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Editorial: Tuition hike deserved more than baby talk
Gaga goo goo. Baba beebie? Like us, you should start practicing your baby talk, because that's all our administration wants to hear from us, as they have been "pacifying" the student body for the past week.

Letters to the Editor: Readers show PETA disgust, support
The letters in response to recent columns, including a note from a reader who writes that he "assertively agrees" with President Crow's objections to the controversial PETA shock campaign, as well as a letter of support.

Conflicting interests drown out protests' messages
While ASU students held a war protest on Wednesday to coincide with demonstrations at aboud 400 high school and college campuses around the country, our students decided that one protest wasn't enough.

Rainy weeks don't mean we're out of the water with drought
Don't be fooled. The rainy conditions of late convince Arizona residents that there is no longer a concern over rain levels. In fact, we should be more considerate of our water use now to avoid deceiving ourselves.

Spring Break Special: Great places to go in Arizona
The State Press editorial board searched far and wide in the great state of Arizona for interesting locations to visit for spring break, whether you are low on cash or have slacked off with your vacation plans.

Spring Break Fantasies: The tree that took a girl's virginity
My ultimate fantasy for a spring break probably wouldn't be exactly what you would expect from a wild party animal like myself. If I had $500 and a vehicle, I would go over to Tip Top nursery and buy myself a tree.

Risky behavior not policed in ASU football recruiting
College recruiting groups such as ASU's Sun Devil Recruiters are being condemned by critics and college football administrators who say the groups are sexist, potentially dangerous and almost certain to bring embarrassment to the universities that sponsor them.

'Romeo and Juliet' overcomes director's ailments
A new director has taken over and a new opening day has been scheduled for the Ensemble's production of Romeo and Juliet, which will open March 7.

Club Sports: Ice Devils meet disappointment in tourney
Hopes of a national championship for the Division III ASU hockey team ended Thursday after they were upset by Tennessee 3-2 in the first round of the American Collegiate Hockey Association tournament.

Nigerian Islamic revival discussed over lunch break
While conflicts based on fundamentalist Islam in the Middle East get all the attention, nearby African nations' own struggles have been going on behind the scenes. In one midday hour, the silence was broken.

Photo Essay: Bill Pickett Rodeo
Photo essay of the all African-American Bill Pickett Rodeo.

Snotty noses run gauntlet of campus napkins
Campus napkins, or "nasal treasures" for non-hankie-handlers like me, fluctuate so greatly in quality that the difference between napkins from one dining facility to another could mean a raw, clown-nose in just a few wipes.

To help you better choose where to grab substitute Kleenex on campus this season, I've included the following review of ASU dining napkins.

Honors college students serve South Phoenix community
South Ranch II resides in the middle of run-down houses and crime in South Phoenix much like a mirage in a desert, only it's not imaginary. It has something no other housing community in Arizona does: the Stardust House.

One of the center's affiliates is ASU's Barrett Honors College, whose students volunteer there twice a week to teach and mentor the community's children.

Reality TV Roundup: 'Survivor' loses oomph with drugs, Probst
This week begins the premiere of the new FOX reality show "Married By America," where five single men and women are letting America voters pick a fiancé for them.

Football: Koetter quickly delivers cornerbacks coach
The ASU football team suffered a significant loss on Wednesday, but filled the void and then some within in less than 24 hours. Two days ago, Ron English announced he would be leaving ASU for University Michigan.

Devil Dish: NBA All-Star 'virus' puts top teams in slump
The top three teams in the conference have all suffered horrible losing skids since the break. So what has all this meant in the standings? Absolutely nothing. All three teams are still one-half game apart.

Softball: Twelve-team tourney awaits Devils in San Jose
For the fourth-consecutive time, the ASU softball team will be taking on multiple opponents over a single weekend. This time, the Sun Devils will take to the road for San Jose's National Invitational Tournament.

W Hoops: Devils hope for flash of brilliance in Pac-10 tourney
A rebuilding year could turn into a banner year. Beginning tonight, the youthful Sun Devils will attempt to defend their conference championship from a year ago in the second-annual Pac-10 tournament in San Jose.

Gymnastics: ASU goes to work building on No. 2 ranking
The ASU gymnastics team is focused on teamwork and consistency as it settles into the No. 2 ranking in the country and prepares for its meet against Boise State University. Though excited, they aren't partying yet.

W Tennis: ASU faces top-five conference teams in California
The ASU women's tennis team is traveling to California for a weekend of dual meets. Today, they take on No. 3 Stanford at 1:30 p.m. and continue on Saturday when they face No. 4 California at noon.

M Tennis: California, Stanford bring solid game to town
The ASU men's tennis team is looking forward to being at home as they face a pair of top-10 teams. Today, the Sun Devils take on No. 5 California at 1:30 pm and on Saturday they duel No. 6 Stanford at noon.

No. 4 Sun Devils rock Cal-State
The No. 4 ASU baseball team took the first game of the Bob Schaefer Memorial Baseball Classic, pounding out 15 hits to score in double figures for the eighth-straight game in a 10-2 win over Cal-State Northridge.

Millage, Devils roast Ducks
It took four games, but the ASU men's basketball team finally picked up a big win. Senior guard Curtis Millage scored 27 points and senior forward Tommy Smith added 24 as ASU beat Oregon 91-77 at home.

ASU President Michael Crow to show ASU the money
In a memo sent to student government officials, Michael Crow outlined ways revenue from the upcoming 40 percent tuition increase will be used for ASU's "educational mission."

The move comes after a series of meetings with students and negotiations with the ASASU as part of its "Show Me The Money" campaign.

Cops squeeze Orange, Lemon
In a bust of two apartment complexes near ASU, Tempe police found $1,500 worth of crack and $1,000 worth of methamphetamines.

Police dubbed the maneuvers "Lemon Aid" and "Orange Crush." The raids produced the arrests of nine men and one woman.

Police Beat: Three men kidnap, threaten Tempe man
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 34-year-old Tempe man arrested after allegedly climbing a brick wall into a fenced commercial area and taking $150 of galvanized metal tubing.

Popular Mill Ave. bars close amid rent, license issues
The closing of Have a Nice Day Café and Jax Fusion has left Tempe with fewer options for drinking and dancing.

Have a Nice Day Café shut down Feb. 24, while Jax Fusion surprised some students by closing Sunday.

ASU graduate's design chosen for Sept. 11 memorial
A Sept. 11 memorial honoring the 184 people who died in the Pentagon was designed by a former ASU student. His design features 184 stylized benches to represent each of the people who died in the terrorist attack.

ASU Web site habla español
ASU administrators are working to translate main pages of the University's Web site into Spanish, so that Hispanics can better understand the University.

Regents approve tuition increase
The Board of Regents unanimously approved the largest undergraduate tuition increase in state history Thursday afternoon, and pledged to set aside 14 percent of total tuition funds for need-based financial aid.

Artist shows off room-sized musical instrument
A German artist who goes only by the name Trimpin opened his latest work, "Conloninpurple," at the Computing Commons Gallery. The piece is a room-sized interactive instrument made of metal and wood pieces.

The Kings of Leon's 'High Roller Novocaine'
Seedy ReviewsIn the rare instance when I actually receive some high-quality rock'n'roll sent to the magazine, it's a cause for celebration that no amount of critical analysis can describe.

Holy Roller Novocaine from The Kings of Leon was the cause for such a celebration. When I heard it, I flipped out. I felt like starting a parade or something. These guys are everything that The Strokes, The Hives, The Vines, or any other band with "The" in its title have ever dreamed of sounding like.

Great Big Sea's 'Sea of No Cares'
Seedy ReviewsIf Great Big Sea is the next big wave in feel-good music, I think I'd rather drown.

Sea of No Cares is an accumulation of toe-tappin', sing-along songs for predictable romantic-comedy soundtracks and Irish-style ditties.

Ice Cube's 'The Albums That Shook a Nation'
Seedy ReviewsLike many who put stock in the right-wing diatribe of the early-1990s, I once believed the Los Angeles riots following the Rodney King verdict were the result of profiteering gangbangers-turned-entertainers who set out to turn their so-called art into a contrived reality.

Then, I listened to Ice Cube, and his chronicles of South Central via AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted, Death Certificate, The Predator and Lethal Injection.

Becky Brems' mind is like a strobe light, and only a camera can capture the fleeting images of its dance floor.

At least, that's what the ASU photography senior's message seems to be as she chats about tomorrow evening's "First Friday" show at Phoenix's local artist refuge, Gallery 1023.

Treading lightly
Recently, Charlie Levy and Jim Adkins were having dinner at Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe and, as if driven by some divine force, they began talking about record labels. As the conversation escalated, they realized that they were at the threshold of a really great concept.

As it turns out Levy, a long-time Phoenix concert promoter, and Adkins, the lead singer of the local super group Jimmy Eat World, had shared many of the same thoughts about beginning a record label in Phoenix. They both wanted to start off slow and cultivate the label over time and they both had similar bands in mind.

Red scare
Fresh off a world tour, the 30-year-old DJ Vadim will be gracing the Valley with his innovative European version of hip-hop at Modified Arts on Wednesday. Vadim, who has been deejaying for more than a decade, has experimented with funk and jungle music throughout Europe and has an unorthodox musical fashion that blends hip-hop with a unique brand of electronic jazz. He recently finished his seventh LP - USSR: The Art of Listening - which features Gift of Gab, of underground hip-hop icons Blackalicious.

A cry for war: 'Tears of the Sun' review
The new action picture Tears of the Sun, by director Antoine Fuqua [Training Day], believes in two great American institutions: democracy and cleavage.

The movie pretends to be a serious film by portraying the grim effects on the civilian populace of an African civil war. But the movie undermines its serious intentions with its many Hollywood conventions, including cliché dialogue and situations, high-tech action sequences and numerous, comical cleavage shots of a beautiful young American missionary/doctor.

Rousing grief: 'Till Human Voices Wake Us' review
Though Till Human Voices Wake Us contains fantasy and supernatural elements that are never explained, it is neither a horror movie nor a thriller in the conventional sense. Here, the supernatural story is a gentle parable about how Sam learns to unburden himself from his paralyzing grief. The end resolves matters not in a realistic way but in an emotional way. Some viewers may have a hard time with this, but I loved it; Sam's final revelations filled me with the joy of being alive.

Asian persuasion
Margaret Cho doesn't take any shit. So she says anyway, and we are inclined to believe her.

Having just completed her brazenly wanton "Notorious C.H.O." comedy tour and movie, Cho is about to embark on her new "Revolution Tour," a more politically-themed nationwide excursion, that parallels Cho in ads for the tour to Che Guevara, and promises to be just as shocking as previous tours. She brings her lambada-dance of language to the Dodge Theatre on Friday.

Dancing against the grain
Twelve years - including two of professional tours with his own dance company - later, Brad Garner, 31, has returned to the ASU stages in pursuit of his master of fine arts degree.

Garner will present his thesis project, "Crash," this weekend at the Herberger College's "New Danceworks II" modern dance concert. The concert also includes "Plenty: Surviving Fear and Depression," choreographed by graduate student Kimberly Karpanty.

Profile & Conquer
When movies first appeared, they were portrayed as the root of all delinquency in children and promiscuity in women. Rock music of the '60s was the work of the devil. When the tragedy at Columbine occurred, Marilyn Manson was the first to be called out.

Now, with war looming on America's horizon, random acts of violence in video games are being replaced by vengeful acts toward terrorists found in desert terrain.

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