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Protect pregnant pigs and other vital interests
Now that the hype, hope and hoopla have died down (which happened about three minutes after the polls opened), it is now time to seriously contemplate the consequences of Tuesday's elections.

Women in Rock should not just be boobs and thighs
October's Rolling Stone, the annual Women in Rock issue, didn't just neglect vital females in the music biz, it plowed right over them, choosing oversexed hormones in favor of honorable music journalism.

Cozy pubs, new experiences make Scotland great
Traveling to another country is a wonderful way to force oneself into trying new things, abandoning the comforting womb of familiarity. (Wombs, by their nature, are comforting.)

Political Cartoon: Voting
A political cartoon by John West about voting.

Devils fight for second in Pac-10
While the ASU football team may have lost control of its own destiny as far as making the Rose Bowl, it will have to regroup and focus on a hungry California team that is fighting to make a Bowl of any kind.

The Sun Devils are currently striving to snag a second-place finish in the Pac-10 and a trip to the Holiday Bowl.

Football: Turnovers keep Cal defense in games
California may not have the best defense in the conference, but the Golden Bears can sure force teams to cough up the football. Cal head coach Jeff Tedford attributes that to their hard work in practice.

Soccer: Devils hope to penetrate Cardinal defense
With two games remaining on the schedule, ASU and its hopes of entering the NCAA Tournament travel to the Bay Area to face California and No. 1 Stanford.

Volleyball: ASU strives to make NCAA tournament
If there have been matches this season that the ASU volleyball team has needed to win, none compare to the two matches the Sun Devils will play this weekend.

Devils host top tennis programs
The women's tennis program will be hosting the annual Thunderbirds Collegiate Invitational at the Whiteman Tennis Center today through Sunday.

ASU to inaugurate 16th president
As part of his weeklong inauguration festivities, ASU President Michael Crow sat down with 20 prominent members of the University community to discuss a "new agenda" for national public institutions.

Tempe Center gets an addition
Anticipating a greater demand for students and a higher enrollment, the College of Business received approval for an estimated $70 million to $80 million building at the Tempe Center, located at University Drive and Mill Avenue.

No end in sight for Spam in e-mail accounts
Any ASU e-mail account is subject to "unsolicited commercial e-mail," more commonly called Spam. ASU students and their e-mail accounts will be exposed to these monsters into the foreseeable future.

ASU's past 16 presidents
Biographies of all of ASU's past 16 presidents.

Eminem's new flick is 8 Miles from decent
Without a good performance from the controversial rapper, 8 Mile fails. Granted, there are many more reasons why this movie isn't entertaining. Reason one: none of the characters are likable. Reason two: the script is cliche. Reason three: Eminem plays himself and has no acting range.

Stroking it
In the middle of a tour named after a Mr. Show skit [Wyckyd Sceptre], The Strokes promise a "tighter show" to Valley fans that venture out to Mesa on Sunday.

One phat flick
Patricia Cardoso thinks fat is beautiful. And she has a big problem with a society that insists only thin people are attractive. Cardoso is the director of her first feature film, Real Women Have Curves.

The Raw Deahl: Graffiti gone wild
Graffiti artists might not be hosting extravagant wine-and-cheese galas for their prestigious works of art, but that doesn't mean their talents should go unseen.

The core of queer rock
It started in the late '80s when sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll emerged from the closet, a fury of musical talent and gay pride networking from the Midwest, known as Homocore.

The 'Wiez' way
During his hiatus, Shore has successfully continued his stand-up act, which he will bring to the Tempe Improv this weekend. He says that in the past few years he has also had time to grow and work on some material of his own.

From hype to hope
Jonzi D talks about MCs dubbed Raz Cazz, DJs like Skratch Piclz, and graffiti artists such as Daim and Loomit as if they should be household names. They're not. And for that matter, neither is Jonzi, even though he is considered by many to be the Don of the hip-hop family.

Reincarnating Kweller
When Ben Kweller played at Hoodlums in the ASU Memorial Union last March, he was virtually unknown outside of his East Coast fan base. Luckily, he had the help of a good friend.

Sax in the city
Composer Julian Peterson has been devoted to playing the sax and writing music since his parents made him join the band in fifth grade. He recently performed his original compositions in the Memorial Union Art Café on Halloween.

War paint
Nick Cereceres has black paint, dirt and grease under his fingernails — evidence of both of his passions: working on custom cars and painting graffiti art.

Marathon man
Whether an Oscar is in Em's future remains to be seen, but one thing is certain — the rapper will receive an onslaught of film scripts due to this role whether he chooses to accept them or not.

Banding together
17 Four Eyes started out in Scottsdale five years ago and has been a player in the music scene ever since. Combining elements of pop, punk and rock, the group got its moniker from one of Conn's vocal melodies.

SDTV program guide
SDTV-Channel 2 program guide

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