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Bomb threat annoys students even with Orange Alert
We are all on "orange alert." This phrase sounds more like a bad sequel to "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes." But Orange Alert is a reality - the bad sequel was "Return of the Killer Tomatoes."

Specials reflect on Jackson's own twisted concept of love
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. So it's only appropriate to talk about love. But we have to narrow it down. So we won't talk about just any kind of love, but the kind a washed out pop star shares with young children.

Show Iranians some real love this Valentine's Day
Iran is cracking down on the lover's holiday. Just when you thought American cultural hegemony was safe, the Iranian police have dealt a crucial blow to our seemingly endless desire for people in other countries to do the same ridiculous stuff we do.

Editorial: Evans fails to hold player accountable for actions
Rob Evans, ASU's head basketball coach, is known as a straight-shooter. Therefore, why ASU small forward Donnell Knight is playing in tonight's game against Pac-10 rival USC is a bit of a mystery.

Mouthing Off: Abuse reports fail to protect children
For those of you who may not know what CPS is, a fact you should be ashamed to admit, it stands for Child Protective Services. Or as others, like my friend who grew up in foster care under their "protection" call it: "Can't Protect Shit."

Cloning raises few eyebrows despite ethical controversy
Since the Raelian organization announced the birth of what they claimed was a cloned human child, questions of ethics and morality have made the nightly news.

State climatologist Ellis keeps close watch on monsoons
Geography professor and State Climatologist Andrew Ellis, who went to the University of Delaware on a baseball scholarship, could tell you from personal experience why a baseball flies farther in warm weather.

Wickenburg saddles up for annual Gold Rush Days
Just when the days of the Old West seemed long gone, the town of Wickenburg revives them. Wickenburg's Gold Rush Days is in its 55th year and will be kicking off its 2003 festivities Friday.

Crane operator spends work days on high campus perch
As the primary Sundt crane operator at the construction site on the west side of campus, Ron Gray coordinates the efforts of what will yield a 288,000-square-foot, six-story mediated classroom facility.

Club Sports: Men's lacrosse looking to get on right track
As a member of the Sun Devil team that won two Western College Lacrosse League (WCLL) division championships, Jon Minder knows how to win. This season, he hopes to reclaim the glory once again as a coach.

Art collectors loan great works for new exhibitions
Viewers experienced history and diversity Saturday night when they visited two new art exhibitions at the ASU Art Museum.

CoBrA: Before, During and After and Shared Passion opened to the public for the first time at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Opinion: Tonight's Trojan 'hurdle' key to making tourney
Rob Evans was brought to ASU, among other reasons, to return the Sun Devils to the NCAA tournament. In his fifth season in Tempe, Evans has ASU on the verge of that very goal, but he won't talk about it.

Devil Dish: Wildcat Sorenstam prepared to tee vs. men
It's been a date long overdue in some LPGA fan's minds. For the first time in 58 years a woman will tee up against the men in a PGA tour event - the 2003 Colonial on May 22-25.

Hoops: Winning close games critical for Sun Devils
Winning close games is a necessity in any sport if a team wants to compete at a high level. The ASU men's basketball team has been on both sides of a close game recently.

Hoops: ASU seeks to avenge loss against Trojans
With seven games left in the regular season, every contest is important for the men's basketball team. But a win over USC tonight at Wells Fargo Arena would give the Sun Devils a little revenge to go along with it.

NHL: Brodeur, Devils keep Coyotes scoreless
Calling their game against the New Jersey Devils a must-win, the Phoenix Coyotes were shut out 3-0 by the Eastern Conference's second-best team at America West Arena Wednesday night.

UA Ticket Contest
Enter to win tickets to the sold out ASU/UA basketball game.

Police Beat: Men found with drugs, paraphernalia on table
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including two 21-year-old Tempe men arrested Monday after keeping drugs and paraphernalia on a table in their apartment.

ASU basketball player arrested
ASU basketball player Donnell Knight was recently arrested after police responded to an incident at his home and found that he had an outstanding warrant.

Knight's warrant was issued for failure to appear in Mesa City Court for a traffic violation. The athlete posted a $500 bond and was released.

Students share free soul food
More than 100 ASU students celebrated Black History Month on Wednesday by lining up on Hayden Lawn to sample free soul foods.

Entertainers including the Hip-Hop Coalition and the politically charged Politik-N-Poetry group performed at the event.

Graduates form new coalition
Sick of being ignored in the state's student advocacy association, graduate students at ASU, UA and NAU have formed a coalition to pursue their own interests.

Tim Lant, a founder of the Graduate and Professional Student Association, said he wants the new group to lobby for the interests of older students.

T 'n 'Anus'
Lloyd Garner is a realist and somewhat of a masochist. The ASU broadcast senior, and graduate of Scottsdale Community College's two-year film program, didn't set out to make Anus Magillicutty - an $800 "skin-flick, action-comedy" - a cinematic masterpiece.

On the road to independence
If you want something done right, do it yourself. If you want to make an album the way you want, start your own record label. Which is exactly what Big Head Todd and the Monsters did when they were all at the ripe young age of 25. Fourteen years later, three Colorado natives - Todd Park Mohr [guitar], Brian Nevin [drums and vocals] and Rob Squires [bass and vocals] - who make up the rock band BHTM, have got the record business down pat, but it wasn't always the case.

Bound and Determined
As Kim Moody begins to explain the House's 20-year history of the "Exotic Art Show," he starts to laugh and gestures to the object of his amusement. "Um, the dildo in the window," he says, referring to a piece displayed nearby. It is a metal-constructed banana covering a vibrator, placed high on a pillow so that it stands erect and is noticeable from the outside. "I haven't seen the show up yet," he says chuckling.

Not so Daring
Daredevil, the new movie based on the Marvel Comics superhero, is just about as good as most of the other recent movies based on comic-book heroes. Which is to say that it is derivative, unoriginal, and mostly unengaging on the human-interest level.

Big steps on the big screen
Amy Ettinger, the director and founder of the Outfar! Phoenix International Lesbian and Gay Festival, has been offering an alternative to the Valentine's Day movie doldrums for the past seven years. Each year, the festival showcases several movies from around the world that feature characters, themes and issues from the gay and lesbian community.

Texans tell all
Despite their precarious reputations, Texans can sure tell good stories. Kevin Russell, the guitarist/ mandolin player/singer for the Austin-based rock group, The Gourds, is no exception.

In the name of 'Love'
The mile-high town of 50 views and 450 people is used to travelers passing through. After living through four fires and a depression, the people of Jerome, Ariz. don't expect many visitors, or much from them when they do come.

Playing God
We live each day with the presumption that nothing can hurt us because we are inherently good. But according to "J.B.," a 1959 Pulitzer Prize-winning play that will be coming to ASU next week, we are all fools.

'Yellow Boat' tells tale of Tempe youth with AIDS
Tempe artist Benjamin Saar created dozens of drawings curated by Hayden Library, and a play based on his life - "The Yellow Boat" - has been performed all over the world.

ASU museums, galleries to have open house
ASU's museums and galleries will be open to students and the community today to celebrate an on-campus art exhibit titled, "We Love ASU Collections." Hosted tours will take students to various campus exhibitions.

Innocence lost, honesty found
It was just a little more than 365 days ago. This month, last year. The air was brisk, as it is now once the sun fades from our sight. I was nervous and vulnerable. I had no idea what to expect as I approached the steps of the unassuming house in central Phoenix.

Laughable lovers
Calling all rejects! In case you haven't noticed, Valentine's Day is Friday. But do not fret, this may be the year when you break the cycle of lonely Valentine's Days past, spent home alone crying aloud to the Lifetime Channel.

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