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Mouthing Off: Conquering vaginas and fearing cunts
Vagina is not a word spoken in polite conversation. It's a dirty word. One does not overhear conversations focused on vaginas. One does not usually care to engage in a conversation in which their own vagina is discussed. It is simply not done. Until recently...

Letters to the Editor: Don't confuse gays, pedophiles
The letters in response to recent columns, including a letter from a reader responding to another letter and saying that gays and lesbians marrying cannot be connected to marriage between children and adults.

Where were the pacifists during Clinton's bomb raids?
The saddest thing about all the anti-war protesters is not that they're wrong or wasting their time. It's not even that they are doing their damndest to divide the country. The saddest thing is that they're full of it.

Forget what logic says: Be prepared for terrorist attacks!
Once you've finished hording supplies and sealing the windows with plastic and duct tape, go check out the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's newly created Web site,, for more useful tips.

Editorial: Stumped by Stossel's rational rhetoric
His mustache looked bigger in person. His nasal tone resonated with more twang than on TV, and his frankness was annoyingly familiar. But that's about all the bad juice we could squeeze out of John Stossel's visit.

Risky behavior not policed in ASU football recruiting
College recruiting groups such as ASU's Sun Devil Recruiters are being condemned by critics and college football administrators who say the groups are sexist, potentially dangerous and almost certain to bring embarrassment to the universities that sponsor them.

Pita Pit brings quick, tasty Mediterranean food to ASU
If eating healthy on campus has you deep in the pit of despair, a new Greek-style fast food establishment near ASU may have just what you need. Pita Pit's first Arizona location opened 11 a.m. Monday.

Municipalities plan to tally area homeless population
A Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) homelessness committee released a plan at a meeting Feb. 14 to end homelessness. Tempe is for the first time beginning to embrace increasing social services.

Club Sports: Men's soccer priming for Fall success
Although the ASU men's soccer club doesn't start their game schedule until the fall, they are busying themselves in preparation for it right now by playing in the eight-team premier division of the Scottsdale United Adult Soccer League.

Dance classes bring out children's skills, personality
Moving Inventors is a new approach to teaching dance to children. They are classes designed for children to express themselves creatively through kinesthetic expressions of integrated dance themes.

Controversial professor believes he is being forced out
A popular ASU sociology professor, asked by his department to publish six scholarly papers within the next year-and-a-half, believes unreal expectations have been set for him in an effort to force him out.

Opinion: UA's best, Tyson's talk and Griffey's gut
The two best college basketball teams in the country are UA and UA's bench. Kentucky, Oklahoma and Florida are good teams, but if the Wildcats are on their game in March, they will pummel them all.

Devil Dish: Tyson fight all about the benjamins
Last Tuesday, Clifford Etienne told reporters that there was no way he would fight Mike Tyson on Saturday. Then two days later, he had a change of heart, saying that he would honor his promise to fight.

Teams ready for Pac-10 tourney
christopher kaahanui jrWith a tournament berth on the horizon, ASU will be put to the test this weekend with road games at California and Stanford. If ASU can win its 20th game before the Pac-10 Tournament in Los Angeles, it would probably guarantee the Sun Devils a spot in the NCAA Tournament.

Baseball: ASU could surpass starting record this weekend
The No. 4 Sun Devils increased their winning streak to 12 games over the weekend. ASU can eclipse their best start ever, 23-1 in 1972, with a three game sweep over Penn State University at home this weekend.

Softball: Three wins at rainy tourney keep gloom away
The No. 14 ASU softball team isn't exactly crying itself a river after the Sun Devils fought off three-straight opponents, as well as the elements at the NFCA Leadoff Classic in Columbus, Ga., over the weekend.

Police Beat: Man attempts to load parked car onto trailer
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 33-year-old Casa Grande man arrested Saturday on the charge of attempted vehicle theft. The man allegedly attempted to load a parked car onto a trailer.

Changing Directions: Grad students lack need-based aid
If the proposed 40 percent tuition increase is approved in April, undergraduate and graduate students will find themselves on unequal footing. No funds are yet allotted to help graduate students in need.

John Stossel packs Murdock
Freedom, limited government and allowing free markets to operate without regulatory interference.

That was John Stossel's message to a full house of more than 600 students and faculty Monday evening in Murdock Hall.

Plus/minus system passed
The ASU Academic Senate voted to adopt a new plus/minus grading system. The measure was approved 47-18 and a recommendation will be sent to ASU President Michael Crow for final approval by the week's end.

GPA requirements for honors distinction may change
The ASU Academic Senate presented a proposal Monday afternoon to increase the honors graduation standards. Minimum GPA requirements for honors distinction tiers will increase by one-tenth of a point.

ASU urged to donate blood
On Feb. 18, the Red Cross issued an emergency appeal throughout Arizona for blood donations, claiming it is critical that ASU students and faculty donate more blood than they normally would.

Indie sci-fi film tells tale of ASU student, vortex magic
Vortexes, Native American mysticism and ASU have come together in "Vortex." The film tells the story of a young Native American woman named Skye, an ASU graduate student with mysterious healing powers.

Grammy wrap-up: Award show gives it up for Jones
The 2003 Grammy Awards easily could have been renamed The Norah Jones Show. Jones walked away with a total of five awards, including Best New Artist, Album of the Year, and Record of the Year (for "Don't Know Why").

Reality TV Roundup: Finales not all were cracked up to be
A summary of the past week's reality TV shows, including the finales of "Joe Millionaire" and "The Bachelorette" and the two new episodes of "American Idol."

Spacey's no blow-hard
Cup O JoeHollywood has a long history of sticking its surgically-altered nose in places it really doesn't belong, coming down from the Hollywood Hills to push its agenda to the American public for decades.

Deja 'Blue'
In Dark Blue, Kurt Russell's character, Sgt. Eldon Perry Jr., manages to embody every single rogue-cop stereotype that has graced the silver screen. He kills whomever he wants, drinks like a fish and has forgotten how to love.

SPM: Shakesbeer for everyone!
If you mesh the work of the ingenious playwright William Shakespeare with a big fat buffoon in Homer Simpson, you'll end up with an eight-year-old joke - an original spoof of "Macbeth" called "MacHomer."

Growing up is hard to do
Your college years will be over before you know it. In the new movie Old School, Mitch [Luke Wilson], Frank [Will Ferrell] and Beanie [Vince Vaughn], each come to that dreaded point in their lives when it's time to grow up.

Confusion reigns
Discovering the perfect band to be in is like the game of love. Soaking Fused guitarist Steve Himmelstein says the question is if "you have to have sex with the band before you find out if it's going to work out."

Talking lips
Saturday, vaginas across Tempe will come out of hibernation and unite for the fifth-straight year as Eve Ensler's award-winning play, The Vagina Monologues, returns to ASU. This year the play will include a new monologue.

A Manzy beginning
Manzanita Hall: rumored to be home of an ungodly amount of infectious STDs and ... rock stars? The latter is definitely true. Four years ago, Manzy's halls were the home of Something Corporate's guitarist, Josh Parington.

'Gale' Force
In The Life of David Gale, in theaters Friday, Kevin Spacey plays a college professor and passionate crusader against the death penalty who, in a strange turn of events, ends up on death row himself.

Outside the lines
Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach. But don't tell that to ASU Master of Fine Arts student Jane Almirall. Her exhibit, "Migratory Inclinations," begins its display in the Harry Wood Gallery this week.

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