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The pension that stole Christmas
How can President Crow fulfill his dream of making ASU a super-ultra-mega-multiversity if we just give money away to his predecessor?

Four rules for thinking and talking about Iraq
Even though Iraq is allowing the international inspectors back in, it considers them "enemies of truth" sent by "Pharaoh Bush" as part of a "Zionist plot."

Harry Potter teaches witchcraft, paganism
Harry Potter is the devil. Don't let his "poor kid with broken glasses" sham fool you -- he's Satan. We all know that magic is bad and the cause of all things evil.

Letters to the Editor
The responses of State Press readers on issues such as conservative bias and the riots in Nigeria over the Miss World competition.

State Press Editorial: Speak no evil about Bush or face his wrath
It has become clear that U.S. allies should just add the role of playing mommy to their list of responsibilities during a time when war and terrorism threaten the lives of their citizens.

Political Cartoon: 9/11 Commission
Cartoonist John West's take on Henry Kissinger and the 9/11 commission.

Devils burn Wildcats, break losing streak
The Wildcats attempted to defend against an air assault, but ended up facing a steady diet of smash-mouth football by way of the ground in the annual Thanksgiving weekend face-off between UA and ASU.

Hoops: Freshman shines in ASU victories
It's getting hard to believe that Ike Diogu is only a freshman, especially after the 19-year-old forward scored 27 points and pulled down seven rebounds as the ASU men's basketball team manhandled Lafayette on Saturday night for an 85-62 win.

Football: ASU rushing attack explodes against UA
When the clock was reset to 15 minutes and the second quarter was ready to begin, a spark that the Sun Devils had all but forgotten reemerged to take the game over, almost single-handedly: junior running back Mike Williams.

Football: ASU seniors end on high-note
Friday's football game not only marked the end of the regular season for both ASU and UA but was also the final time that seniors on either team would play against their rival.

Volleyball sweeps through UNLV tournament
The ASU volleyball team knew that they had to win their final two matches of the season if they were to have a chance of making the NCAA tournament. And so they did.

W Hoops: Devils win Holiday Tournament
While the ASU women's basketball team defended its home court by winning their annual Wells Fargo Holiday Tournament this weekend, the event will be nothing more than a tune-up for the competition that awaits them this week.

Breaking It Down
Complete break down and key stats of last weekend's game.

New dorms create 'academic village'
Giving the go ahead for massive dorm construction, ASU President Michael Crow plans to revitalize the south end of campus and increase student housing by nearly 60 percent.

Archeological dig blocks students from Lot 44
Students that park in lot 44 will have to find parking elsewhere, as a team of archeologists dig for possible remains and valuables, which may impede construction of the University biodesign institute planned for the site.

ASU unites to aid ill foreign student
Electrical engineering junior Vamsi Gurram, who had been living at ASU for three semesters, was turned away from the hospital with a devastating case of Valley Fever.

SDTV program guide
SDTV-Channel 2 program guide

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