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Foreskin worth weight in gold
A new litigation craze is slicing across America, and what we're seeing now is just the tip of it. Penises and circumcisions are the new face of American lawsuits.

State of the Union seems dismal, holds little promise
Those hoping for some promising words of optimism during tonight's State of the Union address shouldn't hold their breath. With a stagnant economy and a seemingly inevitable skirmish with Iraq on the horizon, the present state is best described as one of frustration and confusion.

Cocky Americans need to fight terrorism, disease
Brandishing syringes but "no smoking guns," the Americans who arrived in Switzerland Sunday delivered a mixed message of flippancy and philanthropy to the other international leaders present.

Letters to the Editor: Dogma, pills, praise for Xanthos
The letters received about past columns, including one from a reader who finds one student's letter "childish," another from a business student who agrees with SPM about drugs, and a third letter that challenges another's column about fighting for America.

Editorial: Fight for separation of ASU and INS
Are you a legal resident in America? If some state representatives get their way, you had better be ready and able to prove it if you want to keep attending ASU.

Mouthing Off: Immigrants unjustly held hostage
Millions of immigrants come to the United States each year in search of the same thing. They come from countries like Mexico, where the average person earns just $8,000, to America, where the average income per person is $30,000. Just try and tell me you wouldn't do the same if you were in their situation.

'Office Space' parody among top Super Bowl commercials
With each Super Bowl, there are a slew of new commercials, most of them funny enough to make you wet yourself. Check out this list of the top five Super Bowl commericials of 2003.

Devil Dish: Old replay rule, stingy refs play Scrooge
The NFL needs to update its instant replay system. The Bucs were outstanding and deserved to win, but Porter caught the contested pass from Gannon fair-and-square and should have been awarded the points.

Baseball: Gwynn faces new hurdles with Aztecs
Tony Gwynn returned to the diamond Friday after retiring from Major League Baseball in 2001. He didn't come back with a bat in his hands though, he returned with a lineup card.

Opinion: Beloved Padres hitter Gwynn makes fine Aztec
The immortal Mr. Padre walked away into the sunset two years ago, but has re-emerged on the baseball scene... as Mr. Aztec. Tony Gwynn played a 20-year major league career with the San Diego Padres, establishing himself as one of the premier hitters of his generation.

W Hoops: Towering Kovesdy eases way into NCAA
Imagine you just finished a stellar prep career and are now a freshman playing against veteran opponents - and you're still dominating. That's the feeling ASU freshman forward Kristen Kovesdy has when she steps onto the court for the women's basketball team.

Track teams open year with running start
Neither the men's nor women's teams finished the season in the nation's top 25, but fifth-year coach Greg Kraft is pleased with where his team currently stands and expects to see improvement from last season.

Regents OK $150M for parking, dorms, Biodesign
ABOR approved more than $150 million in building projects for all three ASU campuses Friday. The projects will add nearly 1,500 parking spaces, 3,000 beds, and a new wing to the future AZ Biodesign Institute.

Web site helps report hate crimes
The campus organization Act Out created a Web site on Jan. 20 that allows victims of hate incidents on campus to report any acts committed against them because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Report Hate Web site, which allows victims to record on-campus incidents, is a display for public awareness, said Act Out President Sam Holdren.

Plus/minus gets thumbs down
The ASU Academic Senate approved a plus-minus grading system in March 1992, but the technology to put the system in place was not available until this year.

However, the senate recently tabled the issue because students and faculty disapproved of possible inequities in the system, according to George Watson, president of the senate and chairman of the committee investigating the potential plus-minus policy.

Bill targets illegal student immigrants
Currently, more than 200,000 illegal immigrants reside in Arizona, according to the Migration Policy Institute. In seeking an education, many of these people can be found within the state's university system.

A bill, now being considered by the Arizona legislature, may require the state's colleges and universities to police the stream of illegal immigrant students on their campuses and report violators to the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

ASU eliminates competencies for admission
Beginning this fall, ASU will change its admissions policy to accept freshmen from varying levels of competency, leaving incoming classes a patchwork of abilities. As part of a new University policy, students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher will be admitted with or without fulfilling competency requirements.

Police Beat: Sibling rivalry turns to fighting
Tempe police reports a 22-year-old Tempe man was arrested Sunday at the corner of Hardy Drive and Broadway Road for allegedly punching his brother in the mouth.

Heavily-armed man arrested at law library
Bradley William Kennedy, a Chandler dentist, was arrested Sunday afternoon at the ASU Ross-Blakely Law Library. According to ASU police, Kennedy allegedly was carrying three fully-loaded .22-magnum revolvers, a Glock 26, $1,357.75 in cash and numerous pieces of religious propaganda, as well as a list of judges and their contact information.

Everyman Kimmel entertains on new late night show
Jimmy Kimmel, on his inaugural episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, managed to make it through the perils of a late-night talk show and is certainly making something new of the talk show format.

Reality TV Roundup: 'Joe Millionaire' a schmuck
Web Devil entertainment reporter, Josh Spiegel, summarizes and gives his thoughts on this week's reality TV shows, which include Joe Millionaire, American Idol 2 and The Bachelorette.

SPM: Blockbusters in waiting?
2002 was one of the richest years for movies in nearly a decade. Studios thrilled audiences with visionary blockbusters like Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Minority Report while also serving up smaller, quality fare like Adaptation and The Hours.

SPM: The Tooth Fairy Cometh
The new thriller Darkness Falls has two things going for it: It's mercifully short [less than an hour and a half] and it features the classic line, "Your first kiss shouldn't taste like blood."

Belly flop
I sense the palms of my hands heating up and my heart feels like it's going to pound its way out of my chest. I am nervous for a good reason. I gaze up at the clock, and realize I have 10 minutes left. Ten minutes before I, a 22-year-old male, will take a stab at the historically female art of belly dancing at the five-month-old Domba Studio in Tempe. How?

The Maruma Experience
Music is an extension of the soul, says BJ Stanley and Todd Boston from the local Tempe group Maruma. "Music transcends; music is healing and music is a gift," Boston says, adding that when Maruma creates music, they try to transfer positive messages and moods to their audience. "We want to extend friendship and warmth to our audience."

Pusher Men
Internet addicts, compulsive gamblers and shopaholics [known as oniomanics in the medical community] all face the same emotional withdrawal when they're not high, and now doctors are using prescriptions to cure them.

With the popular antidepressant Prozac losing its patent earlier this month, the medical market will soon be seeing more generic antidepressants to help addicts keep their addictions at bay and millions of physicians are more than willing to dish them out.

SPM: Roach trip
Since the release of Lovehatetragedy, Papa Roach's second album, the band has been around the world and back hoping to build a die-hard fan base.

SPM: To Broadway and back
When Michael Goddard graduated ASU in 1989 with a degree in business, he knew that one day he would come back and visit his alma mater. He also knew that he didn't want to come back for some arbitrary reason. "It's easy to come for Christmas and stay a day or two," he says.

Cry freedom!
I've read Konrad Kail's quote a dozen times in the past hour alone. And my blood is nearing a boil as I visualize the picture he paints of gutless doctors succumbing to slimeball drug salesmen.

Odd man in
It's always tough being the new guy in the band. Especially when you are the only guy in the band. But 22-year-old Peter David Connelly, the latest recruit for the Olympia, Wash.-based punk trio, Bangs, is relishing his experience with band mates Sarah Utter and Maggie Vail.

Sowing the 'Seed'
Andrea Hull, a 52-year-old master of fine arts student, incorporates her desires into her unique sculpture and video, "Seed." Incorporating her knowledge of video production, her own finances, and her creative mind, Hull now creates what she calls "continuously-maintained, 360-degree visual space."

RC Helicopters

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