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Saving 'A' mountain more important than painting it
While the new ordinance may infringe on some elements of college tradition, making 'A' Mountain a preserve is a step in the right direction. Next time the gold color of the 'A' starts seeming monotonous, remember that you could be looking at an office building instead.

Reasoning with zealots futile
People who are coming on campus to teach us about God and warn us about sin are obviously not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Basically, they're squeaky wheels and there is no point in trying to grease them.

Naming everything lucrative solution for budget
ASU is an enormous university and we have an overstock of nameable items. We need to have a red tag sale on naming stuff at this university. No price is too low until we have a name for every pane of glass.

Editorial: ASASU mends tuition wound they should prevent
Associated Students of ASU, our student government, won't be making any efforts to lobby against a proposed 44 percent tuition increase on behalf of some 50,000 of us looking for any glimmer of hope.

Mall Rants: Tuition hike
ASU students rant about the upcoming 44 percent tuition increase.

Mouthing Off: Immigrants unjustly held hostage
Millions of immigrants come to the United States each year in search of the same thing. They come from countries like Mexico, where the average person earns just $8,000, to America, where the average income per person is $30,000. Just try and tell me you wouldn't do the same if you were in their situation.

Mediterranean café offers diversity, friendly atmosphere
The Phoenicia Café, located on the corner of Forest Avenue and Seventh Street, prides itself on making customers feel welcome. The menu items, all homemade from scratch, range from Greek salads and chicken shawarma to baklava and hummus.

'Office Space' parody among top Super Bowl commercials
With each Super Bowl, there are a slew of new commercials, most of them funny enough to make you wet yourself. Check out this list of the top five Super Bowl commericials of 2003.

Devil Dish: Coyotes should only improve after break
Have patience, the All-Star break is here and it won't be long before the Coyotes make their run for the playoffs. It has been a rough couple of months but the numbers will come around.

Swimming coach lays out plans for strong finish
After being swept last weekend by both California and Stanford, the ASU swimming and diving teams have holes to fill before the Pac-10 championships next month, according to head coach Mike Chasson.

W Hoops: Devils look to keep rolling against Ducks
Tonight may be a road game for the ASU women's basketball team but it is nothing less than a homecoming for a number of key players on the team's roster as they head out to Oregon.

Hoops: ASU chomping at chance to face Cal
A week removed from a loss to No. 1 University of Arizona, the ASU men's basketball team returns to Wells Fargo Arena for the first time in three weeks tonight to host No. 20 California.

Police Beat: Man exposes himself at music building
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a man who allegedly exposed himself, wearing only a shirt, to a woman at the stairwell of the Music Building East.

New services building opens amid safety, location concerns
The opening of the USB also opened the doors for a flood of mixed reviews from employees and administrators. It officially opens today at a 4 p.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony with ASU President Michael Crow.

INS monitoring implemented
More than 3,000 foreign students who attend ASU will be under closer surveillance as of today with the implementation of a new government tracking system.

SEVIS will eliminate the current manual, paper-driven process and permit schools to share student information via the Internet with the INS and the Department of State.

Muslim men forced to register
Men from predominately Muslim countries visiting or living in the United States are being required to "specially register" with the INS this winter.

The new post-Sept. 11 procedures require males 16 and older to go to their local INS office to be fingerprinted, interviewed and photographed.

First biodesign building to start construction in 8 weeks
ASU will begin construction of the first building in a four-phase project called the Arizona Biodesign Institute in about eight weeks. The expansive long-term project will take several years to complete.

Architecture researchers design 'cool seat' for light rail
Architecture professors and students have been researching materials for the construction of the 28 proposed light rail stations to reduce heat without using mechanical devices like air conditioners and fans.

Sending out a signal
Dusty Hickman, aka Pickster One, begins to paint a picture of how Morse Code's turntable ensemble comes together. Only Hickman doesn't merely verbalize how Morse Code molds its hip-hop creation out of 33-inch vinyl. He demonstrates it.

Dean's drowning death 'suspicious'
The Mesa police have now deemed the drowning death of Pamela Kidd, an associate dean at the ASU College of Nursing, "suspicious" and are waiting for toxicology reports to come back from the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office.

Arrested gunman undergoes psychiatric evaluation
ASU Department of Public Safety filed a petition for a psychiatric evaluation of Bradley William Kennedy after he posted a $1,800 cash bond Monday afternoon, according to The Arizona Republic.

Low turnout at tuition forum disappoints ASASU
Four Associated Students of ASU members were disappointed with low turnout Wednesday night when they gathered in the Memorial Union to discuss ASU's future 44 percent tuition hike with students.

'Ira'sistable beats
Ira Henderson spends his days perfecting a less traditional form of artistic expression. For Henderson, art doesn't end with Mozart, ballet shoes or clarinet reeds. The two years of practice and money spent on needles and records were not dedicated to just a hobby.

Road Kill
Motorcycles, four wheelers, chicks, money, the California sun, bar fights, Kid Rock and black guys... Really, what more do you need? Well if you're referring to the new film Biker Boyz, you still need a plot with just bit more substance.

SPM: Bollywood Burlesque
If you want to be famous, you have to come to America. Once you reach our shores, people will throw movie scripts at you left and right and hand you the keys to a new Mercedes. Ramu Gupti, the lead character in the new movie, The Guru, heard all of these tales during his childhood in India.

Measuring up
How many times do we have to see a show about an East German refugee who has to cut off his manhood in order to marry an American soldier and cross the border into freedom only to come to Kansas and have his/her rock 'n' roll act stolen from a jilted ex-lover?

Monitoring the Mormons
Every Thursday night, dozens of people from all walks of life gather like anonymous alcoholics at a small house in Mesa with one thing in common: Their faith.

'Home' is where the heart is
I'm a very open-minded guy when it comes to watching movies, but I have to confess: the prospect of sitting through a small Korean film about the relationship between a boy and his grandmother did not exactly fill me with anticipation.

Pomp[ous] on parade?
Eight months ago, Tickertape Parade didn't exist. And yet, in only four weeks, the five-piece Phoenix band has already taken the stage with national acts The Ataris and Sugar Cult, toured the West Coast with The Stereo, and recorded their EP, You're Causing a Scene.

Quenching the artistic thirst
In the 1999 documentary film Water Stories, by Finnish visual artist Harri Larjosto, water resourcefully summons a host of passionate emotions from the depths of human expression.

By all rights, you'd think the Plain White T's, Chicago's newest addition to the national poppy punk world, would be a little discouraged. Melancholic, even. But they are working to play off the fact that a key member quit.

Sending out a signal
Like the late, great Bob Ross, the instructional painter famous for his "happy little trees" on PBS - Dusty Hickman, AKA Pickster One, doesn't merely verbalize how Morse Code molds its hip-hop creation out of 33-inch vinyl. Like Ross did for decades, Hickman demonstrates with utter delight how the hills become mountains, or rather, how the scratch becomes symphony.

Everyman Kimmel entertains on new late night show
Jimmy Kimmel, on his inaugural episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, managed to make it through the perils of a late-night talk show and is certainly making something new of the talk show format.

RC Helicopters

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