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Deciphering the ballot code
My beef isn't just with bad grammar and writing. The injection of voodoo politics into the system is enough to make anyone throw their arms up in surrender.

Lunatics run ASASU
There are 1,046 ASU students that are certifiably loony. 1,046. Those are all the votes it took to approve a new Associated Students of ASU constitution for this campus of tens of thousands.

Sniper deserves terrorist's treatment, incineration
I'm fed up with the police department pussyfooting around while the sniper continues to terrorize the populace. He is a terrorist, and every God-fearing American knows what we do with terrorists.

Political Cartoon: Capital Punishment
A political cartoon on the capital punishment system.

Mall Rants: ASU Football
ASU students rant about the success of the Sun Devil football team.

Prop 103: Bailable Offenses
To amend the Arizona Constitution so that sexual assault offenses and sexual conduct with, or molestation of, a minor under the age of 15, are non-bailable offenses, meaning that those charged under those offenses cannot be released from jail with the use of a bail.

Prop 100: Municipal Debt Limits
To allow cities and towns to go into a limited amount of debt for the construction and improvement of streets, bridges and highways, as well as buying land on which to build streets and highways.

Prop 101: State Trust Lands
To amend the Arizona Constitution to allow the exchange of "state trust land," which is land that was reserved for state use in 1910. This proposition looks to bring back an act that was deemed unconstitutional in 1990.

Prop 102: Residential Property Tax Valuation
To specify the income level for senior citizens who are eligible to freeze their home value, for tax purposes, below 500 percent of the amount received from federal social security checks when there are multiple owners of the property.

Football: Verdon makes silent, heavy impact
While defensive end Terrell Suggs leads the nation with 13 sacks, he has said time and time again this season that he wouldn't have the success he's had without his counterpart, sophomore defensive end Jimmy Verdon.

Golf: Sun Devils take fourth at Duke Golf Classic
The ASU men's golf team had its best outing of the fall season this week as they grabbed fourth place with a 19-over-par 883 at the 2002 Duke Golf Classic.

Tennis: Devils compete in ITA Regional Championships
It's tennis time again as both the ASU men's and women's squads head out to different parts of California today to compete.

Hall of Fame: Vollstedt built women's golf program
Long before professional women's golf became a national trend, Linda Vollstedt was guiding the ASU women's golf team to prominence in the NCAA from 1980 to 2001.

Buck punished
After nearly a semester of deliberation, ASU Student Life reprimanded ASASU Executive Vice President Brian Buck.

As a result, Buck is barred from living on ASU property, is obligated to write apology letters and must perform 100 hours of community service.

Students approve ASASU's new constitution
Despite the dismal turnout of just 3 percent of the student body, Associated Students of ASU officials were still pleased to hear the approval of their new constitution Wednesday.

Reps debate gaming props at ASU's College of Law
A representative for each of the three gaming propositions attended a debate at ASU's College of Law Wednesday night to defend their point of view.

Torre testifies in hit-and-run death of ASU student
Mark Torre was asked to recount the events that led up to the hit-and-run death of ASU freshman Jessica Woodin as he took the stand in his own defense Wednesday.

"The person hit the windshield, and glass sprayed on my face and eyes," he said. "I remember my heart pounding so hard, I could feel it squeezing in my chest, and I had trouble breathing."

A sound marriage
Computer technology mixes with timeless classical harmonies in an electro-acoustic concert this weekend presented by ASU's iChamber Players.

Flirty dancing
Latin dance has caught fire here in the desert, at least for the 24 members of ASU's Competition Exhibition Latin Dance Team, who compete in various Latin dance styles such as Rumba and Cha-Cha.

Women who rock
On a national level, artists such as Pink, The Dixie Chicks and Avril Levigne dominate record charts. But it's not only the women under the spotlight who have jumped the stepping-stones to success.

Brutal honesty
By the end of this powerful movie, I realized that it isn't necessary to say anything new about the Holocaust. Rather, it's crucial that these films say the same things again and again so we never forget.

'Dirrty' boy
A little man resembling the love child of Ron Jeremy and Gallagher saunters onto stage in a pair of pink, fringed chaps and no shirt, his hairy nipples exposed for all to see.

'Jackass' of all trades
Johnny Knoxville says he is proud of how Jackass turned out, after it went from just a few friends doing skateboard videos for themselves to a national phenomenon.

Karate kicks!
It has been more than two years since Karate went on the road to play shows across the country. Karate promises a set that will focus on new and older songs that should please all fans.

The Beat goes on
San Fransisco, 1956 it's the height of the Beat poetry movement in the city of its birth. A young Michael McClure reads his poem, "For the Death of 100 Whales at the Six Gallery," to an intense audience.

Got gimmick?
When local punk rockers, No Gimmick, eventually sign to a major label and become the next big thing, they'll have some funny anecdotes to share with VH1's Behind the Music or MTV's Total Request Live.

The Raw Deahl: More than Madonna
The year was 1987. Alex P. Keaton was my boyfriend. The Transformers were my heroes. And Madonna despite the innocence of my Strawberry Shortcake-inspired bedroom was my role model.

Sick and sicker
Smoking was the most disgusting thing we could do after witnessing Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Animation Festival, now in its 12th year, although it did calm our senses from the 90-minute onslaught of well, sick and twisted animation.

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