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America going to hell as Bush's approval rating soars
No, really. Cash your chips in. Board up the windows. Put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye because this country's going straight to hell.

NASCAR race fails to debunk stereotypes
NASCAR's existence is spurred by mullets, Earnhardt worship and hee-haw Southern drawls all in a weekend show for America's most heinous disregard for class to ever sell tickets.

Protect our children from us
Damn the war on Saddam! I want, no, I DEMAND a war on domestic violence, teen depression, toddler drownings and whatever else is responsible for 76 kids dying in Arizona in 2001.

Mall Rants: Election
ASU students rant about Matt Salmon taking so long to concede.

Political Cartoon: Policies
A political cartoon on Bush's policies.

ASU professor recalls survival of deadly volcanic eruption
ASU professor and volcanologist Dr. Stanley Williams was used to taking risks. He had been situated atop many active volcanoes around the world. One day, that risk proved to be deadly.

Football: ASU explores California connection
For many Sun Devils playing in LA against USC is more like a homecoming rather than a road game. There are currently 17 players on ASU's roster from the greater Los Angeles area.

Cross country competes in NCAA tournament
On Saturday, the 22nd-ranked men's and 17th-ranked women's ASU cross country teams get down to serious business after a week off from competition as they travel to Palo Alto, Calif.

Devils seek redemption vs. USC
This Saturday, when the Sun Devils face USC, they will be eager to show they are not the same team of a season ago that lost the last five games of 2001.

Two weeks ago, the Sun Devils had an undefeated record in Pac-10 play before losing a pair of contests to Washington State and California.

ASU soccer begins NCAA tournament play
the mission of the ASU (11-6-2) soccer team this weekend is redemption when they compete in the first round of the NCAA Tournament against Washington State.

Football: ASU, USC receivers to do battle
This weekend in Los Angeles Sun Devils' fans will have to keep their eyes peeled on USC wide receiver Mike Williams, who will be a thorn in ASU's side at the LA Coliseum Saturday afternoon.

Volleyball looks for key wins
The ASU volleyball team has a lot riding on the outcome of this weekend's matches against the Oregon schools, the final two home-matches of the 2002 season.

Women's hoops lose exhibition
A young ASU women's basketball team garnered some valuable experience Thursday night during a 78-74 loss to the West Coast All-Stars, a group of former college players.

ASU professor develops software to combat terrorism
An ASU professor has developed software to combat crime through face-recognition technology that may be appearing at airports, prisons and nuclear power plants across the country.

ASU researchers develop bracelet to cure carpal tunnel
Richard Hinrichs, an associate professor of exercise science at ASU, teamed up with Benjamin Sucher, an osteopathic physician, in order to come up with a new way to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

Twin brothers arrested on drug charges in Hayden Hall
Biology sophomores Daniel and Edward "Julian" Wedge, twin brothers and roommates, were served a warrant and subsequently arrested at their residence hall on drug charges.

Tempe plan expands options
By 2030, all Tempe residents will have access to transit services within a five-minute walk of their home, according the city's Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

According to the plan, which is still in the development phase, all neighborhoods will have bike and pedestrian access to their schools, shopping centers and parks.

Police Beat: Student assaulted with flying rat
The incidents ASU and Tempe police reported Thursday, including the assault of an ASU student. A man allegedly threw a black rubber rat at her leg and yelled obscenities at her.

ASU student gives 'Weakest' performance
Almost $100,000 richer, an ASU student got voted off the game show "The Weakest Link" in the fourth round, leaving the show empty handed during it's college week series.

Message of Greek tragedy still resonates
A 16,000-year-old controversial story takes on a contemporary feel as it is told through the actions of three characters on a minimalist set, with nothing but a 6-foot statue representing tyranny.

Cup O' Joe: From cult to culture
Being on the giving end of assimilation is what scares American nationalists. One day, soon, Americans will know what it's like to be treated like a cult. These silly folk who can't get enough of their caffeine or tabloid television magazines.

Just cause
Kelly Zirbes croons about love and life with her band, Kelly's Lot, but the 41-year-old singer/marathon runner/motivational speaker has an ulterior motive when performing. She wants to talk about Hepatitis C.

What's so nifty about the '50s?
Far From Heaven barely misses its mark of discussing stereotypes of gender and race, and it leaves the audience with an unsatisfying ending that will leave some annoyed.

Purifying punk
It's amazing when a musician calls on time for an interview, let alone calls early, so naturally we were impressed when The Distillers drummer Andy Outbreak phoned 15 minutes prior to his scheduled time.

Tight knit
Every once in a while, Canada bestows upon the world great treasures such as Dan Aykroyd, Canadian Bacon and perhaps the most colorful contribution of all, Cirque du Soleil.

Hooray for Bollywood
In a Bollywood film, random acts of dancing, as well as elaborate costume changes and heart-wrenching plot lines are not only common, they're expected.

Getting your kicks
In small, steamy gyms across the Valley, groups of dedicated dancer-fighters called capoeiristas practice their own form of conversation. Their language is capoeira [kah-po-EH-rah], an acrobatic style of martial arts based on 400-year-old Afro-Brazilian slave rituals.

With all their Might
If you're unfamiliar with the Bosstones, Burton offers a brief summary: "We're eight knuckleheads from Boston that somehow turned into musicians and basically play all the kinds of music we love hard rock, punk, reggae and ska music."

Fun with Feltcher
Some students dream of becoming rock stars, but BIS major Sean Patrick doesn't need to fantasize he's living the rock star life.

'Harry' goes to pot
If the producers go ahead with their plan to film seven Harry Potter movies, they'd better wave a wand of inspiration over their franchise, because Harry Potter is quickly running out of magic.

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