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Letters to the Editor: Thanks to Moody's opposition
The letters in response to recent news and columns, including a letter thanking readers for writing angry responses to Daniel R. Moody's ledder opposing ASU's new Gay and Lesbian Studies certificate program.

Editorial: Can this year be different?
When the polls open up today, maybe more than 5 percent of the ASU students will decide to take an interest in who represents them. Recent events might force students to vote in this year's ASASU elections.

Put dead presidents to better use than the Arizona Lotto
Last week, the marketing team for the Arizona Lotto received some very good news: Market researchers reported that 25 percent of Lotto players played less last year because they discovered they weren't winning.

New I.D. card hurts immigrants with prohibitive fees
While "matrícula consular" sounds like just another south-of-the-border dish, it's something much more important than an indigestion-inducing meal. In English, the Consular I.D. card may become a household term.

Our tax dollars at work killing small-time farm operations
The traditional small farmer is an endangered species today, unfortunately. International agribusiness corporations have recently been pursuing an unprecedented program of predatory pricing.

Spring Break Fantasies: The tree that took a girl's virginity
My ultimate fantasy for a spring break probably wouldn't be exactly what you would expect from a wild party animal like myself. If I had $500 and a vehicle, I would go over to Tip Top nursery and buy myself a tree.

Spring Break Special: Great places to go in Arizona
The State Press editorial board searched far and wide in the great state of Arizona for interesting locations to visit for spring break, whether you are low on cash or have slacked off with your vacation plans.

Risky behavior not policed in ASU football recruiting
College recruiting groups such as ASU's Sun Devil Recruiters are being condemned by critics and college football administrators who say the groups are sexist, potentially dangerous and almost certain to bring embarrassment to the universities that sponsor them.

'Simpsons' kills with focus on Flanders and Tomei
Sunday's episode of The Simpsons, "A Star is Born-Again," succeeds as every episode does in entertaining its audience. It definitely brings on the laughs when guest star Marisa Tomei becomes romantically involved with Ned Flanders.

Devil Dish: Weekend bigger for sports than it appears
It was quite a weekend for ASU sports, but, much to this editor's dismay, that is not evident in today's sports pages. On behalf of the entire sports section, I offer an apology to each of the teams and all our readers.

Sun Devils drop third-straight
A new-look starting lineup including Kyle Dodd and Shawn Redhage couldn't turn things around for the ASU men's basketball team Sunday as California handed the Sun Devils their third-straight loss, 80-72.

ASU now finds itself in fifth place, one game behind Oregon for the fourth spot.

Baseball: Devils set starting record with Penn State win
The ASU baseball team captured its best start in school history Sunday, but Penn State University made sure it would not come easy. ASU had to bounce back after a couple mid-inning rallies from the Nittany Lions.

W Hoops: Devils put up half the fight in Stanford loss
The ASU women's basketball team found itself in a battle with a giant in the form of No. 9 Stanford on Saturday. However, the Sun Devils were able to do something new: play their best basketball in the second half.

Softball: ASU splits UO, UCR while setting pair of records
The ASU softball team spent the weekend being bullied by top-10 Oklahoma as well as winning against a meager opponent, UC Riverside's Highlanders. The Devils also set a pair of records along the way.

ASU gymnastics easily wins UNO's Classic tourney
The ASU gymnastics team has posted season highs on numerous occasions this year, and that trend continued Friday in the UNO's Classic at Wells Fargo Arena as ASU easily won the three-team meet.

M Tennis: Devils down 'Cats
The ASU men's tennis team stole a dual meet from rival University of Arizona Wildcats in the last minute Friday, claiming their first Pac-10 win of the season at the Whiteman Tennis Center.

Police Beat: Party girls wanted by Cholla trespasser
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 21-year-old Tempe man arrested on the charge of trespassing at the Cholla Apartments. He allegedly was searching for girls to come to his party.

Sentencing for stabber delayed
The man convicted of stabbing an ASU student was to be sentenced to no less than five years in prison on Friday.

However, Judge Alfred Fenzel agreed to delay John Karl Munninger's hearing until March 26. The defense team reportedly did not receive prosecution paperwork soon enough.

ASU eliminates MU cafeteria
ASU will spend about $1 million renovating the Union Square cafeteria in the Memorial Union.

Mike Matthies said four food venues will take its place: a Starbucks, a Pandini's California pizza stand, a Salsa Rico Mexican-style retailer and a Mein Bowl oriental food vendor.

Vote Today!
Today and tomorrow, the ASU Main student body will elect a president and vice president to represent it in ASU's student government, the Associated Students of ASU.

Greek anti-war comedy to be performed on lawn tonight
Anti-war demonstrators have found a new way to protest a war in Iraq - through theater performance. Today an ASU group joins 928 groups worldwide in performing Aristophanes' Greek comedy "Lysistrata."

Honing In: Tyson sinks his teeth into reality TV
Cover your ears - and your eyes. Rumor has it former undisputed heavyweight biting and boxing champion Mike Tyson may take a jab at his own reality TV show. Its producers may already have a clever name.

SPM: DJ Smash's 'Phonography 2'
Seedy ReviewsHot on the heels of Norah Jones' eight Grammy Awards, Blue Note Records blesses the world with another body of work from one of its groundbreaking artists, DJ Smash's Phonography 2. Smash has worked with Blue Note since the early 1990s.

Lisa Germano's 'Lullaby for a Liquid Pig'
Seedy ReviewsLisa Germano delivers a lullaby fit for people and perhaps even liquid pigs. Her ninth album, Lullaby for a Liquid Pig, which is scheduled to be released in April, blesses the listener with 36 minutes of deep, emotional exploration.

The Art of Science
What do 125 volts surging through a fresh pickle have in common with the 1980s/early-'90s alternative rock group, The Pixies? For David Lovering, the pickle and the band have more in common than one would think.

Peace and quiet
Bobcat Goldthwait was once a rebellious, obnoxious young comedian on top of the world, willing to do anything for attention. Today, at 40, he's past the point in his life when it was cool to rappel nude down the side of a coliseum and dress up as Madonna for awards shows.

SPM: Jumpin' Jax
Mill Avenue dwellers eagerly peek through the dark-tinted windows, trying to get a glimpse of what's going on inside. It's 11 o'clock and a petite blonde swings upside down on a trapeze bar, dressed in a black, skin-tight, two-piece outfit.

SPM: Six feet under
Director Andrzej Bartkowiak and his usual cast return to the big screen in Cradle 2 the Grave, the third film from the cinematographer turned filmmaker. His previous films were Romeo Must Die with Jet Li and DMX, and Exit Wounds with DMX and Steven Segal.

Mass appeal
Local hard rock band Opiate for the Masses and the Betty Ford clinic have two things in common: They both cater to "all walks of life" and continuously deal with people heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Re'constructing' an art scene
Jennifer Kiraly acknowledges that over the past couple of decades she has seen the Phoenix art scene evolve from the mecca of cliché Southwest artwork to the vibrant contemporary art scene of today.

Outspoken's 'Bitter Shovel'
Seedy ReviewsAh, the good ol' salad days of grunge rock. How I missed them. Now you, too, can play that smooth Seattle sound in your very own band and all it'll cost you is the low, low price of your SOUL.

50 Cent's 'Live Rich or Die Tryin''
Seedy ReviewsWhat were Dr. Dre and Eminem thinking when they helped produced 50 Cent's Live Rich or Die Tryin'? The album, which is sitting atop the Billboard charts for a third straight week, doesn't deserve half the credit it's getting.

SPM: Ani DiFranco's 'Evolve'
Seedy ReviewsIn the live, double-CD that chronicles two years on tour and the musings of several-thousand of her concert-going fans, Ani Difranco shows that she's just as engaging in her studio work as she is onstage.

Singing soprano
So, it's Friday night. The directors and singers of the opera "Xerxes" are hoping that a fresh, funny, and updated version of the 18th-century opera "Xerxes" will have you re-thinking what you think you know.

Afterschool Special
@ASUYoung musicians sit in a somewhat-straight line in a place where Phoenix's ancestors were baptized, married, and received communion. This congregation is more interested in the gospel according to Mozart.

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