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Editorial: Hayden Lawn rally preaches to the choir
With the notable speakers who showed up to the rally and all the student opinion that was gathered, it's a shame that everyone who got the message already had it long before they arrived.

Economy slow despite tax cuts, slashing education a mistake
Despite former Governor Fife Symington's insistence that wiping out income taxes would propel our economy forward and Jane Hull's cooperation, the recent tax-slashing fad hasn't helped our economy.

Sending aid, saving lives Bush's thankless job
Nelson Mandela has a point: America has no right throwing its wealth all over the world to help save lives. How dare we! Trying to help save lives with all of this money - of all the nerve.

Letters to the Editor: Zealots, keep Padilla, girls gone stupid
The letters in response to past columns, including a letter from a reader who feels people should speak up to campus 'fanatics,' a note in defense of Dr. Pete Padilla, and a criticism of girls appearing on Girls Gone Wild.

Columbia tragedy forces postponement of 'The Core'
The new sci-fi thriller The Core, about a group of scientists trying to save the world from destruction, may not be released for quite awhile due to its subject matter and the Columbia tragedy.

New reality shows put ordinary people in unreal situations
'Reality' is becoming a term for unscripted television pitting ordinary, though usually beautiful people, against outrageous situations in a shiny, made-for-TV package as reality shows take over the tube.

ASU slashes ticket prices for 2003 football season
Following one of the most successful seasons in recent ASU football history, the Sun Devils announced Friday that there would be a price change for season and single-game ticket prices for the 2003 season.

Baseball: Solid pitching boosts Devils against Dirtbags
Highlighted by great back-to-back pitching performances from senior Jered Liebeck and freshman Erik Averill, the No. 8 Sun Devils were able to overcome a loss Friday night to win the final two games over No. 13 Long Beach State over the weekend.

Gymnasts tumble past UA
The ASU's gymnastics team continued to post high scores and build confidence as it swept the first-three places in each event Friday in a victory over in-state rival University of Arizona.

Cardinal defense holds off Devils
Add up the little mistakes for the ASU men's basketball team Saturday night and the result is one big loss.

Mediocre free throw shooting and unforced turnovers haunted ASU from the start, but the most critical "little" mistake came in the last minute.

W Hoops: Devils drop pair on disappointing Oregon trip
The ASU women's basketball team culminated a disappointing trip to Oregon with likely its worst performance of the 2002-03 campaign: Saturday's surprising 70-45 defeat at the hands of Oregon State.

ASU wrestlers earn split against Oregon schools
A weekend clouded by gray skies and an upset defeat saw the No. 6 Sun Devils escape the Oregon schools with one win in two dual meets. ASU last fell to a Pac-10 opponent on Feb. 6, 1999 to none other than OSU.

Softball bats explode to open 2003 season
The ASU softball team took to the field at Farrington Stadium with heavy bats and something to prove this weekend during a three-game sweep of Texas-San Antonio's Roadrunners.

Newcomers spark track at Boise Invitational
After not participating in the track team's first meet two weeks ago, ASU distance runners finally got a chance to start their season on Saturday at the Boise State Invitational.

ASU swim and dive teams drop pair of road meets
The ASU men's and women's swimming and diving teams continued their slide against ranked opponents Saturday when they dropped meets against the University of Texas and Southern Methodist University.

Devil Dish: Phenom's free jerseys has officials in a huff
This 17-year old kid has had everyone from teammates to his mailman making a profit off his talent for the past two years and because someone gave him some gear he has now violated OHSAA regulations?

Police beat: Man in undies may have injured officer
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a man who allegedly was running in his boxers when stopped by police. In an altercation with the police, the man may have broken an officer's finger.

Women's group project knits afghans for Afghans
In a service project called "Afghans for Afghans," members of University Career Women crochet afghan blankets, socks, hats and mittens to send to Afghanistan where they will provide warmth in the cold of winter.

ASU had ties to Columbia tragedy
Two science experiments tied to ASU were among more than 80 projects destroyed in the explosion of the Columbia space shuttle Saturday.

Seven astronauts, including the first Israeli to go into space, were killed as the space shuttle encountered problems in the last 16 minutes of their 16-day mission.

War protesters descend on Hayden Lawn
More than a hundred students and local residents gathered on Hayden Lawn on Saturday for a day of music and speeches protesting the possible war with Iraq.

Swedish ambassador shares opinion on Iraq with ASU
Swedish ambassador Jan Eliasson expressed his hesitation toward the United States' current approach to Iraq. The ambassador helped broker peace negotiations between Iran and Iraq two decades ago.

NBC's 'Kingpin' has intriguing premise, poor execution
NBC's six-part miniseries, Kingpin, which premiered last night, is much more in tune with the famous Mob epic The Godfather and the Mexico-based segments of the film Traffic.

'Strong Arm' episode shows 'The Simpsons' at its best
One of the longest running comedy shows ever, The Simpsons still makes new episodes. Web Devil entertainment writer Josh Spiegel evaluates the latest offering.

Reality TV Roundup: Joe Millionaire gets dirty in hot tub
Another eventful week in reality television, from the awfulness of the "talent" on American Idol 2 to the hilarious revelation of one of the Joe Millionaire contestants' previous life - perhaps the worst shows on TV.

Sending out a signal
Like the late, great Bob Ross, the instructional painter famous for his "happy little trees" on PBS - Dusty Hickman, AKA Pickster One, doesn't merely verbalize how Morse Code molds its hip-hop creation out of 33-inch vinyl. Like Ross did for decades, Hickman demonstrates with utter delight how the hills become mountains, or rather, how the scratch becomes symphony.

By all rights, you'd think the Plain White T's, Chicago's newest addition to the national poppy punk world, would be a little discouraged. Melancholic, even. But they are working to play off the fact that a key member quit.

Quenching the artistic thirst
In the 1999 documentary film Water Stories, by Finnish visual artist Harri Larjosto, water resourcefully summons a host of passionate emotions from the depths of human expression.

Pomp[ous] on parade?
Eight months ago, Tickertape Parade didn't exist. And yet, in only four weeks, the five-piece Phoenix band has already taken the stage with national acts The Ataris and Sugar Cult, toured the West Coast with The Stereo, and recorded their EP, You're Causing a Scene.

'Home' is where the heart is
I'm a very open-minded guy when it comes to watching movies, but I have to confess: the prospect of sitting through a small Korean film about the relationship between a boy and his grandmother did not exactly fill me with anticipation.

Monitoring the Mormons
Every Thursday night, dozens of people from all walks of life gather like anonymous alcoholics at a small house in Mesa with one thing in common: Their faith.

Measuring up
How many times do we have to see a show about an East German refugee who has to cut off his manhood in order to marry an American soldier and cross the border into freedom only to come to Kansas and have his/her rock 'n' roll act stolen from a jilted ex-lover?

SPM: Bollywood Burlesque
If you want to be famous, you have to come to America. Once you reach our shores, people will throw movie scripts at you left and right and hand you the keys to a new Mercedes. Ramu Gupti, the lead character in the new movie, The Guru, heard all of these tales during his childhood in India.

Road Kill
Motorcycles, four wheelers, chicks, money, the California sun, bar fights, Kid Rock and black guys... Really, what more do you need? Well if you're referring to the new film Biker Boyz, you still need a plot with just bit more substance.

'Ira'sistable beats
Ira Henderson spends his days perfecting a less traditional form of artistic expression. For Henderson, art doesn't end with Mozart, ballet shoes or clarinet reeds. The two years of practice and money spent on needles and records were not dedicated to just a hobby.

RC Helicopters

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