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King's 'dream' is in trouble
Affirmative action policies that judge solely on skin color are not the ideal that Martin Luther King, Jr. was striving for. Yet, his name and cause is invoked at every turn of the argument.

HOV permit fundraiser defeats lane's purpose
The Goldwater Institute has proposed selling permits to single drivers, allowing them to take their vehicles into the HOV lanes. The proposal would help the state's budget, make a small group of commuters happy, and create a more tolerable rush hour. Of course, all this defeats the original purpose for HOV lanes.

Editorial: New law marks a black day for 'A' Mountain
A law has now been passed that forbids painting 'A' Mountain without filing prior paperwork with the ASU Alumni Association. This will surely be a BLACK eye for the city and everything that school spirit means.

Abortion anniversary stirs questions about true feminism
As a college student in the '70s, I argued passionately for a woman's right to have unfettered control over her reproductive life--something I still defend fiercely today.

Swimming: Tough meets, Pac-10 tourneys loom
The Pac-10 championships are just around the corner for the ASU men's and women's swimming and diving teams. The No. 13 men's team and No. 16 women's team take on California and Stanford on Friday and Saturday in a showdown of top-20 teams.

Wrestling: No slowing down vs. Mustangs after upset win
Just five days after upsetting Michigan at the National Wrestling Coaches Association Duals, the No. 9 Sun Devils (8-5, 10 Pac-10) host Pac-10 rival Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (4-5, 2-0) tonight at Wells Fargo Arena.

ASU tennis looking to open big against Santa Clara
After finishing 5th in the Pac-10 in 2002, ASU's men's tennis team begins their 2003 season Sunday against Santa Clara at the Whiteman Tennis Center at 12:00 p.m.

Baseball: Devils back in Packard against Aztecs
After a year of playing home games in Mesa at HoHoKam Stadium, the Sun Devils will play their first contest at Packard since late May of 2001. But the Aztecs, their first opponent, will be no walk through the park.

Gymnasts harness momentum as Utah looms
Gymnastics heads to Utah for the third meet of the young season. Last weekend the Sun Devils defeated Washington 197.3-194.15 at home, setting team and individual career highs unexpected so early on.

Hoops: Knight cleared for play
A source within the ASU men's basketball program said Thursday that senior swingman Donnell Knight will be declared eligible today. Knight had been waiting for the grade result of a winter session class, which forced him to miss this week's practice and Wednesday's loss to UA.

Devil Dish: Leave mascot's tongue alone
Edmonton Oilers head coach Craig MacTavish got so fed up with Howard, the Calgary Flames mascot, that he pulled the one-foot long tongue out of Howard's mouth. Can someone explain what's wrong with this world if sports mascots are no longer safe?

Hoops: Two teams, two different stories against UA
There were two ASU basketball teams that played the University of Arizona this week and each team wrote an entirely different story. The ASU women hustle, scrap, go flying over press row for loose balls and fight for rebounds while the men sit quietly on the bench.

Police Beat: Chandler man flops Jiffy Lube caper
This incidents Tempe police reported Thursday, including the arrest of a Chandler man who broke the window of a Jiffy Lube and attempted to steal $800 worth of motor oil, fuel injector fluid and cleaner.

Tempe ordinance bans painting the 'A'
The next time pranksters head up Hayden Butte to paint the "A," they could come back down with a $2,500 fine. In August, a city ordinance named "A" Mountain a preserve -- making the painting of the "A" illegal.

Buck scandal incites change
The scandal surrounding the filming of a pornographic video, which included former student government executive Brian Buck, on ASU property last semester has prompted Student Life officials to issue a new policy addressing appropriate conduct for students considered to be representatives of the University.

UA suggests axing programs
Tough financial times for all state universities have led officials at the University of Arizona to recommend cutting 18 academic programs.

The move is to cut out unproductive or unnecessary courses of study and redirect resources in order to strengthen other areas of the University, according to UA spokeswoman Sharon Kha.

Tickets, fines in store for unlawful bicyclists
Those who get to class on two wheels instead of four could face added police scrutiny next week. Police will pass out pamphlets on basic bike safety and issue warnings to bicyclists who commit minor violations.

Students get raw deal in new MU sushi bar
Students fishing for healthier food are visiting the Southern Tsunami sushi bar, which opened for business Thursday. According to regional manager Rick Mayshiro, Southern Tsunami's first day was a busy one.

Business school gets $50 million
ASU's College of Business was christened with a new name today directly following a gift of $50 million from the chairman of a New York investment firm.

William Polk Carey officially announced today that he would make the largest financial donation in ASU history. Along with this announcement, the college publicly changed its name to the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Changing Directions plan one step closer
Working over the past several months, ASU President Michael Crow, UA President Peter Likins and NAU President John Haeger have developed the "Changing Directions" plan in attempt to build the universities distinctly different identities.

SPM: Blockbusters in waiting?
2002 was one of the richest years for movies in nearly a decade. Studios thrilled audiences with visionary blockbusters like Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Minority Report while also serving up smaller, quality fare like Adaptation and The Hours.

SPM: The Tooth Fairy Cometh
The new thriller Darkness Falls has two things going for it: It's mercifully short [less than an hour and a half] and it features the classic line, "Your first kiss shouldn't taste like blood."

Belly flop
I sense the palms of my hands heating up and my heart feels like it's going to pound its way out of my chest. I am nervous for a good reason. I gaze up at the clock, and realize I have 10 minutes left. Ten minutes before I, a 22-year-old male, will take a stab at the historically female art of belly dancing at the five-month-old Domba Studio in Tempe. How?

The Maruma Experience
Music is an extension of the soul, says BJ Stanley and Todd Boston from the local Tempe group Maruma. "Music transcends; music is healing and music is a gift," Boston says, adding that when Maruma creates music, they try to transfer positive messages and moods to their audience. "We want to extend friendship and warmth to our audience."

Pusher Men
Internet addicts, compulsive gamblers and shopaholics [known as oniomanics in the medical community] all face the same emotional withdrawal when they're not high, and now doctors are using prescriptions to cure them.

With the popular antidepressant Prozac losing its patent earlier this month, the medical market will soon be seeing more generic antidepressants to help addicts keep their addictions at bay and millions of physicians are more than willing to dish them out.

SPM: Roach trip
Since the release of Lovehatetragedy, Papa Roach's second album, the band has been around the world and back hoping to build a die-hard fan base.

SPM: To Broadway and back
When Michael Goddard graduated ASU in 1989 with a degree in business, he knew that one day he would come back and visit his alma mater. He also knew that he didn't want to come back for some arbitrary reason. "It's easy to come for Christmas and stay a day or two," he says.

Cry freedom!
I've read Konrad Kail's quote a dozen times in the past hour alone. And my blood is nearing a boil as I visualize the picture he paints of gutless doctors succumbing to slimeball drug salesmen.

Odd man in
It's always tough being the new guy in the band. Especially when you are the only guy in the band. But 22-year-old Peter David Connelly, the latest recruit for the Olympia, Wash.-based punk trio, Bangs, is relishing his experience with band mates Sarah Utter and Maggie Vail.

Sowing the 'Seed'
Andrea Hull, a 52-year-old master of fine arts student, incorporates her desires into her unique sculpture and video, "Seed." Incorporating her knowledge of video production, her own finances, and her creative mind, Hull now creates what she calls "continuously-maintained, 360-degree visual space."

Rollerball, Eminem bomb, Punch Drunk scores in 2002
The past year produced an abundance of movies, from Lord of the Rings to 8 Mile. Web Devil reviewer Josh Spiegel recaps the best films of 2002, as well as the overrated and underrated ones.

RC Helicopters

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