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Women should leave ties for the guys
Women now have wears slacks even though they were once reserved for men. The tie should be kept in all its masculine glory. They may be little more than self-inflicted nooses, but you can't argue with tradition.

European protest puts everything into perspective
I can happily say that my only intention is to live my life well and do what I can to make the world a better place, regardless of who is holding office in Washington, D.C.

Political Cartoon: Protest
A political cartoon by John West about protest.

ASU professor recalls survival of deadly volcanic eruption
ASU professor and volcanologist Dr. Stanley Williams was used to taking risks. He had been situated atop many active volcanoes around the world. One day, that risk proved to be deadly.

Women's cross country takes second at NCAA meet
The women's cross country team finished second at NCAA Championships hosted by Stanford in Palo Alto, Calif. this weekend, and automatically gained entry into the 2002 NCAA Championships on Nov. 25.

Volleyball sweeps Oregon schools behind solid effort
On a weekend dedicated to individual players and the head coach, the ASU volleyball team fittingly swept the Oregon schools behind a strong team performance.

Soccer falls in NCAA tournament
Bumps, bruises and even black eyes tell the story of a hard-fought postseason, but coming out on the wrong end of a 5-1 decision makes an injury harder to swallow.

USC victorious over Devils, 34-13
Even with the Olympic flame blazing high overhead at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, the ASU football team's offense had its problems getting warm enough to find the end zone.

Police Beat: Brawl requires use of pepper spray
The incidents Tempe police reported Friday, including the arrest of one man who was in a brawl with four men who had to be subdued with pepper spray and physically separated from each other.

This library doesn't require a card
The Library is a new bar opening Friday at Mill Avenue and Fifth Street that plays up its studious theme, complete with scantily clad Catholic schoolgirls as cocktail waitresses and librarian-costumed bartenders.

Children open up to art workshop
The Children's Art Workshop provides ASU art students with first hand teaching experience and serves as outlet for the community to get more exposure to art.

ASU West hosts cultural event
ASU West is hosting International Education Week, which begins today and lasts through Thursday, to encourage interest in cultural exchanges.

The International Fashion Show, one of the week's events, will feature 25 international students modeling traditional attire from their various home countries.

Cup O' Joe: From cult to culture
Being on the giving end of assimilation is what scares American nationalists. One day, soon, Americans will know what it's like to be treated like a cult. These silly folk who can't get enough of their caffeine or tabloid television magazines.

Just cause
Kelly Zirbes croons about love and life with her band, Kelly's Lot, but the 41-year-old singer/marathon runner/motivational speaker has an ulterior motive when performing. She wants to talk about Hepatitis C.

What's so nifty about the '50s?
Far From Heaven barely misses its mark of discussing stereotypes of gender and race, and it leaves the audience with an unsatisfying ending that will leave some annoyed.

Purifying punk
It's amazing when a musician calls on time for an interview, let alone calls early, so naturally we were impressed when The Distillers drummer Andy Outbreak phoned 15 minutes prior to his scheduled time.

Tight knit
Every once in a while, Canada bestows upon the world great treasures such as Dan Aykroyd, Canadian Bacon and perhaps the most colorful contribution of all, Cirque du Soleil.

Hooray for Bollywood
In a Bollywood film, random acts of dancing, as well as elaborate costume changes and heart-wrenching plot lines are not only common, they're expected.

Getting your kicks
In small, steamy gyms across the Valley, groups of dedicated dancer-fighters called capoeiristas practice their own form of conversation. Their language is capoeira [kah-po-EH-rah], an acrobatic style of martial arts based on 400-year-old Afro-Brazilian slave rituals.

With all their Might
If you're unfamiliar with the Bosstones, Burton offers a brief summary: "We're eight knuckleheads from Boston that somehow turned into musicians and basically play all the kinds of music we love hard rock, punk, reggae and ska music."

Fun with Feltcher
Some students dream of becoming rock stars, but BIS major Sean Patrick doesn't need to fantasize he's living the rock star life.

'Harry' goes to pot
If the producers go ahead with their plan to film seven Harry Potter movies, they'd better wave a wand of inspiration over their franchise, because Harry Potter is quickly running out of magic.

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