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Studying abroad worth leaving family, friends
Columnist Kathleen Heil is studying abroad in Edinburgh, and in this article shares her advice for how students can survive the experience of living somewhere else far from family, friends, and Casey Moore's.

Competency elimination gives hope to incompetent
Tuesday morning The State Press reported that the plus-minus grading system, a decade after it was originally decided upon in 1992, probably won't be implemented.

Editorial: State for the Union bad version of 'West Wing'
It was clear to us last night that the State of the Union has become a dramatized, poor rendition of the West Wing -- without the fierce good looks of Rob Lowe or wise words of Martin Sheen to sooth us.

Mall Rants: Tuition hike
ASU students rant about the upcoming 44 percent tuition increase.

Mouthing Off: Immigrants unjustly held hostage
Millions of immigrants come to the United States each year in search of the same thing. They come from countries like Mexico, where the average person earns just $8,000, to America, where the average income per person is $30,000. Just try and tell me you wouldn't do the same if you were in their situation.

Mediterranean café offers diversity, friendly atmosphere
The Phoenicia Café, located on the corner of Forest Avenue and Seventh Street, prides itself on making customers feel welcome. The menu items, all homemade from scratch, range from Greek salads and chicken shawarma to baklava and hummus.

'Office Space' parody among top Super Bowl commercials
With each Super Bowl, there are a slew of new commercials, most of them funny enough to make you wet yourself. Check out this list of the top five Super Bowl commericials of 2003.

Devil Dish: Would athletes be willing to answer call to war?
In Tuesday night's State of the Union address, President Bush said we should be prepared to go to war in the Middle East. That doesn't mean a whole lot in the sports world, but it hasn't always been that way.

Hump Day Hoopla: 'Snake' would thrive out of desert
Attention all Arizona Cardinals fans: today is a sad day. Jake Plummer, the loyal quarterback that has led Big Red since graduating from ASU in 1997, is now the target of the Denver Broncos.

Hoops: Injuries the only barriers to Crandall's success
Ask Kenny Crandall at the beginning of this season if he'd be the man to go to, and he might have had his doubts. But that's exactly where the junior found himself against the Wildcats, shooting key three-pointers.

Women's hoops sets sight on Pac-10 tourney
As the second half of the Pac-10 season begins and the 2002-03 campaign reaches a crescendo, head coach Charli Turner Thorne has her sight focused on the Pac-10 Tournament.

Coyotes skate past Flames
If Darryl Sutter's comment earlier this week about Jesus Christ was valid, the Phoenix Coyotes delayed his second coming Tuesday night with a 4-3 win.

Biodesign buildings to launch ASU research into future
Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano and ASU Vice President for Public Affairs Virgil Renzulli met for the Early Riser Forum on Tuesday to discuss ASU's plans for a biodesign institution.

Penley ponders spending of $50 million donation
As head of what is now the W.P. Carey School of Business, formerly the ASU College of Business, Dean Larry Penley gets to figure out how to dole out the $50 million reason for that name change.

Police Beat: Man exposes himself, urinates on bus stop
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a man arrested on charges of indecent exposure and public urination after urinating at a bus stop on Mill Avenue.

'Teen Movie' actress advocates human rights on campus
Actress Mia Kirshner smiled in her seat while students unknowingly scooted by and sat down near her. However, this star from Not Another Teen Movie didn't come to ASU to gossip about Hollywood.

Starbucks has successful start on campus
The grand opening of an indoor Starbucks café on the ground floor of the W.P. Carey College of Business building Tuesday officially marked the University-wide changeover from Diedrich-owned Coffee Plantation to the Seattle-based coffee powerhouse.

Cocaine missing
Approximately 30 grams of pharmaceutical cocaine, valued at $2,100, was allegedly stolen in mid-January from a third floor lab in the Psychology Building and police are still looking for answers.

Man arrested at law library
A 45-year-old Chandler dentist is facing charges after being arrested at the ASU law library Sunday for carrying several loaded guns, ammunition and a list of judges' names.

Bradley William Kennedy was taken into custody and charged with disturbing the peace of an educational institution, violating a permit to carry concealed weapons and giving false information to a police officer.

Everyman Kimmel entertains on new late night show
Jimmy Kimmel, on his inaugural episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, managed to make it through the perils of a late-night talk show and is certainly making something new of the talk show format.

Reality TV Roundup: 'Joe Millionaire' a schmuck
Web Devil entertainment reporter, Josh Spiegel, summarizes and gives his thoughts on this week's reality TV shows, which include Joe Millionaire, American Idol 2 and The Bachelorette.

SPM: Blockbusters in waiting?
2002 was one of the richest years for movies in nearly a decade. Studios thrilled audiences with visionary blockbusters like Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Minority Report while also serving up smaller, quality fare like Adaptation and The Hours.

SPM: The Tooth Fairy Cometh
The new thriller Darkness Falls has two things going for it: It's mercifully short [less than an hour and a half] and it features the classic line, "Your first kiss shouldn't taste like blood."

Belly flop
I sense the palms of my hands heating up and my heart feels like it's going to pound its way out of my chest. I am nervous for a good reason. I gaze up at the clock, and realize I have 10 minutes left. Ten minutes before I, a 22-year-old male, will take a stab at the historically female art of belly dancing at the five-month-old Domba Studio in Tempe. How?

The Maruma Experience
Music is an extension of the soul, says BJ Stanley and Todd Boston from the local Tempe group Maruma. "Music transcends; music is healing and music is a gift," Boston says, adding that when Maruma creates music, they try to transfer positive messages and moods to their audience. "We want to extend friendship and warmth to our audience."

Pusher Men
Internet addicts, compulsive gamblers and shopaholics [known as oniomanics in the medical community] all face the same emotional withdrawal when they're not high, and now doctors are using prescriptions to cure them.

With the popular antidepressant Prozac losing its patent earlier this month, the medical market will soon be seeing more generic antidepressants to help addicts keep their addictions at bay and millions of physicians are more than willing to dish them out.

SPM: Roach trip
Since the release of Lovehatetragedy, Papa Roach's second album, the band has been around the world and back hoping to build a die-hard fan base.

SPM: To Broadway and back
When Michael Goddard graduated ASU in 1989 with a degree in business, he knew that one day he would come back and visit his alma mater. He also knew that he didn't want to come back for some arbitrary reason. "It's easy to come for Christmas and stay a day or two," he says.

Cry freedom!
I've read Konrad Kail's quote a dozen times in the past hour alone. And my blood is nearing a boil as I visualize the picture he paints of gutless doctors succumbing to slimeball drug salesmen.

Odd man in
It's always tough being the new guy in the band. Especially when you are the only guy in the band. But 22-year-old Peter David Connelly, the latest recruit for the Olympia, Wash.-based punk trio, Bangs, is relishing his experience with band mates Sarah Utter and Maggie Vail.

Sowing the 'Seed'
Andrea Hull, a 52-year-old master of fine arts student, incorporates her desires into her unique sculpture and video, "Seed." Incorporating her knowledge of video production, her own finances, and her creative mind, Hull now creates what she calls "continuously-maintained, 360-degree visual space."

RC Helicopters

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