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Letters to the Editor
Check out what the ASU community has to say about State Press and Web Devil past articles...

Keep our cops ad-free
Law enforcement agencies around the country are considering selling ad space on their squad cars as a last resort to raise revenues that state governments have been unable to supply.

Pre-registration lacks human touch
Ever so often, my faith gets spanked harder than a randy Japanese businessman at a bondage convention in Singapore. It's as earth shattering as Jesus un-nailing himself from the cross and doing a keg stand.

Both sides 'wroooong' about the Ailes letter
Welcome to The Kotterman Group, a roundtable discussion where the voices in my head debate an issue with serious implications for society (or not). Let's introduce today's panel members...

State Press editorial
Maybe it's the caffeine we've intravenously shot into our systems, but we're a little jittery about something.

Starbucks, the Hitler of coffee corporations, is taking over — again.

It's on every corner of every city, but now the big java bean bully is marching onto campus, wiping out our favorite little Diedrich coffee stands.

Mall Rants: Sexism at The Library
ASU students rant about sexism at Mill Avenue's newest bar, the Library.

Political Cartoon: Protest
A political cartoon by John West about protest.

Journalistic greats visit campus
The ASU community was presented with new insight into the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and a possible war on Iraq Wednesday when three renowned journalists visited the campus.

ASU professor recalls survival of deadly volcanic eruption
ASU professor and volcanologist Dr. Stanley Williams was used to taking risks. He had been situated atop many active volcanoes around the world. One day, that risk proved to be deadly.

Suggs a finalist for defensive player of the year
After a season of wreaking havoc that saw many records, as well as quarterbacks, hit the ground, ASU junior defensive end Terrell Suggs is now having his praises sung across the college football nation.

Baseball: Juniors catch national attention
With the start of the 2003 Sun Devil baseball season less than a couple of months away, two juniors have already been selected as preseason All-Americans.

Volleyball looking for upsets in California
After defeating Oregon on Saturday, the Sun Devils celebrated and cheered like the season had ended on a victory. The match was the final home match of the season, but the Devils must now travel to Los Angeles to face No. 1 USC and No. 21 UCLA.

Starbucks' brand sends Diedrich packing
The Sodexho Corp., ASU's food service supplier, has nixed a three-year deal with Diedrich just months after signing it in favor of Starbucks Coffee, putting 25 people — mostly students — out of work, and ousting Diedrich from Arizona.

AZ Legislature asks ASU for $18M
The University may be asked to return $18 million to the state to help remedy Arizona's deficit. The Arizona Legislature will host a special session Monday to discuss the request that, if made, will be the largest dollar amount taken from any other state entity this year.

Tempe city attorney retires at age 60
Tempe City Attorney Brad Woodford, at age 60, announced his retirement this week, after 34 years working for the City of Tempe.

Regents professor finalist for 'Poetry Pulitzer'
ASU Regents professor, Alberto Rios, earned a position as one of five finalists in this year's National Book Awards contest for his poetry.

Groups like Amnesty see increased student interest
On an abnormally warm November day, Markus Roznowski roared to passing onlookers, "Free Knowledge!" as crews of ASU Amnesty International members eagerly staffed tables relaying information about current human rights issues.

Police Beat: Shoplifting and ex-girlfriend abuse
The low-down on the Tempe Police blotter.

ASU East professor helps malnourished kids
When Jeff Hampl, assistant professor of nutrition at ASU East, discovered the Crockett Elementary problem, he wanted to make a change by arranging to give food to the underprivileged students who study there.

Republicans, women help elect Napolitano
A statewide poll released by KAET-TV Tuesday found that political moderates, women and Republicans who voted Democratic provided Governor-elect Janet Napolitano's victory.

Girls rock
Watching these members of local band Bella walk up to the Mills End coffee shop in Tempe was like watching a family reunion in play. Their conversation over coffee and laughter on a sunny Sunday exemplified their close-knit group.

Lip service
With album titles such as Finally The Punk Rockers are Taking Acid and The Day They Shot a Hole in the Jesus Egg, The Flaming Lips are part avant-garde, part weird.

Heavy set
When ASU student Robert Ian Weintraub landed the title role as the Kaiser in the opera, Der Kaiser von Atlantis, thoughts of the Holocaust plagued his mind.

Hip-hop honey
If you saw Susie Kincy walking around campus, you'd probably brush her off as just another sorority girl. After all, she looks the part. Kincy, a communications sophomore, is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, but the little white girl can shake it.

Rhyme's Reason
Every weekend, at bars and coffeehouses across the Valley, ordinary people are climbing on stages, grabbing microphones and spouting poetry about the most ordinary and extraordinary things.

Bond is back
Die Another Day, which features a goofy, half-baked plot, isn't so inspiring. But, ultimately, the new Bond flick provides enough of charming flourishes, as well as enough action and comedy, to make it a worthy addition to the 007 canon.

The 'Emperor's' old clothes
If it walks like a dead poet, talks like a dead poet and stinks to high heaven like a dead poet, then it's probably The Emperor's Club.

The New Fusion
Bands like Glassjaw, The Used and Finch are a few of the acts fusing elements of punk, metal and rock, busting out with an explosive sound that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stick up.

Tempe Turkey Day
Campus Dining has been offering Thanksgiving dinners all week. You have three chances left: tonight's dinner from 4:30 to 7 at Manzanita Square, Friday's Blue Plate Special at the Devil's Diner from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Monday's turkey dinner at Sahuaro Café from 5 to 8 p.m.

Carving the to-furkey
Along with sharing gossip, best friends Emily Marver and Shannon Tesser trade recipes for tofu tacos and macaroni and soy cheese. Marver and Tesser, who is visiting from St. Paul, Minn., have recently become vegetarian and vegan.

The Raw Deahl: Poetry Posers
I'm no poet. Neither are 99 percent of those who think they are. Long gone are the days of true tortured souls who knew how to spin a verse. Poetry is dead, my friends, but its brain-dead zombie corpse still walks the Earth.

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