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Public homosexual sex doesn't call for jail time
Anonymous public homosexual sex is a problem, not because of the homosexual part, but because of the anonymous and public part. Anonymous sex, homosexual or otherwise, puts its participants at an increased risk for a slew of nasty diseases.

My love is worth the price
I have to tell you and the world the truth about this new love affair of mine. I am in love with the new printing policy at ASU computer sites. Yes, the one that makes us all pay eight cents per page.

Boy scouts full of B.S.
Seemingly, it doesn't matter what faith a scout subscribes to so long as he believes in a god, any god. "Scouts honor," it seems, doesn't mean what it used to.

Political Cartoon: Voting
A political cartoon by John West about voting.

Volleyball: Pac-10 dominates poll, ASU drops
The 2002 Pac-10 volleyball season took another surprising turn over the weekend when top-ranked USC fell to then-No. 6 Stanford.

Football: Most improved Pinkard enjoying career
While the ASU football team seems to have undergone a night and day transformation from its play of a season ago, perhaps no single player has improved more than senior tight end Mike Pinkard.

Tuition increase not definite
ASU President Michael Crow said that last week's mention of a 44 percent tuition increase for Arizona universities is just a model, but added that the increase could possibly be implemented as soon as August 2003.

Reactions mixed on increased tuition
Student and faculty reactions have been mixed since discussion began last week between the three university presidents and the Arizona Board of Regents about a possible 44 percent tuition hike.

ASU lab assistant awaits charges in drug-ring case
An ASU plant biology teaching assistant, who was allegedly involved with manufacturing the illegal drug Ecstasy in ASU labs last year, received his sentencing date Monday morning. It is scheduled for Dec. 10.

Hess optimistic despite small Libertarian vote
Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Barry Hess walked into Stockyards Restaurant in Phoenix with a broad smile Tuesday night, despite receiving only 2 percent of the total vote.

Brian Buck's replacement to be named by Monday
Associated Students of ASU President Mike Leingang said he expects to name a new vice president by Monday, following the unexpected vacancy left by Brian Buck last week.

Mahoney is a no-show at own election-night party
With Arizona's next governor only several precincts away from being determined, a handful of supporters stood around independent candidate Richard Mahoney's campaign headquarters anxiously waiting. But he never showed up.

Election 2002 is night of close calls
Arizona headed into this year's mid-term elections uncertain of almost every issue from the neck-in-neck gubernatorial race to the plethora of propositions.

Democrats put up best fight in 20 years for governor's seat
As of press time, results showed Napolitano leading Salmon by approximately 1 percent with 94.4 percent of precincts reported. Napolitano acknowledged the support of Democrats, Republicans and independents in her initial campaign speech Tuesday evening.

Salmon remains optimistic in close race
Despite election-night tensions among the campaign workers for Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Salmon, supporters found solace in the numerous Republican victories across the country.

Computer systems engineering student dies
Computer systems engineering senior Joseph Black Jr. died on Oct. 28. Services for the 26-year-old student were held Monday at Word of Grace, located at 655 E. University Drive.

Napolitano holds unofficial 3 percent lead over Salmon
Though a victor has yet to officially be named in Arizona's gubernatorial race, each of the state's 2082 precincts have reported poll results. As of 8 a.m., Democratic candidate Janet Napolitano had totaled 47 percent of the vote, while Republican Matt Salmon totaled 44 percent.

School of Music serenades Crow
"Serenade: An Inaugural Welcome to Michael Crow," was an enthusiastic concert presented by the ASU School of Music and the Herberger Theater to an audience of approximately 2,000 Tuesday night.

Witchy woman
Marsha Henderson casts spells, reads tarot cards and lights things on fire in a cauldron. But gosh darn-it, she doesn't have any warts, an ugly nose or any apparent desire to turn someone into a frog.

The 'Ring' bearers
The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies [ACMRS] at ASU will host "J.R.R. Tolkien: The Man Behind the Lord of the Rings" this Saturday in the Memorial Union.

'Rocky' road
The Spectrum Cinemas in Phoenix will allow hardcore fans to play their favorite characters from The Rocky Horrow Picture Show beginning tonight at 9.

Shutter to think
The carrer and life of world-renowned photographer Dodge Shakespeare is nearing the end of the road, but he won't fall before creating his final masterpiece and avenging his greatest critic, William E. Dietrich.

Drowning man
After eight years of trying to get rid of the all-ages rock/punk venue, Mesa will finally have its way this Saturday when several punk bands play the Nile Theatre's final show.

Picking up the pieces
Glassjaw guitarist Todd Weinstock is no stranger to drama. His band has been through a rock 'n' roll roller coaster since it first signed to Roadrunner Records three years ago.

Made-up fantasies
With a mascara stick as her magical wand, Kelly Eisen makes the young look old and the ugly look beautiful at least for a few hours.

Dead bodies of art
The quirky Alwun House art gallery hosted a "Monster's Ball," described as a "costumed conviviality with a macabre kink," last Saturday in conjunction with the current art exhibition, "Monster's Noir Bazaar."

Who ya' gonna call?
The full moon's glow illuminated the Matthews Center's creepy cracks and cobwebs, and the shadows seemed to dance in corners no one dares to go. Perhaps it was fitting, then, that the MVD Ghost Chasers came on such a spooky evening.

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