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Throw away the cell key of drunken driver
Respect for punishments and the notion that the law is something bigger than we are is important if we want to preserve our rights. If we lose that idea, then laws just become some random chicken scratch.

The electorate: a fickle and vengeful goddess
Not voting is your choice to make, but apathy will be a very bitter pill to swallow if the Salmon/Bush utopia comes to pass. I hope your neighbors made the right choice.

QT's free-refills fit the bill
The corporate whores at QT infiltrated my friends and I with nothing more than a few thousand ounces of caffeine-laden beverages. It was worth it.

Political Cartoon: Voting
A political cartoon by John West about voting.

Football: Injuries can't slow down Williams
Over the last four years, senior strong safety Alfred Williams has treated fans at Sun Devil Stadium to an abundance of bone jarring hits. During this Saturday's game against California, Williams will be performing his craft for the final time at Sun Devil Stadium.

Volleyball: Sun Devils push hard to recover from defeats
With the home stretch of the volleyball season arriving, the Sun Devils are looking to bounce out of a nasty slump that has dropped them from No. 18 to No. 23 in the national polls.

Soccer team faces do or die situation
Seventeen games into the season, the ASU soccer team now holds its own destiny in accomplishing a goal they set at the beginning of the season: making the NCAA tournament.

17,000 sign petition to bring smoking back
The smoking ban was passed on May 21 with 51 percent of the vote, despite strong opposition from bar and restaurant owners. Now, over 17,000 citizens want it amended.

Napolitano leads
Approximately 24,000 mail-in and leftover votes were counted yesterday — of those almost half were for Matt Salmon while 10,000 were in favor of Janet Napolitano.

With 100 percent of precincts counted, Napolitano was leading the race for governor by 47 percent with 484,275 votes by a slim margin.

Retailers predict holiday revenue increase
With the holidays just around the corner, retailers are expecting a better shopping season than last year, despite low consumer confidence that made revenues look bleak.

Sun sets on first night of Ramadan
During Ramadan- an Islamic holy month- Muslims must abstain from eating, drinking, engaging in sexual behavior, smoking, and other luxuries, from sunrise to sunset each day.

Banding together
17 Four Eyes started out in Scottsdale five years ago and has been a player in the music scene ever since. Combining elements of pop, punk and rock, the group got its moniker from one of Conn's vocal melodies.

Marathon man
Whether an Oscar is in Em's future remains to be seen, but one thing is certain — the rapper will receive an onslaught of film scripts due to this role whether he chooses to accept them or not.

Haunting art gives ASU museum dark edge
The ASU Art Museum is now filled with hauntingly eerie images and hollow sounds reminiscent of the end of time, due to its newest exhibition, "Adam Chodzko: Limbo Land and A Place For 'The End'."

War paint
Nick Cereceres has black paint, dirt and grease under his fingernails — evidence of both of his passions: working on custom cars and painting graffiti art.

Sax in the city
Composer Julian Peterson has been devoted to playing the sax and writing music since his parents made him join the band in fifth grade. He recently performed his original compositions in the Memorial Union Art Café on Halloween.

Reincarnating Kweller
When Ben Kweller played at Hoodlums in the ASU Memorial Union last March, he was virtually unknown outside of his East Coast fan base. Luckily, he had the help of a good friend.

From hype to hope
Jonzi D talks about MCs dubbed Raz Cazz, DJs like Skratch Piclz, and graffiti artists such as Daim and Loomit as if they should be household names. They're not. And for that matter, neither is Jonzi, even though he is considered by many to be the Don of the hip-hop family.

The 'Wiez' way
During his hiatus, Shore has successfully continued his stand-up act, which he will bring to the Tempe Improv this weekend. He says that in the past few years he has also had time to grow and work on some material of his own.

The core of queer rock
It started in the late '80s when sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll emerged from the closet, a fury of musical talent and gay pride networking from the Midwest, known as Homocore.

The Raw Deahl: Graffiti gone wild
Graffiti artists might not be hosting extravagant wine-and-cheese galas for their prestigious works of art, but that doesn't mean their talents should go unseen.

One phat flick
Patricia Cardoso thinks fat is beautiful. And she has a big problem with a society that insists only thin people are attractive. Cardoso is the director of her first feature film, Real Women Have Curves.

Stroking it
In the middle of a tour named after a Mr. Show skit [Wyckyd Sceptre], The Strokes promise a "tighter show" to Valley fans that venture out to Mesa on Sunday.

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