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Ignorance results in 'Miss World' riots in Nigeria
This year's Miss World pageant was to be held in Nigeria as a reward for its victory in last year's competition, but the honor was not seen as such by all.

Americans have huge ego, no geography skills
Maybe as we sit down to our Thanksgiving feast, we need a smaller slice of all-American apple pie and a bigger helping of humble pie. Or at least placemats printed with the map of the world.

Liberals killed the radio star
It seems as if the free market is slowly bringing a conservative takeover. But now that invisible hand may be stifled by the iron fist of fascist censorship.

State Press Editorial: Keep the riot quiet after UA game
There is something to be said for hysteria. College sports, much like extremist religious sects and cockfighting rings, are all about chaos induced by blind loyalty and a spot of liquor.

Letters to the Editor
The State Press's readers write in about president Michael Crow's plans for a tuition increase at ASU and the Tempe 10 voting site that was allegedly involved in mass voter "intimidation."

Political Cartoon: Fourth Amendment
Cartoonist John West comments on Total Awareness Information.

Football: Coaches spend weekend recruiting
Sun Devil coaches took a break from planning for this Friday's game against UA by going out of town. Only the trips weren't exactly a diversion from the Wildcats, however, as the coaches went to search for weapons to use against UA for future battles.

Kentucky sinks Sun Devils in Maui
The ASU men's basketball team showed they still have a long way to go to be considered contenders after being humbled by Kentucky on Monday night 82-65 in the first round of the Maui Invitational.

W Hoops: Devils use tough defense to tame Huskies
A stringent defense counteracted a dismal shooting performance Monday night as the ASU women's basketball team held on for a 70-62 win over Northern Illinois (1-1) at Wells Fargo Arena.

Police Beat: Man slaps strangers, urinates on self
The incidents Tempe police reported Monday, including the arrest of a man who was reportedly walking in the middle of the street screaming obscenities and slapping people. He then urinated on himself.

Enrollment in ASU's largest college plummets
Taking a plummet of almost 30 percent, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has seen its enrollment rate drop from a peak of more than 15,000 students in 1997.

Tuition increase to jade the needy
The problem with increasing tuition is that low-income families, unaware of the financial aid available to them, will see a tuition hike and assume they can't afford to send their child to college, the university provost said Monday.

Budget may be cut
ASU President Michael Crow appeared to be prepared for the worst, as he devised a plan to prepare for the potential 5 percent budget cuts that the Legislature could ask all public universities to take.

The Raw Deahl: Poetry Posers
I'm no poet. Neither are 99 percent of those who think they are. Long gone are the days of true tortured souls who knew how to spin a verse. Poetry is dead, my friends, but its brain-dead zombie corpse still walks the Earth.

Carving the to-furkey
Along with sharing gossip, best friends Emily Marver and Shannon Tesser trade recipes for tofu tacos and macaroni and soy cheese. Marver and Tesser, who is visiting from St. Paul, Minn., have recently become vegetarian and vegan.

Tempe Turkey Day
Campus Dining has been offering Thanksgiving dinners all week. You have three chances left: tonight's dinner from 4:30 to 7 at Manzanita Square, Friday's Blue Plate Special at the Devil's Diner from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Monday's turkey dinner at Sahuaro Café from 5 to 8 p.m.

The New Fusion
Bands like Glassjaw, The Used and Finch are a few of the acts fusing elements of punk, metal and rock, busting out with an explosive sound that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stick up.

Rhyme's Reason
Every weekend, at bars and coffeehouses across the Valley, ordinary people are climbing on stages, grabbing microphones and spouting poetry about the most ordinary and extraordinary things.

Hip-hop honey
If you saw Susie Kincy walking around campus, you'd probably brush her off as just another sorority girl. After all, she looks the part. Kincy, a communications sophomore, is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, but the little white girl can shake it.

Heavy set
When ASU student Robert Ian Weintraub landed the title role as the Kaiser in the opera, Der Kaiser von Atlantis, thoughts of the Holocaust plagued his mind.

Lip service
With album titles such as Finally The Punk Rockers are Taking Acid and The Day They Shot a Hole in the Jesus Egg, The Flaming Lips are part avant-garde, part weird.

Girls rock
Watching these members of local band Bella walk up to the Mills End coffee shop in Tempe was like watching a family reunion in play. Their conversation over coffee and laughter on a sunny Sunday exemplified their close-knit group.

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