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Catholic Church needs mutiny
As surely as there is truth in the old adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," there must be some truth in the thought, "if it's broken beyond repair, kick it to the curb and send it to the chop shop." Why don't Catholics start shopping around for a new faith?

Democrats dodge the responsibility bullet
Who better to appeal to potential slacker voters than slacker politicians? The Democrats, like non-voters of my generation, seem almost "too cool for school."

Students boo Michael Crow at football game
Maybe students should start booing themselves instead of Michael Crow. Cut Crow some slack. It's a tough time to be president of ASU, and he's doing a great job so far.

Political Cartoon: Policies
A political cartoon on Bush's policies.

Hoops: Braxton charges Devils offense
While the ASU men's basketball team struggled to a seventh place finish last season in the highly competitive Pac-10, sophomore point guard Jason Braxton emerged along the way as one of the top newcomers to the conference.

Volleyball: Pac-10 strong going into tournament
Before the 2002 volleyball season began, ASU was picked by Pac-10 coaches to finish seventh in the conference and with four matches remaining on the schedule that is exactly where the Sun Devils stand.

Football: Devils lose Stewart for the season
Saturday's 55-38 loss to Cal proved not only to hurt emotionally but physically as well, as the team lost a number of players including their third-leading tackler, sophomore strong safety Riccardo Stewart.

Devils prepare for preseason test
The ASU men's basketball team will face the EA Sports All-Stars tonight at Wells Fargo Arena at 7:00 p.m. It is the first of two exhibition games for the Sun Devils and both players and coaches are hoping to extend the methods they have been drilling in practice.

Police Beat: Man batters ex-girlfriend
The incidents Tempe police reported Tuesday, including the arrest of an 18-year-old man who it his ex-girlfriend in the face, covered her mouth with his hand and kicked her.

ASASU executive VP search narrowed
Associated Students of ASU President Mike Leingang announced Tuesday that the candidates for the executive vice president position have been narrowed to three students.

The vice president seat has been vacant in student government since late October when Brian Buck was forced to leave the office.

ASU West breaks ground on first dorm
After nearly a one-month delay, ASU West broke ground on its first student residence hall Tuesday. The hall, which is yet to be named, will lie just northwest of the campus on Thunderbird Road, on a 6.5-acre lot.

Microsoft, Sun execs debate over web tools
In a high-spirited debate on Tuesday, two representatives for the Microsoft Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. kept the approximate 200-person crowd laughing during their discussion of the future of e-business.

Crow gets around
In his first week of official presidency at ASU, Michael Crow is making the rounds to share his vision for the University. On Tuesday alone, Crow had speaking engagements at all three of the University's campuses and an early morning community forum.

Stroking it
In the middle of a tour named after a Mr. Show skit [Wyckyd Sceptre], The Strokes promise a "tighter show" to Valley fans that venture out to Mesa on Sunday.

One phat flick
Patricia Cardoso thinks fat is beautiful. And she has a big problem with a society that insists only thin people are attractive. Cardoso is the director of her first feature film, Real Women Have Curves.

The Raw Deahl: Graffiti gone wild
Graffiti artists might not be hosting extravagant wine-and-cheese galas for their prestigious works of art, but that doesn't mean their talents should go unseen.

The core of queer rock
It started in the late '80s when sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll emerged from the closet, a fury of musical talent and gay pride networking from the Midwest, known as Homocore.

The 'Wiez' way
During his hiatus, Shore has successfully continued his stand-up act, which he will bring to the Tempe Improv this weekend. He says that in the past few years he has also had time to grow and work on some material of his own.

From hype to hope
Jonzi D talks about MCs dubbed Raz Cazz, DJs like Skratch Piclz, and graffiti artists such as Daim and Loomit as if they should be household names. They're not. And for that matter, neither is Jonzi, even though he is considered by many to be the Don of the hip-hop family.

Reincarnating Kweller
When Ben Kweller played at Hoodlums in the ASU Memorial Union last March, he was virtually unknown outside of his East Coast fan base. Luckily, he had the help of a good friend.

Sax in the city
Composer Julian Peterson has been devoted to playing the sax and writing music since his parents made him join the band in fifth grade. He recently performed his original compositions in the Memorial Union Art Café on Halloween.

War paint
Nick Cereceres has black paint, dirt and grease under his fingernails — evidence of both of his passions: working on custom cars and painting graffiti art.

Marathon man
Whether an Oscar is in Em's future remains to be seen, but one thing is certain — the rapper will receive an onslaught of film scripts due to this role whether he chooses to accept them or not.

Banding together
17 Four Eyes started out in Scottsdale five years ago and has been a player in the music scene ever since. Combining elements of pop, punk and rock, the group got its moniker from one of Conn's vocal melodies.

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