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And you thought ASU couldn't get trashier
Regardless of whatever psychotic habits I cling to, the fact remains that no car parked in Lot 59 will make it through the day without having some flyer tucked under its windshield wiper or stuck to its side window.

Selling America to Muslims
In a video intended to convince the Muslim world that this country is a veritable funhouse of peace and acceptance, the common Muslim's existence appears to be like a day at Chuck E. Cheese.

Politics brewed to perfection
Journalists can't force civic responsibility upon others, but neither can they write off their own responsibilities because cynicism dictates that nobody cares.

Political Cartoon: Sniper
A political cartoon abou the D.C. area sniper and cable news.

Mall Rants: Halloween
ASU students rant about their Halloween costumes.

Prop 203: Marijuana
Requires the state to set up a system to distribute marijuana for medical purposes and register those who are eligible for distribution. It also proposes the reduction of punishment for the possession of 2 ounces or less of marijuana or paraphernalia to a civil fine.

Prop 303: Tobacco Taxes
To raise taxes on tobacco products to fund health care for the working poor, health care facilities and tobacco prevention programs. The proposed tax on cigarettes is $0.60.

Prop 100: Municipal Debt Limits
To allow cities and towns to go into a limited amount of debt for the construction and improvement of streets, bridges and highways, as well as buying land on which to build streets and highways.

Prop 101: State Trust Lands
To amend the Arizona Constitution to allow the exchange of "state trust land," which is land that was reserved for state use in 1910. This proposition looks to bring back an act that was deemed unconstitutional in 1990.

Prop 102: Residential Property Tax Valuation
To specify the income level for senior citizens who are eligible to freeze their home value, for tax purposes, below 500 percent of the amount received from federal social security checks when there are multiple owners of the property.

Prop 103: Bailable Offenses
To amend the Arizona Constitution so that sexual assault offenses and sexual conduct with, or molestation of, a minor under the age of 15, are non-bailable offenses, meaning that those charged under those offenses cannot be released from jail with the use of a bail.

Prop 104: School District Expenditure Limits
To remove a limit imposed by the Economic Estimates Commission in 2000 that restricted the amount of money generated from sales tax revenues that goes to public schools. This proposition would allow more money for area school districts.

Prop 202: Indian Gaming, Self-Reliance Act
If passed, Indian tribes that operate gaming facilities must contribute between 1 to 8 percent of their gaming revenue to the state for education funding, emergency services, wildlife conservation and tourism, as well as programs for compulsive gamblers.

Prop 201: Fair Gaming Act
If this proposition were passed, gaming would be allowed to continue at racetracks, in the form of slot machines, and on Indian reservations.

Prop 200: Tribal-State Gaming Compact
Indian tribes that operate gaming facilities would have to contribute 3 percent of the total money they collect annually to the Arizona College Scholarship and Elderly Care Fund, should this proposition be approved.

Meet the 2002 ASU soccer team
Strengths and weaknesses of the 2002 ASU soccer team.

Football: Devils now believe in 4-2-5 scheme
For the Sun Devil football team, the difference between last year's 4-7 squad and this year's group, which holds a 7-2 record, lies in the newfound play of its explosive defense.

Water skiers come up just short in Austin
Poised to repeat as national champions, ASU's water skiing club got off on the right foot, but fell just short when getting edged by top-ranked Louisiana-Monroe.

Hoops: Ex-Devil hired as radio analyst
Having played in Tempe during a time in which the ASU men's basketball team was regarded as one of the nation's best, Tom Kuyper knows what is needed to help transform a program.

Volleyball: Migraines keeping Mehlhorn out of action
After battling through severe migraine headaches this season, time on the bench is not sitting well with ASU junior outside hitter Kim Mehlhorn.

Sammy 'the Bull' receives 19-year prison sentence
Salvatore (Sammy) "the Bull" Gravano was sentenced to 19 years in state prison by the Maricopa County Superior Court on Wednesday for running an Ecstasy drug ring in Arizona in 1999.

Two and a half years after being arrested, the former Mafia hit man who was living in the Valley under the Witness Protection Program, faces a total of 39 years in prison.

Ariz. presidents want tuition hike
Undergraduate tuition would increase approximately 44 percent for Arizona universities if the presidents of ASU, UA and NAU had their way.

ASU President Michael Crow said it would be impossible to grow as a university without "a substantial increase in tuition."

Students open up to Islam
The purpose of Islamic Awareness Week, which is recognized throughout North America, is to educate non-Muslims about the diverse facets of Muslim religion and culture.

Cronkite visits with students
Walter Cronkite, known for being the "most trusted man in America," held a captive audience of approximately 440 students and faculty Wednesday.

Budget major debate topic
Squaring off in front of a raucous group of supporters, Arizona's gubernatorial candidates made one last push of their platform at the final televised debate before the Nov. 5 elections.

Police Beat: Man exposes genitalia to Circle K crowd
The incidents that ASU and Tempe police reported Wednesday, including the arrest of a man who walked around a Circle K with his genitals exposed.

Who ya' gonna call?
The full moon's glow illuminated the Matthews Center's creepy cracks and cobwebs, and the shadows seemed to dance in corners no one dares to go. Perhaps it was fitting, then, that the MVD Ghost Chasers came on such a spooky evening.

Dead bodies of art
The quirky Alwun House art gallery hosted a "Monster's Ball," described as a "costumed conviviality with a macabre kink," last Saturday in conjunction with the current art exhibition, "Monster's Noir Bazaar."

Made-up fantasies
With a mascara stick as her magical wand, Kelly Eisen makes the young look old and the ugly look beautiful at least for a few hours.

Picking up the pieces
Glassjaw guitarist Todd Weinstock is no stranger to drama. His band has been through a rock 'n' roll roller coaster since it first signed to Roadrunner Records three years ago.

Drowning man
After eight years of trying to get rid of the all-ages rock/punk venue, Mesa will finally have its way this Saturday when several punk bands play the Nile Theatre's final show.

Shutter to think
The carrer and life of world-renowned photographer Dodge Shakespeare is nearing the end of the road, but he won't fall before creating his final masterpiece and avenging his greatest critic, William E. Dietrich.

'Rocky' road
The Spectrum Cinemas in Phoenix will allow hardcore fans to play their favorite characters from The Rocky Horrow Picture Show beginning tonight at 9.

The 'Ring' bearers
The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies [ACMRS] at ASU will host "J.R.R. Tolkien: The Man Behind the Lord of the Rings" this Saturday in the Memorial Union.

Witchy woman
Marsha Henderson casts spells, reads tarot cards and lights things on fire in a cauldron. But gosh darn-it, she doesn't have any warts, an ugly nose or any apparent desire to turn someone into a frog.

McCartney show full of thrills, frills
Paul McCartney had no opening band Tuesday night for the last show of his "Back in The U.S." tour at America West Arena. After all these years, he doesn't need one. Plus, what musician could ever open up for such a legendary performer?

'Bowling for Columbine' aims at U.S. gun issues
Would you like to go see something really scary this weekend at the theaters? Try Bowling for Columbine, the new Michael Moore documentary about guns in America; it's the most frightening film to be released in a very long time.

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