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INS paranoia unfairly targets Jared Tompkins
Ishtiaque "Jared Tompkins" Masud is now being asked to comply with "special registration" with the INS as a result of Bangladesh recently being added to a list of suspect nations.

Mortal 'BushMan' makes superhero AIDS promises
Stopping just short of a mask and cape, Bush, in his State of the Union address, nearly reached the incredible height of super hero status as he promised that America will come to the world's rescue.

Mesa pedometers encourage children to exercise
We should be embarrassed and horrified that we are passing our gargantuan loads of blubber on to our children. The Mesa Unified School District (MUSD) is trying to stop the problem before it starts.

Editorial: Girls take it off, school officials turn blind eye
ASU was apparently such an accommodating host last time when Girls Gone Wild dropped by to film "Dorm Room Fantasies" at Manzanita Hall in 2001 that they decided to pay us another visit.

Letters to the Editor: Leingang, skin, smoking
The letters in response to recent columns, including a reader giving credit to Mike Leingang during the tuition raise, disagreement with the use of humor about circumcision, and commentary on the smoking ban.

Mall Rants: Tuition hike
ASU students rant about the upcoming 44 percent tuition increase.

Mouthing Off: Immigrants unjustly held hostage
Millions of immigrants come to the United States each year in search of the same thing. They come from countries like Mexico, where the average person earns just $8,000, to America, where the average income per person is $30,000. Just try and tell me you wouldn't do the same if you were in their situation.

Outdoor club features exciting weekend getaways
The Arizona Outdoors Club (AOC), which has been planning outdoor excursions since it was founded in the late 60's, offers a change of scenery to those interested in getting away from their every-day routine.

Souped-up cell phones compete for students' dollars
A phone is no longer a phone, but a camera, music player and electronic mail system wrapped into one. Cell phone companies are using new technological advances in their phones as they fight for their shares of college students' dollars in a tight market.

Mediterranean café offers diversity, friendly atmosphere
The Phoenicia Café, located on the corner of Forest Avenue and Seventh Street, prides itself on making customers feel welcome. The menu items, all homemade from scratch, range from Greek salads and chicken shawarma to baklava and hummus.

'Office Space' parody among top Super Bowl commercials
With each Super Bowl, there are a slew of new commercials, most of them funny enough to make you wet yourself. Check out this list of the top five Super Bowl commericials of 2003.

Club Sports: Forgotten athletics enrich campus
For years, hundreds of ASU student-athletes have been involved in club and intramural sports, but have gotten little recognition. Despite the limited publicity of these groups, sports clubs are thriving.

Baseball: ASU battles Dirtbags in early season series
One week after extending its season-opening win streak to nine games, the eighth-ranked ASU baseball team travels to Southern California to face No. 13 Long Beach State.

Wrestling: UO, OSU grapplers await Sun Devils
After dominating their third consecutive Pac-10 opponent Jan. 24, the No. 6 Sun Devils travel north to face two more Pac-10 foes in Oregon State, tonight, and Oregon on Sunday.

Track teams split up, head north for weekend
The ASU men's and women's track teams will be doing double duty this weekend as athletes from each squad will divide to compete in a pair of indoor meets.

Gymnasts take to road vs. UA
ASU gymnastics will make the trek south to Wildcat territory today to take on the rival University of Arizona for the annual in-state battle. Tonight's meet will take place at 7:30 p.m. at the McKale Center at UA.

Tennis practices hard before Texas quads tourney
The ASU men's tennis team has used the past week to prepare for a quad tournament at No. 35 Texas Christian University this weekend in Fort Worth, Texas.

Devil Dish: Ample chances to see ASU/UA rivalry in action
In conversations amongst most ASU sports fans nowadays, one of the biggest questions that comes up is, 'when is the next ASU/UA game?' There are three games vs. the Pussycats within the next 48 hours.

Men's hoops gets important win vs. California
They needed to make a statement, and they did. Coming off of two-straight road losses, the ASU men's basketball team picked up, possibly, its biggest win of the season, beating No. 20 California 75-70.

Softball opens with new look
As the ASU softball team takes the field tonight against Texas-San Antonio for their season opener at Farrington Stadium, head coach Linda Wells describes her team as one with a new identity.

Swim squads head to Texas for pair of meets
The ASU swimming and diving teams will compete for the final time outside of Pac-10 conference when the Sun Devils face the University of Texas and Southern Methodist University in Austin, Texas.

Women's hoops start sluggish, fall behind at Oregon
Three starters on ASU women's basketball had a trip to its home state spoiled Thursday as the team suffered a disappointing and somewhat surprising defeat to Oregon.

Police Beat: Prostitute given $40 for sexual act
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a woman arrested on the charge of prostitution for accepting $40 to perform a hand job on Apache boulevard.

ASU alive with sound of music
It's hard to believe such a large sound could come from such a little box. The Symphonic Carillon, an organ-like console that plays music with steel rods, is in a small room at the back of Matthews Hall.

It is the source of the melodious organ music that emanates through campus periodically throughout the day. This 15-bell carillon has been playing melodies and chiming on the quarter hour since December.

Barren Mind troupe discards 'diapers' with seasoned cast
Roughly 200 people erupt in laughter each Thursday in the basement of the Memorial Union. The crowd is immersed in the comic relief of Barren Mind, the laugh factory improvisation troupe.

New class offers students look into film production
Students taking film producer Terrence Donnelly's film production class are going to find out that moviemaking isn't just lights, camera, action. The new course will cover "the business about the movie business."

VH1 'wild' for Tempe
VH1, the middle-aged arm of MTV, apparently went a little wild Thursday gathering footage at ASU for what is supposed to be a news documentary.

The music video network came to the University to film portions of a documentary on the soft-core porn empire Girls Gone Wild, whose parent company, Mantra Entertainment, reportedly sold 4.5 million videos from the series last year.

BIKE anti-war signs removed
Members of the Biking for Independence Knowledge and Experience club were shocked when they walked onto campus Thursday morning and were greeted with nothing.

The group worked late Wednesday night taping posters to kiosks, benches and sidewalks to advertise a Saturday morning peace rally.

Former ASASU officers return
A panel of former ASASU officers, including Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano, urged an audience of about 25 people Thursday to run for campus office.

Parking and Transit provides services to help students
Most students on campus are unaware that ASU's Parking and Transit Service can be a lifesaver for the stranded driver. Battery jumps and free lockouts are just two of the services the department provides.

Sending out a signal
Like the late, great Bob Ross, the instructional painter famous for his "happy little trees" on PBS - Dusty Hickman, AKA Pickster One, doesn't merely verbalize how Morse Code molds its hip-hop creation out of 33-inch vinyl. Like Ross did for decades, Hickman demonstrates with utter delight how the hills become mountains, or rather, how the scratch becomes symphony.

By all rights, you'd think the Plain White T's, Chicago's newest addition to the national poppy punk world, would be a little discouraged. Melancholic, even. But they are working to play off the fact that a key member quit.

Quenching the artistic thirst
In the 1999 documentary film Water Stories, by Finnish visual artist Harri Larjosto, water resourcefully summons a host of passionate emotions from the depths of human expression.

Pomp[ous] on parade?
Eight months ago, Tickertape Parade didn't exist. And yet, in only four weeks, the five-piece Phoenix band has already taken the stage with national acts The Ataris and Sugar Cult, toured the West Coast with The Stereo, and recorded their EP, You're Causing a Scene.

'Home' is where the heart is
I'm a very open-minded guy when it comes to watching movies, but I have to confess: the prospect of sitting through a small Korean film about the relationship between a boy and his grandmother did not exactly fill me with anticipation.

Monitoring the Mormons
Every Thursday night, dozens of people from all walks of life gather like anonymous alcoholics at a small house in Mesa with one thing in common: Their faith.

Measuring up
How many times do we have to see a show about an East German refugee who has to cut off his manhood in order to marry an American soldier and cross the border into freedom only to come to Kansas and have his/her rock 'n' roll act stolen from a jilted ex-lover?

SPM: Bollywood Burlesque
If you want to be famous, you have to come to America. Once you reach our shores, people will throw movie scripts at you left and right and hand you the keys to a new Mercedes. Ramu Gupti, the lead character in the new movie, The Guru, heard all of these tales during his childhood in India.

Road Kill
Motorcycles, four wheelers, chicks, money, the California sun, bar fights, Kid Rock and black guys... Really, what more do you need? Well if you're referring to the new film Biker Boyz, you still need a plot with just bit more substance.

'Ira'sistable beats
Ira Henderson spends his days perfecting a less traditional form of artistic expression. For Henderson, art doesn't end with Mozart, ballet shoes or clarinet reeds. The two years of practice and money spent on needles and records were not dedicated to just a hobby.

Everyman Kimmel entertains on new late night show
Jimmy Kimmel, on his inaugural episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, managed to make it through the perils of a late-night talk show and is certainly making something new of the talk show format.

RC Helicopters

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