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Letters to the Editor: Iranians unfairly singled out
The letters in response to recent columns, including a note from a reader who wrote that the condemnation of Valentine's Day occurred in many other countries besides Iran, and that the country was unfairly targeted.

Editorial: Serial robber befuddles our boys in blue
The "Blue-eyed Bandit" has evaded the Tempe Police Department for three weeks now. How does he do it? By striking in extremely predictable patterns that, apparently, are too difficult for our police force to crack.

Hayden Lawn Clean Elections rally voices students' concerns
Next year, ASU students will face the largest tuition increase in state history. Join a coalition of student groups on campus today to tell the Legislature that it should listen to students, not special interests.

GOP's proposed budget cuts could hurt education
Arizona's Republican Party has prescribed spending less money for our current budget problem. It won't work. Republicans controlling Arizona's Legislature have already proposed a budgetary plan that is hurting ASU.

No-call lists recognize telemarketers' silence golden
Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but I hope that the new no-call lists restricting telemarketers will not be screwed up by the government. The House of Representatives just passed a bill creating this list.

ASU professor applies theories to life, entertains students
Stephen Happel would never waste his time standing in a long line to buy tickets to a baseball game. That, he would insist, is a waste of opportunity costs, especially when there are scalpers just waiting to sell their extra tickets.

Regatta attracts more than 400 rowers to Tempe Town Lake
That sound of rowing was rampant this weekend at Tempe Town Lake, where more than 400 rowers from Arizona, San Diego, Dallas and other areas competed in Desert Springs - a rowing regatta hosted by the Rio Salado Rowing Club and the City of Tempe.

Devil Dish: Soccer streakers, firecrackers show us real fans
Last week, my faith in Phoenix fandemonium was restored. The fans of the Mexican and Colombian national soccer teams put us all to shame when the teams visited the BOB on Feb. 12.

Hoops: Second-half surge propels Devils past Bruins
After a dominating win over USC on Thursday, the ASU men's basketball team proved that victory was no aberration with a equally dominant second half Saturday, en route to a 85-69 win over visiting UCLA.

W Hoops: ASU drops pair on road vs. USC, UCLA
In the words of head coach Charli Turner Thorne, the youthful Sun Devils "saw growth" yet couldn't "get over the hump" in a pair of games against the Los Angeles schools - losing to USC 64-56 and UCLA 71-62.

Baseball: ASU sweeps 3-game Surprise tourney
ASU head coach Pat Murphy mixed up the starting rotation to place different guys in different roles, and his decisions proved successful as the Sun Devils (17-1) swept through the Coca-Cola Classic in Surprise.

Softball: Devils learn from previous week's tourney, win 5
ASU hosted a tournament for the second weekend in a row, but they played their best ball in the end this time. The Sun Devils won the four-team Louisville Slugger Tournament, going 5-0 in three days.

Gymnastics: Sun Devils nearly upset No. 1 UCLA, set record
The ASU gymnastics team faced an uphill battle against No. 1 UCLA and went down fighting with a record-setting team total. The Bruins (9-1-1) won by a narrow 198.4-198.15 margin at Wells Fargo Arena.

Women's Tennis: ASU opens Pac-10 season victorious
The ASU women's tennis team improved to 5-0 as they defeated a competitive Oregon squad in the first Pac-10 dual meet of the season Saturday, a 5-2 triumph in Tempe.

UA Ticket Contest
Enter to win tickets to the sold out ASU/UA basketball game.

Police Beat: Man runs over curb with empty merlot in truck
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a man arrested for aggravated DUI after allegedly driving over a curb with an empty bottle of merlot on the floor of his truck.

ASU professor to be sentenced
The ASU plant biology professor accused of manufacturing Ecstasy in an on-campus lab entered a no-contest plea to his criminal charges Friday.

Professor Ralph Backhaus, 51, was arrested when Department of Public Safety officials on a sting operation found the recipe for Ecstasy on a piece of paper in his office.

Serial robber strikes AM/PM
Tempe police are searching for a serial robber who they have dubbed the "Blue-eyed Bandit." An AM/PM convenience store marked the 11th hit in the neighborhood of University and Hardy within the last three weeks.

Man dies of injuries from fight at Have a Nice Day Cafe
Kevin Daniel Johnson, 24, was found lying on the ground outside of Have a Nice Day Cafe. He was treated for serious injuries by paramedics at the scene and was later transported to Scottsdale Osborn Hospital.

Changing Directions: History of Tuition at ASU
The Changing Directions plan will attempt to differentiate ASU, UA and NAU by their individual strenghths. This is the first story in an eight-part series examining possible fee increases to accomodate this change.

Gay partners tie knot at ASU
When ASU English literature freshman Kim Powers and her partner, Kat, tied the knot on Friday, they chose the Student Services Building as the location to proclaim their love.

But it was more than just unity for the two women - it was also a public demonstration that same-sex couples have a right to marry.

Phoenix participates in worldwide anti-war protests
Police officers clad in riot gear lined up shoulder-to-shoulder across the center of Washington and First Streets in downtown Phoenix on Saturday. At least 50 college-aged people chanted and danced to tribal drumbeats.

'Venus' shows her bootylicious behind at West campus
The ASU West Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance Center's production of Suzan-Lori Parks' "Venus" is based on the 200-year-old true story of Saartjie Baartman and her protruding posterior.

RTV Roundup: America gets pissed as shows drag on
Reality TV fans wasted their time last week when "Joe Millionaire" and "The Bachelorette" didn't end, but put off their two-hour finales for another week so their networks could make as much money as possible.

300th and 301st episodes of 'Simpsons' don't disappoint
"The Simpsons" aired its 300th and 301st episodes Sunday night. "Barting Over" and "I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can" lived up to "Simpsons" reputation with priceless humor.

Laughable lovers
Calling all rejects! In case you haven't noticed, Valentine's Day is Friday. But do not fret, this may be the year when you break the cycle of lonely Valentine's Days past, spent home alone crying aloud to the Lifetime Channel.

Innocence lost, honesty found
It was just a little more than 365 days ago. This month, last year. The air was brisk, as it is now once the sun fades from our sight. I was nervous and vulnerable. I had no idea what to expect as I approached the steps of the unassuming house in central Phoenix.

Playing God
We live each day with the presumption that nothing can hurt us because we are inherently good. But according to "J.B.," a 1959 Pulitzer Prize-winning play that will be coming to ASU next week, we are all fools.

In the name of 'Love'
The mile-high town of 50 views and 450 people is used to travelers passing through. After living through four fires and a depression, the people of Jerome, Ariz. don't expect many visitors, or much from them when they do come.

Texans tell all
Despite their precarious reputations, Texans can sure tell good stories. Kevin Russell, the guitarist/ mandolin player/singer for the Austin-based rock group, The Gourds, is no exception.

Big steps on the big screen
Amy Ettinger, the director and founder of the Outfar! Phoenix International Lesbian and Gay Festival, has been offering an alternative to the Valentine's Day movie doldrums for the past seven years. Each year, the festival showcases several movies from around the world that feature characters, themes and issues from the gay and lesbian community.

Not so Daring
Daredevil, the new movie based on the Marvel Comics superhero, is just about as good as most of the other recent movies based on comic-book heroes. Which is to say that it is derivative, unoriginal, and mostly unengaging on the human-interest level.

Bound and Determined
As Kim Moody begins to explain the House's 20-year history of the "Exotic Art Show," he starts to laugh and gestures to the object of his amusement. "Um, the dildo in the window," he says, referring to a piece displayed nearby. It is a metal-constructed banana covering a vibrator, placed high on a pillow so that it stands erect and is noticeable from the outside. "I haven't seen the show up yet," he says chuckling.

On the road to independence
If you want something done right, do it yourself. If you want to make an album the way you want, start your own record label. Which is exactly what Big Head Todd and the Monsters did when they were all at the ripe young age of 25. Fourteen years later, three Colorado natives - Todd Park Mohr [guitar], Brian Nevin [drums and vocals] and Rob Squires [bass and vocals] - who make up the rock band BHTM, have got the record business down pat, but it wasn't always the case.

T 'n 'Anus'
Lloyd Garner is a realist and somewhat of a masochist. The ASU broadcast senior, and graduate of Scottsdale Community College's two-year film program, didn't set out to make Anus Magillicutty - an $800 "skin-flick, action-comedy" - a cinematic masterpiece.

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