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Letters to the Editor: 'Real World' keynotes waste money
The letters in response to recent columns, including a reader writing that inviting the 'Real World' celebrity guests, who found out about the conference topic at the last moment, was a waste of students' money.

Iraq misses the real debates while Hussein is in power
I challenge all you detractors out there to a debate. If you buy me a cup of coffee and a pastry, I will meet you in any well-lit public arena, and you can say to my face all the mean things you say in your emails.

Plus/minus sneaks past student leaders, columnists
If you're not sure what the ASU Academic Senate thinks of you, here is what they told us Monday: ASU students don't have a voice. We're too apathetic to care about our educations and the future of the University.

Thin Mints lead to blood baths
Every year around this time the Girl Scouts of America come out in full force to sell cookies to every sucker who walks by. Like a lot of other traditions, there is something not quite right about Girl Scout cookies.

Editorial: ASU given the chance to right its past wrongs
Morris Starsky's widow is asking the University to rectify what she believes was an unconstitutional firing. Whether it's a tuition waiver or an admission of guilt, ASU should step up and try to rectify its past wrong.

Mouthing Off: Conquering vaginas and fearing cunts
Vagina is not a word spoken in polite conversation. It's a dirty word. One does not overhear conversations focused on vaginas. One does not usually care to engage in a conversation in which their own vagina is discussed. It is simply not done. Until recently...

Risky behavior not policed in ASU football recruiting
College recruiting groups such as ASU's Sun Devil Recruiters are being condemned by critics and college football administrators who say the groups are sexist, potentially dangerous and almost certain to bring embarrassment to the universities that sponsor them.

Sun Devil Stars awarded for positive contributions
ASU's Office of Student Development and the ASU Leadership Development Team recognized students who have served in less conspicuous leadership roles within the community Wednesday night.

Pita Pit brings quick, tasty Mediterranean food to ASU
If eating healthy on campus has you deep in the pit of despair, a new Greek-style fast food establishment near ASU may have just what you need. Pita Pit's first Arizona location opened 11 a.m. Monday.

Municipalities plan to tally area homeless population
A Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) homelessness committee released a plan at a meeting Feb. 14 to end homelessness. Tempe is for the first time beginning to embrace increasing social services.

Club Sports: Men's soccer priming for Fall success
Although the ASU men's soccer club doesn't start their game schedule until the fall, they are busying themselves in preparation for it right now by playing in the eight-team premier division of the Scottsdale United Adult Soccer League.

Dance classes bring out children's skills, personality
Moving Inventors is a new approach to teaching dance to children. They are classes designed for children to express themselves creatively through kinesthetic expressions of integrated dance themes.

Controversial professor believes he is being forced out
A popular ASU sociology professor, asked by his department to publish six scholarly papers within the next year-and-a-half, believes unreal expectations have been set for him in an effort to force him out.

Devil Dish: Wildcats not as good as we think they are
The Wildcats are not as good as we all might think they are. Granted, they destroyed ASU on Saturday, but this UA team just doesn't seem to have the punch that other championship teams of the past have had.

Swimming: Long-awaited Pac-10 meet arrives for Sun Devils
It was one of the main focal points of both the swimming and diving teams before the season began. Now the Pac-10 championship meet has arrived, beginning today with preliminary swimming and diving events.

Hoops: ASU sets sights on NCAA tourney before road trip
No one said earning a berth to the NCAA tournament would be easy. A week after losing to the No. 1 UA Wildcats, the ASU men's basketball team faces No. 19 Stanford today and No. 23 California on Sunday.

W Hoops: Last two home games huge before tourney
The clock is ticking and time is running out for the ASU women's basketball team. The Sun Devils could say their season has been better than their record indicates but they have lost seven of the last 10 games.

Former ASU baseball star has tough journey in majors
For former Sun Devil infielder Willie Bloomquist, the road to the Major Leagues has been as painful as it has been swift. Drafted by the Seattle Mariners in 1999, his first season of professional baseball was cut short.

State slashes repair funding
Forty-one ASU buildings have accumulated so many maintenance costs that it would be cheaper to tear them down and rebuild them than renovate them to modern standards.

For the third year, the Legislature has recommended against giving ASU any money to fix buildings in the proposed budget.

Police Beat: Man accused of shoplifting at Marshall's
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a Phoenix man arrested on the charge of shoplifting Tuesday at Arizona Mills Mall. The man allegedly attempted to take merchandise from Marshall's.

Hearing could change tuition increase
Changing DirectionsStudents will have the opportunity to influence the opinions of university administrators and the Arizona Board of Regents today through interactive televisions at 12 different state locations from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Starsky's family seeks retribution
High school senior Jacob Starsky would be getting 75 percent of his tuition waived - as children of faculty typically do - if he attends ASU next year. That is, if his father hadn't been fired from ASU over 30 years ago.

Afterschool Special
@ASUYoung musicians sit in a somewhat-straight line in a place where Phoenix's ancestors were baptized, married, and received communion. This congregation is more interested in the gospel according to Mozart.

Singing soprano
So, it's Friday night. The directors and singers of the opera "Xerxes" are hoping that a fresh, funny, and updated version of the 18th-century opera "Xerxes" will have you re-thinking what you think you know.

SPM: Ani DiFranco's 'Evolve'
Seedy ReviewsIn the live, double-CD that chronicles two years on tour and the musings of several-thousand of her concert-going fans, Ani Difranco shows that she's just as engaging in her studio work as she is onstage.

50 Cent's 'Live Rich or Die Tryin''
Seedy ReviewsWhat were Dr. Dre and Eminem thinking when they helped produced 50 Cent's Live Rich or Die Tryin'? The album, which is sitting atop the Billboard charts for a third straight week, doesn't deserve half the credit it's getting.

Outspoken's 'Bitter Shovel'
Seedy ReviewsAh, the good ol' salad days of grunge rock. How I missed them. Now you, too, can play that smooth Seattle sound in your very own band and all it'll cost you is the low, low price of your SOUL.

Re'constructing' an art scene
Jennifer Kiraly acknowledges that over the past couple of decades she has seen the Phoenix art scene evolve from the mecca of cliché Southwest artwork to the vibrant contemporary art scene of today.

Mass appeal
Local hard rock band Opiate for the Masses and the Betty Ford clinic have two things in common: They both cater to "all walks of life" and continuously deal with people heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol.

SPM: Six feet under
Director Andrzej Bartkowiak and his usual cast return to the big screen in Cradle 2 the Grave, the third film from the cinematographer turned filmmaker. His previous films were Romeo Must Die with Jet Li and DMX, and Exit Wounds with DMX and Steven Segal.

SPM: Jumpin' Jax
Mill Avenue dwellers eagerly peek through the dark-tinted windows, trying to get a glimpse of what's going on inside. It's 11 o'clock and a petite blonde swings upside down on a trapeze bar, dressed in a black, skin-tight, two-piece outfit.

Peace and quiet
Bobcat Goldthwait was once a rebellious, obnoxious young comedian on top of the world, willing to do anything for attention. Today, at 40, he's past the point in his life when it was cool to rappel nude down the side of a coliseum and dress up as Madonna for awards shows.

The Art of Science
What do 125 volts surging through a fresh pickle have in common with the 1980s/early-'90s alternative rock group, The Pixies? For David Lovering, the pickle and the band have more in common than one would think.

Lisa Germano's 'Lullaby for a Liquid Pig'
Seedy ReviewsLisa Germano delivers a lullaby fit for people and perhaps even liquid pigs. Her ninth album, Lullaby for a Liquid Pig, which is scheduled to be released in April, blesses the listener with 36 minutes of deep, emotional exploration.

SPM: DJ Smash's 'Phonography 2'
Seedy ReviewsHot on the heels of Norah Jones' eight Grammy Awards, Blue Note Records blesses the world with another body of work from one of its groundbreaking artists, DJ Smash's Phonography 2. Smash has worked with Blue Note since the early 1990s.

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