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Anticipate riding on something long, hard, fast and light
Like so many unsuccessful gamers, the Valley has failed to create a working mass transit system. Sure, buses will get people from point A to point B, but people want something bigger, faster and stronger.

Stop legislating morality, legalize same-sex marriage
The fact that two people in love can't legally get married just because they are of the same sex is one of the most frustrating things in the world today. When is someone else's personal life bigots' business?

Don't oppose the war when you could make a buck off it
According to Wednesday's New York Times, Turkey is withholding its support for the war pending a $32 billion economic aid package from the United States. Don't miss the lesson the Turkish government is teaching us all.

Editorial: Fear-mongers the only threat to our security
Orange Alert. Homeland Security. Duct tape and plastic sheets. Over the past couple of weeks these words have been thrown around, out of the mouths of our government and into the heads of a recovering nation.

Editorial: Prepare, not panic, in case of possible attack
After the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the government was criticized for doing nothing despite knowing the attacks were coming. Now, the government is trying to prevent such attacks and is criticized for "fear-mongering."

Letters to the Editor: Blighted campus no better than frats
The letters in response to recent columns, including a response to an editorial from a reader who wrote that campus officials need to look beyond dilapidated frat houses to other run-down buildings on campus.

Mall Rants: Same-sex marriages
ASU students rant about their feelings about same-sex marriages.

ASU student gets shot at 'Weakest Link' game show
Imagine there are dozens of bright lights shining straight into your face. Cameras, glaring contestants, and a smirking, sarcastic man firing trivia questions left and right surround you. No, this is no nightmare: It's the taping of "The Weakest Link," which will feature an ASU student tonight.

Controversial professor believes he is being forced out
A popular ASU sociology professor, asked by his department to publish six scholarly papers within the next year-and-a-half, believes unreal expectations have been set for him in an effort to force him out.

Postcards from Spain: Life shockingly different abroad
So far this semester, I have been in Spanish classes with students from countries including Germany, Iceland, Norway, Scotland and Sweden. The people I was used to seeing on a daily basis were suddenly e-mail addresses in my inbox.

Regatta attracts more than 400 rowers to Tempe Town Lake
That sound of rowing was rampant this weekend at Tempe Town Lake, where more than 400 rowers from Arizona, San Diego, Dallas and other areas competed in Desert Springs - a rowing regatta hosted by the Rio Salado Rowing Club and the City of Tempe.

Hoops: Teams' big men could decide ASU, UA game
Saturday night's matchup between ASU and UA is probably the biggest game of the year for both schools. And the difference between winning and losing this big game could come down the biggest men on the court.

W Hoops: Devils struggle in injured Boardman's absence
The ASU women's basketball team has gone into battle without its primary weapon throughout the 2002-03 campaign. Junior forward Betsy Boardman has watched all 24 of the Sun Devils' games from the bench.

Devil Dish: NASCAR sponsors corrupt kids
While watching the Daytona 500, the one thing that seemed to glare out at me was the fact that the powers that be in NASCAR are trying to push this sport, if you can call it a sport, as a family gathering event.

Divers set bar for rest of Devils
Freshman Joona Puhakka and sophomore Trisha Tumlinson have led the ASU men's and women's diving teams through the year by setting an example of consistency. Both are also less than 21 years old.

UA Ticket Contest
Enter to win tickets to the sold out ASU/UA basketball game.

Police Beat: Woman accepts $10 for performing sexual act
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 31-year-old transient woman arrested Tuesday on the charge of prostitution. The woman allegedly accepted $10 to perform oral sex.

Changing Directions: Tuition increase adds to financial aid
Implementing the largest tuition increase in state history will make ASU more affordable for some students. The idea might seem like a paradox, but about 40 percent of the tuition revenues come back as financial aid.

Caution urged for Tempeans
Tempe police are asking residents to use common sense when it comes to preparing for a possible terrorist attack.

"We ask people to be vigilant, and call us if they see something that they think is unusual," Tempe police Sgt. Dan Masters said.

ASU's THEMIS camera finds ice on the Red Planet
Phil Christensen, ASU professor of geological sciences, said now that scientists have discovered water underneath icy regions on Mars from satellite camera images, they would seek out life forms on the planet.

Police arrest Tempe 'Bandit'
luke j stultzTempe police arrested Luke J. Stultz, 19, Tuesday who they believe is responsible for 12 robberies near ASU.

According to police reports, Stultz admitted to committing the robberies over a span of three weeks in the neighborhood of University and Hardy - less than 300 yards from where he lives.

ASU plans for terror attacks
ASU administrators are asking students to "not be overly concerned" about general national threats declaring universities as prospective terrorist targets, while they make plans for emergency "staging areas."

ASU President Michael Crow said the University has not received any information specifically indicating ASU as a target.

Breaking News: Police arrest murder suspect
The Tempe Police Department arrested a suspect Wednesday afternoon in connection with the beating death of a man outside of a Tempe nightclub.

Twenty-two-year-old Christopher Kaahanui Jr. was charged with one count of manslaughter in the killing of Kevin Johnson, 24, who was found beaten and unconscious outside of Have a Nice Day Café early Sunday morning.

Man charged in beating death released on bail
christopher kaahanui jrThe man charged in the beating death of 24-year-old Kevin Johnson in front of Have a Nice Day Café was released from jail Thursday.

Christopher Kaahanui Jr., 22, facing the charge of manslaughter, was released from Maricopa County Jail after posting a $54,000 bail. Authorities are monitoring him electronically.

Outside the lines
Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach. But don't tell that to ASU Master of Fine Arts student Jane Almirall. Her exhibit, "Migratory Inclinations," begins its display in the Harry Wood Gallery this week.

'Gale' Force
In The Life of David Gale, in theaters Friday, Kevin Spacey plays a college professor and passionate crusader against the death penalty who, in a strange turn of events, ends up on death row himself.

A Manzy beginning
Manzanita Hall: rumored to be home of an ungodly amount of infectious STDs and ... rock stars? The latter is definitely true. Four years ago, Manzy's halls were the home of Something Corporate's guitarist, Josh Parington.

Talking lips
Saturday, vaginas across Tempe will come out of hibernation and unite for the fifth-straight year as Eve Ensler's award-winning play, The Vagina Monologues, returns to ASU. This year the play will include a new monologue.

Confusion reigns
Discovering the perfect band to be in is like the game of love. Soaking Fused guitarist Steve Himmelstein says the question is if "you have to have sex with the band before you find out if it's going to work out."

Growing up is hard to do
Your college years will be over before you know it. In the new movie Old School, Mitch [Luke Wilson], Frank [Will Ferrell] and Beanie [Vince Vaughn], each come to that dreaded point in their lives when it's time to grow up.

SPM: Shakesbeer for everyone!
If you mesh the work of the ingenious playwright William Shakespeare with a big fat buffoon in Homer Simpson, you'll end up with an eight-year-old joke - an original spoof of "Macbeth" called "MacHomer."

Deja 'Blue'
In Dark Blue, Kurt Russell's character, Sgt. Eldon Perry Jr., manages to embody every single rogue-cop stereotype that has graced the silver screen. He kills whomever he wants, drinks like a fish and has forgotten how to love.

Spacey's no blow-hard
Cup O JoeHollywood has a long history of sticking its surgically-altered nose in places it really doesn't belong, coming down from the Hollywood Hills to push its agenda to the American public for decades.

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