, you're going to have to be pretty creative.

ASU's on-campus radio station The Blaze, KASC-AM 1260, has a history of creative endeavors such as on-campus band performances and on-air giveaways, and recently has been broadening its horizons even more by launching a weekly live local music show at the Lucky Dragon restaurant and nightclub in Tempe.

Jazz 101
While Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake tussle over the top of the pops, the battle to bolster support for the profound and culturally essential rages on, almost unobserved.

However, music enthusiasts who seek to find a little history, creativity and exultation can experience the rhapsodic sounds of jazz music through Jazz Week 2003 at the Katzin Concert Hall in the ASU Music Building from Sunday through April 3.

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