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Editorial: 'Real World' cast not fit for ASA keynote speeches
Nearly $6,000 of the $200,000 that ASA took in this year is being used to pay for Danny and Kelley from MTV's "Real World: New Orleans" to be keynote speakers at the "Legislative-leadership conference" luncheon.

Letters to the Editor: Bush criticism belongs in 'Enquirer'
The letters in response to recent columns, including a pair of readers responding in disagreement to the portrayal of President George W. Bush in Adam Wallin's commentary on the war in Iraq.

Liberals cloak war frustrations with oil, money objections
We mourned the loss of thousands of Americans in the WTC bombings, yet anti-war protestors argue we are willing to lose hundreds of thousands all for oil money.

Transient geriatrics find a home in Quartzsite
Arizona received national press on Monday when it appeared in a somewhat lengthy article in The New York Times. The piece was about motor homes: the state is home to the nation's largest RV haven.

Black History Month ideas not to be taken for granted
How typical of America to begin Black History Month by focusing on a white kid's claims of reverse discrimination against the University of Michigan. We are not out of the woods yet.

Mouthing Off: Abuse reports fail to protect children
For those of you who may not know what CPS is, a fact you should be ashamed to admit, it stands for Child Protective Services. Or as others, like my friend who grew up in foster care under their "protection" call it: "Can't Protect Shit."

Jackson freak show unfolds in TV documentaries
About 27.1 million people watched the documentary "Living with Michael Jackson" on ABC last Thursday, according to the Nielson ratings. In a few weeks, NBC will be showing a similar documentary.

State climatologist Ellis keeps close watch on monsoons
Geography professor and State Climatologist Andrew Ellis, who went to the University of Delaware on a baseball scholarship, could tell you from personal experience why a baseball flies farther in warm weather.

Cloning raises few eyebrows despite ethical controversy
Since the Raelian organization announced the birth of what they claimed was a cloned human child, questions of ethics and morality have made the nightly news.

Wickenburg saddles up for annual Gold Rush Days
Just when the days of the Old West seemed long gone, the town of Wickenburg revives them. Wickenburg's Gold Rush Days is in its 55th year and will be kicking off its 2003 festivities Friday.

Crane operator spends work days on high campus perch
As the primary Sundt crane operator at the construction site on the west side of campus, Ron Gray coordinates the efforts of what will yield a 288,000-square-foot, six-story mediated classroom facility.

'Simpsons' disappoints with Homer's utter stupidity
A review of the latest episode of "The Simpsons," entitled "Pray Anything," in which Ned Flanders attributes prayer to winning $100,000 in a WNBA half-court shot contest and Homer decides to try praying too.

Men's lacrosse lags in weekend games
It was a tough weekend for the men's lacrosse team as they dropped both games at home, a 11-10 loss to Loyola Marymount Saturday and a 14-6 debacle against UCLA Sunday.

Club Sports: Men's lacrosse looking to get on right track
As a member of the Sun Devil team that won two Western College Lacrosse League (WCLL) division championships, Jon Minder knows how to win. This season, he hopes to reclaim the glory once again as a coach.

Art collectors loan great works for new exhibitions
Viewers experienced history and diversity Saturday night when they visited two new art exhibitions at the ASU Art Museum.

CoBrA: Before, During and After and Shared Passion opened to the public for the first time at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Hump Day Hoopla: Gender roles play out on tennis court
Men will always complain about women just like women will always complain about men. The differences are very obvious when you watch the way men and women play tennis.

Devil Dish: Jordan a fading All-Star in third NBA go-round
Sunday's NBA All-Star game, which turned into a Jordan shrine, was nothing we haven't seen a million times before. Didn't we just go through this three years ago when he retired for the second time?

ASU soccer inks five recruits
The ASU soccer team signed five new recruits for the 2003 season in hopes of moving through the ranks of the NCAA tournament this fall. Three are top Arizona recruits, and two are from Pleasanton, Calif.

W Hoops: Young Loney leads younger Sun Devils
Imagine being looked upon for guidance and leadership as you run your team's offense while keeping five freshman players under control. The ASU player with these responsibilities is only a sophomore.

Experienced volleyball coach Saindon returns to ASU roots
When Brad Saindon graduated from ASU in 1976 he was a club volleyball player who was relatively new to the sport; he returns to Tempe with experience in coaching positions at the collegiate and Olympic level.

UA Ticket Contest
Enter to win tickets to the sold out ASU/UA basketball game.

Police Beat: Man calls woman 25 times, has dope in sock
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a man arrested Sunday after allegedly calling a woman approximately 25 times while she was at work. He allegedly had a bag of marijuana in his sock.

Caller threatens to bomb MU
ASU police received a brief phone call around 6:30 a.m. from a caller claiming that a bomb would explode in the MU at 9 a.m., said ASU police spokesman Lt. John Sutton.

West dean gets award for first year student advocacy
Emily Cutrer, dean of arts and sciences at ASU West, will be honored at the 22nd annual "First Year Experience" conference for leading the charge to get freshman and sophomore classes at the West campus.

Lobbyist hired to get federal funds
Expecting that billions of federal dollars will be allotted for national security research, ASU is beefing up lobbying efforts to secure funding for University projects.

Graduates form new coalition
Sick of being ignored in the state's student advocacy association, graduate students at ASU, UA and NAU have formed a coalition to pursue their own interests.

Tim Lant, a founder of the Graduate and Professional Student Association, said he wants the new group to lobby for the interests of older students.

AIDS Week fair teaches safer sex
People from seven organizations in the Valley spent several hours on Hayden Lawn on Tuesday passing out information and speaking to students about HIV.

The event coincided with AIDS Awareness Week. Scott Morris, program coordinator of re-act, said people often are too afraid to get tested.

Breaking News: Knight arrested
ASU police released reports today confirming that ASU men's basketball player Donnell Knight was arrested Monday, Feb. 3 on an outstanding warrant out of Mesa City Court. According to reports, police arrived at Knight's residence after a female, later identified as Shenita Marcane Thomas, Knight's girlfriend, allegedly broke a window of Knight's apartment.

Touted films of 2003 receive Academy Award nominations
There were several surprises Tuesday morning when Academy Award-winner Marisa Tomei and Academy President Frank Pierson announced the 2003 Academy Award nominees.

'24' bomb plot packs lots of action, too few laughs
Entertainment writer Josh Spiegel reviews the latest episode of Fox's "24." In "7:00-8:00 P.M.," a great but humorless episode, the CTU tries to stop a nuclear bomb from going off as Tony looks for Kim.

Acronym attacks!
Take the middle three letters of the phrase "fuck you," and you get the newest hard-hitting rock music foursome, CKY, says Chad Ginsburg, producer and guitarist of Infiltrate. Destroy. Rebuild.

SPM: The sun has set on Chan
Well, Jackie Chan has done it again - he's made another pathetic movie.

You would think that after 112 films, the 48-year-old actor - and I use that term loosely - would be ready to try something new.

Passionately prioritizing
At first glance, Kristy Murphree looks like an accounting major. Her blunt, perfectly cut hair and beautiful posture look made for an office position. But this dance studies senior works far from a pile of paperwork.

Don't call it a comeback
LL Cool J is bigger than you might think. His washboard stomach is well documented in numerous hip-hop videos over a span of nearly 20 years in which a spray bottle has generously doused his abs.

Alaska's 'Emotions'
When the first song of Alaska's 45-minute, 11-track album Emotions, spewed out of the speakers, my first response was that it sounded like the early days of Pink Floyd.

Exchanging gifts
"How 'bout Arizona?" This offhanded comment between ASU professor Tamarra Kaida and Austrian museum director Michael Mauracher 15 years ago began the Arizona/Austria Photography Exchange Program.

Zwan's 'Mary Star of the Sea'
Billy Corgan must've realized what a shame it was to break up the Smashing Pumpkins nearly three years ago, considering that Zwan sounds strikingly similar to the Pumpkins in their prime in the mid-1990s.

Lou Reed's 'The Raven'
"Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore.'" That's exactly how I felt after listening to Lou Reed's new album, aptly-titled The Raven. This recording is absolutely horrible. Come on people - a tribute album to Edgar Allen Poe?

Modifying Arizona's music scene
Over the past 16 years, Kimber Lanning has conquered Phoenix's art and music world - actually, not so much conquered as brought it to life - via Stinkweeds and Modified Arts in Phoenix.

SPM: Cherubs from Hell
For one night, local performance artist Jeff Falk and video artist Steve Gompf will take audiences to Hell and back, transforming a local venue into the bizarre world they call Strange Angels.

Playing apart
Why the heck would anyone name their band after a dusty po-dunk town when they aren't from there? It's utterly deceptive. But then again so is naming a town in northeast Texas after a metropolitan European city.

Hometown hero
To borrow from Jack Nicholson's character, Morris Udall, in the 1997 film As Good As It Gets: Kimber Lanning makes me wanna be a better man. The funny thing is, I've never met her.

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