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Idiots come out of woodwork over illegal immigration
Last week, Amanda Myers wrote an excellent column detailing the frightening treatment illegal immigrants face when they come to Arizona. Unsurprisingly, ASU's idiots came out of the woodwork to write letters.

'Hooner,' bad sausage quotes show media's true worth
Whether it's television, radio or print journalism, there is a lot of hostility toward the media. People shouldn't join this field unless they are ready to hear people tell them they are wrong and stupid.

Going to cover war in Iraq sign of bona fide 'journalist'
So I'm going to the Middle East! With any luck, somebody will film me shouting with gunshots in the background. That would be grade-A résumé material.

Editorial: Coasters protect students from new drug wave
On a list of things to remember to do at a party, "protect your cup from date rape drugs," doesn't show up. But recently there have been reasons for us to guard our alcohol. GHB, roofies and ketamine use is on the rise.

Mouthing Off: Mexican immigrants deserve fair chance
Common sense and an open mind will tell you that giving Mexicans a better chance to come to America legally will improve racist sentiments felt by both cultures, and certainly decrease the fear and difficulty illegal immigrants face in America.

'Web Devil' Letters: Illegal Mexicans are 'scum'
It's not my job to feed Carlos's 6 kids because he doesn't want to apply for a Green Card. I know many Mexican families that came here legally who find this hufe insurgance of illegals disgusting and irritating.

Police target ASU purse snatchers, identity thefts
Identity theft is a rising crime in Arizona and across the country that is capturing East Valley police departments' attention. Extra uniformed patrols have had to be sent to counter thieves.

Postcards from Spain: ASU student survives bus trauma
While studying abroad in Alicante, Spain, sophomore Ben Petell found himself in a bit of a bind. His arm got caught in a bus door, while he was on the outside of it. Read the story to find out what happened next.

ASU hopes to stay in Pac-10 'bubble' at WSU
The bubble. Five years ago, it was probably something the guys on the ASU men's basketball team thought they could make by blowing through a straw into a glass of milk. But now, it's simply a term for a basketball team sitting on the border of making the NCAA tournament.

W Hoops: Devils search for boost versus winless Cougars
After two thumpings on the road as a result of repeated mistakes, the ASU women's basketball team will look to right the ship tonight against a team that hasn't tasted victory in 43 games.

Baseball: Keeping pitching strong key to series with BYU
A potent ASU lineup has given the Sun Devils' baseball team a boost when needed this year, but riding some strong early season starting pitching has put No. 8 ASU where they are.

22 recruits sign with Sun Devils
ASU football received 22 letters of intent from players with something to prove as part of the No. 23 recruiting class in the nation as ranked by CNN/

The class is highlighted by the most touted recruits in the state, a pair of strong-armed quarterbacks and a number of junior college transfers who will fill immediate voids for the Devils.

Devil Dish: Cheaper tickets may bring fans, champs
By itself, lowering ticket prices should bring more fans, and hopefully, the 2003 ASU football team will contend for a Pac-10 championship and attract even more followers.

Law students show support for Michigan affirmative action
More than 150 ASU College of Law students showed their support last week for affirmative action in the two U.S. Supreme Court cases that will review the University of Michigan's admissions standards.

Police Beat: Woman watches masturbater for $20
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 26-year-old Oklahoma City woman arrested Tuesday on charges of prostitution. The woman allegedly received $20 to watch a man masturbate.

Coffee shop to open near new lakeside condos, offices
Tempe residents waiting to move into condominiums adjacent to the Hayden Ferry Lakeside office tower could be able to enjoy a meal while sitting along Tempe Town Lake, if all goes according to schedule.

Drink coasters battle date rape
Drink Safe Technologies, a year-old company based in Plantation, Fla., has developed drink coasters that they claim can detect the presence of date rape drugs.

Students fight to keep Pheanis
More than 60 students tried to convince an engineering college administrator Wednesday that ASU professor David Pheanis should continue teaching a computer systems engineering course next fall.

If Pheanis gets his class taken away from him, he said he's considering leaving ASU after he teaches his son Charles in the next couple years.

Hometown hero
To borrow from Jack Nicholson's character, Morris Udall, in the 1997 film As Good As It Gets: Kimber Lanning makes me wanna be a better man. The funny thing is, I've never met her.

Playing apart
Why the heck would anyone name their band after a dusty po-dunk town when they aren't from there? It's utterly deceptive. But then again so is naming a town in northeast Texas after a metropolitan European city.

SPM: Cherubs from Hell
For one night, local performance artist Jeff Falk and video artist Steve Gompf will take audiences to Hell and back, transforming a local venue into the bizarre world they call Strange Angels.

Modifying Arizona's music scene
Over the past 16 years, Kimber Lanning has conquered Phoenix's art and music world - actually, not so much conquered as brought it to life - via Stinkweeds and Modified Arts in Phoenix.

Lou Reed's 'The Raven'
"Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore.'" That's exactly how I felt after listening to Lou Reed's new album, aptly-titled The Raven. This recording is absolutely horrible. Come on people - a tribute album to Edgar Allen Poe?

Zwan's 'Mary Star of the Sea'
Billy Corgan must've realized what a shame it was to break up the Smashing Pumpkins nearly three years ago, considering that Zwan sounds strikingly similar to the Pumpkins in their prime in the mid-1990s.

Exchanging gifts
"How 'bout Arizona?" This offhanded comment between ASU professor Tamarra Kaida and Austrian museum director Michael Mauracher 15 years ago began the Arizona/Austria Photography Exchange Program.

Alaska's 'Emotions'
When the first song of Alaska's 45-minute, 11-track album Emotions, spewed out of the speakers, my first response was that it sounded like the early days of Pink Floyd.

Don't call it a comeback
LL Cool J is bigger than you might think. His washboard stomach is well documented in numerous hip-hop videos over a span of nearly 20 years in which a spray bottle has generously doused his abs.

Passionately prioritizing
At first glance, Kristy Murphree looks like an accounting major. Her blunt, perfectly cut hair and beautiful posture look made for an office position. But this dance studies senior works far from a pile of paperwork.

SPM: The sun has set on Chan
Well, Jackie Chan has done it again - he's made another pathetic movie.

You would think that after 112 films, the 48-year-old actor - and I use that term loosely - would be ready to try something new.

Acronym attacks!
Take the middle three letters of the phrase "fuck you," and you get the newest hard-hitting rock music foursome, CKY, says Chad Ginsburg, producer and guitarist of Infiltrate. Destroy. Rebuild.

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